Saturday, August 29, 2015



It seems like the vast majority of my closest loved ones have crossed over from assorted cancers.  Needless to say, very few people are unscathed by this culprit.  I want to pay tribute to all I have known and cherished who didn't make it in this life and death battle.  GOD bless you. 
Rest In Peace...

Felipe Yanez
Don Elliot
Aunt Bessie
Uncle Abie
Grandma Minnie
Grandpa Jesus
Great Grandma Monica Morgan
Aunt Norma
Uncle Herbie
La Rue
Celia Cruz
Aunt Betty
Cousin Gloria
Sandie Giordano
Sir Magick
Calypso MonAmi
John's DAD
Sally's MOM
And to all those family of humans and pets I didn't mention who failed to survive this monster, I plan to party like mad with you when I'm called.  :-)
Love from RubyNorma *o*

Thursday, August 13, 2015



Reprinting one more time as this is my message to the world.                     Dr. Yanez *o*

Norma’s Ark ~ Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reprinting by permission of author on 8/17/2013



By Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Once upon a time we all lived in tribal environments. Our lives literally depended upon each other so we paid attention to each others’ needs. We all shared food, shelter, and commodities that helped the mutual well-being of the tribe. Medical needs were attended to by the local shaman. As time went by, life evolved, or as some would say, DEVOLVED into bigger and bigger cities….. and eventually families began to move apart. The tribal mentality diminished.

Nowadays, we fend for ourselves more and more. The cost is large. Spiritually, psychologically, and even economically speaking, we are more on our own with less and less tribal and familial-like support. Of course there are still families that help each other and stay together. Yet, the tendency to move away is part of our present day societies. Or at least it is in this country. We move because of job and school requirements, health reasons, and an assortment of other concerns. Sometimes we are able to keep our family units together. When we are separated by long distances, it becomes harder to meet up or to assist one another in times of emergency. Even the good times aren’t really shared if we do not see each other in person to do so….

What are the costs? Frequently we do not even realize the costs. Those of us who are sensitive do. It is “
indifference.” Out of sight and out of mind is often the case. At times there is guilt. Other times a sense of anomie = not feeling cared for….. prevails. But always there is a price for the separations. Little by little we forget what it was like to be together until the relationships begin to wane. Some use the phone system or e-mail to keep in touch. Others spend large sums to fly to be together on certain mutually enjoyed holidays.
But in general, the distance takes its eventual toll.

Are we better off for the traveling? You tell me? 

Are we better off for having left our family?                              


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Sunday, August 02, 2015



I love you precious little ones. Will you be famous and successful? Average, or even fail at life?  Will you be kind and compassionate, understanding and help those in need?  Or perhaps selfish, greedy, domineering and insulting? Will you harm both humans and animals?  Or perhaps rescue and heal them? 
All of us should have love and support while growing up to deal with life as both children and adults.  In a perfect world we would.  Bless you precious little ones for you are the future!

Love from an older mother.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t


Saturday, August 01, 2015


Getting Old Is Fun Or What's The Alternative




Another Minnie

 Sir Magick
Some  of us live to become old.  My parents did not.  What then is the alternative to getting old besides dying?
For as long or as short as the journey here is to last, it is wonderful to remain healthy, loving, positive, and productive.  Of course there is harshness.  How else to become more appreciative of the special good times? 
When this journey is cut short, all it means to me is that we get to party on the other side a wee bit sooner.  The earthly sufferings vanish and are replaced with Heavenly Rainbow.  Or, as with far too many, they earn different grades of HELL!  We still continue to learn.  If not, we get to repeat our lessons again until we do learn.  No big deal, we have forever to keep repeating until learning has been accomplished.  Eternity doesn't go to sleep, and as for KARMA, it is always A-Emotionally grading us! 

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