Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Bibles Before and Now

Hi Dear Readers from Ruby aka Dr. InaNorma Yanez.

After weeks of religious television shows and biblical references about Passover and Easter, I have come to some sincerely felt thoughts about bibles in general. Absolutely no offense is meant towards any particular religion or belief system. When reading this brief article please remember that:

I find some of both the Hebrew Bible and The New Testament to be too fanciful for my ability to swallow some of the verbiage... and I realize that part of it was written by superstitious people from an era where magicians and fakirs were the norm. Also, writing about events after they happened gives rise to human creative story-telling invention..... Re-interpretations via changes in original meaning using multi-language translations, as well as the individual translators' personalities and beliefs, must be taken into consideration.

The ancient cultures of the original Hebrews, ranging from at least four thousand plus years ago spanning more thousands of years into the writers' times of The New Testament, were not as we think or behave in our present day cultures. Their times denote deep beliefs that today, in our technological Western cultures, are frequently archaic by comparison. To put yourself into the heads of those ancient times and lives is needed in order to read biblical texts. How does one do this?

Today, we eat pork that is clean, refrigerated, and inspected. YET........ four thousand years ago, pork, shell-fish and etc. killed people with the rotting illnesses that thrived in scorching unrefrigerated deserts. The extreme weather caused old, unsalted or not-well-preserved foods to rot.

Because of my personal life's experiences, and parapsychological research,

I see no reason why people cannot multi-locate before and after death. For Jesus to have appeared to many after death is perfectly normal to me. How many times this has really happened in my own life, and with those I research, I cannot even count. In other words, many have done this.

For the mostpart, bibles were and are needed to control people, keep them in line from anarchy and bestial behaviors, and also to give a feeling of continuity and history to their lives. And yes, some of it is truly based in real historical events and even historical people, who have been found and verified in documented archaeological digs. How do you feel about Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Moses, Solomon, and other major players in these holy bibles? Faith is not something people can argue. It is in your heart.

According to Joseph Campbell who was a genius at researching very ancient mythology, the myth of being placed onto water as an infant was written a full two thousand years before Moses, and was applied to a very ancient King Sargon 2....... It denoted greatness to be described thusly. Moses may have also been a world-class magician? Imagine having been raised in Pharaoh's royal court with his fabulous education. The same goes for the intense education I have read about with Jesus, when he allegedly spent many years in the Far East studying metaphysics and healing. No doubt both Jesus and Moses were very special, charismatic, and gifted. Oh how

I would love to time-travel back to their eras in order to see what really did occur. To be there in person and KNOW. Once MAN gets into the act of telling and retelling history, only God knows the truth.
I wish these bibles had a more female touch in the writings. We might have seen a very different tale told. And again, it may or may not have been what really occurred.

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