Friday, April 19, 2013



To all the precious, loving, furry roommates who have shared my life and love, I salute you.  Some are already in Heavenly Rainbow!  Some are getting older and still remain giving your unconditional love to us. All of you are missed, cherished, and respected.  May you be blest, nurtured, and cuddled.  Until we meet again.  YOUR HUMAN MOM *o*

Wednesday, April 17, 2013



When life throws us hate-filled bombs, I have to pray.  This is not because I understand our current events, nor am I advising anyone.  It is simply because the destructive and devastating hate is sickening to behold.  One comfort that is truly meaningful at this moment in American history is to pray. In fact, I have had to ask The Almighty to pray for me... as mere words are so meaningless during horrifying terrorism(s).
 9/11-Benghazi-Boston.... What kind of putrid, cowardly, frail minds create this level of evil?  Can MAN the species even survive itself? 
After you read this, please join me mentally so we will pray together?  Thank you. 
For all who have been slaughtered, massacred, maimed, and mentally damaged by the hate-filled bombs, Rest In Peace.  Know that we love you.  RubyNorma *o*

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