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Identity Theft~Public Service~My Space and More.....

O.K. So maybe they would also like to steal our financial debts, and a few knifing aches and pains while
the crooks are robbing our personal identities? heheheheh ;-} Isn't technology amazing, even when used for criminal purposes? So....... who can you trust while on the internet? One does not have to be on MY~Space to have this identity theft occur. FYI........ Just imagine if you will, these same brilliant criminals using their hyped-up brain-power to find a cure for cancer(s), diabetes, HIV, senility, and other nightmare illnesses. Instead they use their mis-placed brilliance with the intent to steal from others. Hello Enron.
Hello governments, and all others who do these heinous things. And sometimes, the stealing is so severe, they literally destroy the peoples' lives they have meticulously robbed. Not everyone can bounce back after such thefts.
Never leave receipt bills showing in a car, (gives an alert street person the idea to break your car window and steal your ID)....... Shred documents that have any vital info before discarding. Years ago our own business ID was stolen from discarded paperwork right out of the Coral Gables, Florida office building dumpster. Do not ask what illegally got charged up on my name. I know, I know..... it is a lot of work to shred papers. But in the end, a very wise habit to choose for ID protection safety!
Dr. InaNorma Yanez aka ~Ruby *o*
Excerpted from warnings about My Space Identity Theft.......Sunday, October 22, 2006 MySpace Profile Thieves ~ Have you noticed weird bulletins posted by your friends lately? Instead of surveys and games, it looks like they're advertising ringtones for songs they don't even like, or telling you to smoke pot when they're not even a pot smoker? Or even bulletins that end in numbers for example like "F -- k this Bitch!! 25489".........

Friday, October 27, 2006


PARA~NORMA~LLY YOURS~Enhancing Hypnosis

Excerpted From The Files of:
Rev. InaNorma Yanez, Ph.D

Since the time I was a teenager my friends and
I experimented with meditation, mediumship and hypnosis. It never occurred to any of us that it would even require being certified until more recent times. Once alerted to our lack of professionalism, curiosity led me to a well-recognized school of hypnosis. As soon as the official training and internship were completed,
I began recording case histories exhibiting interesting paranormal phenomena.

Irene Shirley Schwartz was an average housewife, living in Brooklyn, NY. She engaged a hypnotist to help her lose weight. While in a light trance, Irene began speaking about an accident that was going to happen to one of her neighbors. It would kill the man driving an 18 wheeler, and break her neighbor’s neck, leaving the woman a cripple. She even described where and when this accident would transpire. Some time later it did occur precisely the way she had predicted it to the M.D. hypnotist. Irene went into shock and regained the 85 pounds she had so bravely lost. Never again to use hypnosis for any medical treatment, she remained morbidly obese thereafter. Irene also continued being acutely and precisely psychic. We believe that Irene Shirley Schwartz tuned in through the altered state of hypnosis.... to another level of information called "the holographic universe." People have been documented as becoming super-sensitive psychics while hypnotized. This so-called “information of the future” was out there just for the receiving of it. The lady was my beloved mother. I can assure my readers of her absolute accuracies thereafter.

I was attending a terminally ill patient in hospice who did not want narcotics for pain because it dulled his mind too much, making him like a zombie. This person had been a gifted piano player prior to becoming ill with un-treatable bone cancer. His doctors had labelled the man "quadraplegic" which means that he could not move upper or lower bodyparts due to paralysis. It became a nearly telepathic relationship between us because he could no longer speak. I would guide gently and softly giving the firm instructions for pain management, and only the blinking of his eyes acknowledged a “yes” or a “no” answer. Shortly before he went through transition, his nurse, doctor, brother, daughter, and I witnessed him moving both arms and fingers as if playing the piano. Since he had become paralyzed nine months prior to this date, nobody could believe what we were evidencing with our eyes. Nonetheless, this is precisely what occurred. In this mysterious happening lie the seeds for a holographic universe. Because the joy and concept of piano playing was pre-eminently important to the man’s soul, I believe he was branding himself and memorizing his talent and the corresponding body movements for another time, when once again he would live to play piano.

In this world of impossible but credible evidential, we must admit that there is much more in science that is not known than what we profess to understand. The idea of a holographic, seamless universe is all we presently have to explain such miracles. Some call this “The Akashic Records,” many people refer to the concept as “The Infinite Wisdom,” still others will tell you it is “ALMIGHTY GOD.” The Holographic Universe is merely another way to use man-made words and thought-forms to describe what is actually inscrutable.

One more testimonial out of my personal files is the following story about a patient and her cat. The elderly lady who asked for aid was seriously ill with respiratory problems. She lived all alone.... and her being so fragile required me to make housecalls in order to treat her with relaxation breathing techniques. “Biggie” was her loyal female cat and the only roomate. All sessions were done with this cat present in the room, and it always seemed like the cat was completely hypnotized as soon as its mistress was in trance.

One day I arrived for an early a.m. appointment to find the elderly lady being taken away by ambulance to a hospital. Her grandaughter was there to tell me the following story. She came over the night before to stay with her grandmother for a few days. Unbeknown to either of them the grandmother would fall into a coma in the middle of the night due to a horrendous reaction to anti-biotics and become unable to scream for help. Every time I had given a session, I would always admonish “Biggie” to take care of her mistress if there was ever an emergency. The cat would listen to me intently and we always made eye contact. The night of the coma, the cat realized that her mistress was dying. “Biggie” got up on her hind feet and with both front paws opened the door knob. She then jumped into bed with the grandaughter and pulled the pajama sleeve off the girl in a desperate attempt to get help for her dying mistress. The girl followed “Biggie” into her grandma’s bedroom to find out that she was hardly able to breathe, and making gurgling sounds. She immediately called for an ambulance. The follow-up to this tale is that emergency measures were administered in the ambulance to revive the grandmother. She lived to pet her friend, the cat for many more years.

When people and animals interact in sincere loving communication, it may be considered an altered state. A loyal environment was set up for the mistress and the cat to become as one in telepathic, holographic thought because of the frequent sessions we had together. Is it no wonder that “Biggie” tuned into a hologram of great urgency and did exactly what she had been programmed to do by me and her own intuitive self? In spite of lingering ignorance and prejudice towards hypnosis, this still semi-shady area of alternative medicine is more and more broadly respected, and can reap rewarding evidence for those with an open, curious mind.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Your Spirituality ~ by Valerie Wheeler

Dear Readers......
Introducing today's lovely guest writer on "Spirituality".....
Valerie Wheeler is a caring and delightful friend and website mistress for spiritual advancements.
Enjoy! Ruby *o*

Your Spirituality

I believe that ultimately the
spiritual purpose is to develop wholeness within us, to create freedom and take back or release our power over someone. We each learn our lessons differently because we are each at our own level of growth. So much of our relationships is sorting out chaos and emotions and learning to love ourselves. On a higher level, every problem is self-caused and therefore must be self-redeemed. We must awaken from our complacency. In doing this, we begin to see the spiritual behind the physical and our lives open to new awareness.
Part of learning about your own spirituality includes the Law Of Attraction. It has many
diverse and numberous labels, "Law of Magnetism" .... "Powers of Thought" and so forth. What it says is, all your thoughts, all images in your mind, and all the emotion, feelings connected to your thoughts will later manifest as your reality. In other words, everything you have in your life - now - has been attracted to you though your mind. This means that both the things you are happy with and those which make you unhappy- are your own creation.
For openers, your thoughts produce your emotions, which in turn result in how you feel about a particular event occurring in your life. Most of all it means .... you can from now on create your life consciously. You can start attracting only those circumstances that create happiness/pleasure for you - and leave out those you do not wish for, those which cause you your pain.
I leave with you these thoughts to ponder and to digest. Think about how you can apply this to yourself. Would it not to better to enjoy your life than to suffer though it?
Valerie Wheeler



By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

Here we go again at that time of year when people begin to experience the blues. Holidays and an upcoming new year are notorious for bringing on the highs and lows of our emotions. If all is going well and smoothly for you, it can still be of help to know that happiness is a habit!

We are what we eat, drink, breathe and THINK! Did you know that our thoughts have such a dramatic hold on the way we view life that the phrase “thoughts are things” has emerged?

Do you ever take the time to really listen to your private thoughts and analyze them? Try it. You may be shocked by the content. Society limits us to not committing crimes, murders in particular, and staying well within our social and legal boundaries. Therefore, where else would a burning desire that is not socially acceptable have to go to reside in…. but in our minds’ thought processes?

The repeated behavior of negative thinking can become a deep-seated habit. This is especially true if we do not periodically scan what and how we are thinking. Television and movies have people critique and review the content for acceptability, so why not have us do some censoring for ourselves?

The idea of reviewing your own thoughts is certainly not new. Before recorded history it may already have been conceived and taken hold of those who were the bright thinkers and creative souls. Yet in our incredibly fast-paced lives, how many can honestly say to themselves that they are truly aware of their thoughts? Just as happy behaviors can be a habit, so can negative and depressed behaviors. If you decide to scan yourself with honesty and objectivity, you will discover a person you never really knew existed. You will either truly like what you see, or find plenty you’d wish to improve upon.

Reprinted with permissions from author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t, from The Arizona Networking News

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

How many times have you prayed for something, gotten what you asked for, and then lived to regret it terribly? With this difficult lesson in "imagining your thoughts into reality" you should by now realize that you are a very powerful person.

Praying, or meditating requires an advanced law degree. How do we know what will transpire after we get the request? This is exactly the reason we should do the imagery with the skills of a consummate contractual lawyer. Here are some examples of dangerous and negative rewards for mis-worded meditations and prayers. A patient wanted to have a great deal of money. He kept asking for it whenever the idea popped into his head. Very shortly this money did come in a large amount of cash. His beloved wife died, and she was insured for a fortune. The death benefit was promptly sent to my patient. Unfortunately, he loved her and worshipped the ground this woman walked on. The poor man was left devastated because of her pre-mature, young death... On a lighter note, a lady kept asking for love to come into her life. After she left my office I received a call that her neighbor had brought over a gift. It was a pregnant dog! The important message here is to be very clear in your mental intended contract with your own higher self. Unclear or muddy prayers may and do manifest unclear and muddy materializations. Regardless of what it is that you wish to accomplish, please remember to always add the phrase "in the right and perfect way."

You are a spiritual lawyer. It is your right and perhaps an obligation to be perfectly prosperous. And this perfect prosperity includes health, wealth, love, and self-expression. Along with this intentionality should be perfect spiritual justice. By asking for something to come into being "in the right and perfect way," you are taking responsibility off your shoulders and putting it squarely on that part of your higher self which knows best. Some of us refer to this aspect of ourselves as God(dess). Others feel it is our superconscious. O.K. Perhaps you are an atheist. In that case, see the guided imagery as anything you choose to call it. No matter what your religious bent is...... the process still works. Here's to your perfect happiness in all things!

Reprinted by permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t, from The Arizona Networking News

Monday, October 23, 2006


Guest Writer Dr. James L. Choron - Ronald Coleman's Life

Welcome to Dr. James. L. Choron, a wonderful writer, decorated military hero, and above all, a loyal friend.

by Dr. James L. Choron
If you have ever seen the Black and White version of "A Tale of Two Cities" you are familiar with the actor who played "Sidney Carton", the main character. His name was Ronald Coleman. In any case, Coleman had one of the most beautiful, resonant voices ever to grace stage or screen. If you have seen this motion picture, you know what I mean. His final lines are as unforgettable, now, as they were when he spoke them, over seventy years ago.
Ronald Charles Coleman was born at Richmond, Surrey, England on February 9, 1891. Height 5 feet 11 inches; dark brown hair and eyes; weight 158 pounds. He was, to put it mildly, one of the great stars of the Golden Age of motion pictures. Coleman was raised in Ealing, the son of a successful silk merchant, and attended boarding school in Sussex, where he first discovered amateur theatre. He intended to attend Cambridge and become an engineer, but his father's death cost him the financial support necessary. So he joined the London Scottish Regionals and at the outbreak of World War I and was sent to France. Seriously wounded at the battle of Messines, Coleman was invalided from service scarcely two months after shipping out for France. Upon his recovery, tried to enter the consular service, but a chance encounter got him a small role in a London play. He dropped other plans and concentrated on the theatre and was rewarded with a succession of increasingly prominent parts. His early success in the film led to a contract with Samuel Goldwin and his career as a Hollywood leading man was underway. He became a vastly popular star of silent films, in romances as well as adventure films. With the coming of sound, his extraordinarily beautiful speaking voice made him even more important to the film industry.
Coleman was a longtime friend of Walt Disney. In the mid-fifties, he developed Parkinson's Disease. It eventually killed him. For the last several years of his life he was unable to work, due to the "palsy" that accompanies Parkinson's Disease. He had exhausted all the money he had in treatment, and was literally dying broke, with no way to pay his medical bills. Disney offered to pay all of it as a "loan", but he refused the charity, knowing that he was dying, and could never repay it.
Disney then made a counter offer. He offered him a job. The man still had his beautiful, resonant voice...
Disney made a cartoon especially for him. You may have seen it. It's a Donald Duck cartoon, in which Donald, finds a box of pills on the street, which change his usual incomprehensible voice in to a beautiful, resonant baritone... It's the voice of Ronald Coleman...
That was his last job...
Coleman made just enough, and calculatedly so, to pay off the staggering medical bills that had accumulated, and to pay for his funeral.
Ronald Colman will live in the history of stage and screen. His face will remain an icon to those who study and appreciate classic film. But... to countless and endless generations of children he will be the faceless but unforgettable voice...albiet a temporary one... of a beloved duck...

Daughter Juliet Benita Coleman (b. 1944)
He made his film debut in an unreleased two-reel short made in 1919. Its title is unknown, and references to it as 'Live Wire, The (1917)' apparently erroneously connect it to a play of that title in which Coleman appeared around the same time.
His recording of "A Christmas Carol", originally released in a Decca 78-RPM set in 1941, was the first recorded version to win wide acclaim.
Portrayed Dr. William Hall on NBC Radio's "The Halls of Ivy" (1950-1952) with his wife Benita Hume.
Fought with the British Army in World War I, and was wounded during the Battle of Ypres.
In his early film career he was panned by many critics for his over-theatrics (used in the stage work he was doing at the time) and his pronounced limp (from a bad war injury). He credited working with greats such as George Arliss for overcoming those obstacles.
When he made his mark in Hollywood as a handsome young silent actor, there were some who doubted he would translate well to "talkies." His subsequent success in radio (he made a multi-volume recording of the Shakespeare sonnets, as well) proves them wrong with a vengeance.

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Feline Health Intuitive ~ Cinderella Snow

Entering the world of professional breeding was a very exciting time in our indoor home cattery. We chose to work with exquisite Bengal Leopard Cats and haven’t ever regretted the decision. In one of our last articles we wrote how our feline genius, Sir Magick, trains the furrrr~babies to do therapy work. But, Cinderella Snow was unique from birth. She was the very first kitten born to us, and.... our first snow leopard.... all in one precious bundle. From the beginning, Cindy was super friendly, gregarious and mischievous to the point of having a fulltime personal comedy show going on in our own home. This cat literally has a sense of humor, an enormous ego, and is blessed with enough love for an army of felines. Once she was observing me cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan. I left the ladder in place to do something and when I returned, there was Cinderella Snowball on top of the ladder, using her paws to clean the fan blades. I had to give her a good washing after that and remove the ladder for her to re-access. hahaha ;) There are people who aren't as intelligent as some of my cats.

Cinderella was the first to leave the birthing box of her litter of five big fat healthy siblings. She was also the first to bravely go exploring. She’d push the others away from her mom’s teats whenever a meal was on her sweet mind. Nothing was sacred with this little precious one. She ate like a gorilla, jumped higher than all her siblings, (Bengals are phenomenal athletes) and got into tons of trouble by opening every door, drawer, closet, and cabinet she could find. With this amount of enthusiasm for life, we did not dream that Cindy would be inclined towards doing therapy work, let alone that she would be sensitive enough to sniff out illnesses and diseases. But that talent was soon to manifest itself in an unusual manner.

One day I went to the local gym and did my usual workout. By the time I came home my left shoulder felt like a heated, razor-sharp knife had been slicing through it. I lay down in bed to rest when Cindy pranced over and began her biscuit dough kneading on me. This snow leopard always purrrrrrs loudly when she massages while looking deeply and directly into my eyes. Normally Cinderella begins by massaging up and down the sternum and then goes directly to the right shoulder. But that day, she sniffed my “left” shoulder, did nothing to the sternum or right shoulder, and pointed with her nose and front paws directly to the area in my "left" shoulder that was in such severe knifing pain. I was absolutely amazed.

Another example of her sensitivity is when a patient came for counseling and Cindy decided to join us. She went directly over to the man’s right ear and sniffed it, just like she did with my shoulder, then pointed with her nose and paws and gently began massaging it. I asked the man if he had any discomfort there and he said, "It was just fine." Well, the next day he called saying that he had to cancel his business trip because he had a raging ear infection in his “right” ear. How did the cat know if he didn’t? Good question, glad you asked. ;)

One explanation is that we are all made up of electro-magnetic energies and impulses which are scientifically measurable by using sensitive medical machinery. Cinderella’s intuitive skills are such that she can somehow feel the imbalance in a patient’s energy-field, which we humans refer to as “dis~ease.” Needless to say, if Cinderella Snow decides to sniff out an area of my body and points, I take immediate notice, even if it feels well at that time.

Cindy was on the competitive show cat circuit for a number of years. Her Royal Highness retired after earning the highest possible title of Platinum Grand Champion. Our precocious girl asked to be retired because it got boring and she needed to move on with her interesting life. Here are Cinderella’s early baby and adult photos to enjoy. Some Seal Lynx Point Bengals’ eyes will turn from ice blue to iridescent shocking cherry red. The red in her adult photo’s eyes is not from the camera flash or red-eye. Sometimes the red covers part of the eyeball. Other times it is the complete eyeball that turns into a fire globe.
Reprinted with permission by author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t from OUR DOGS OUR CATS, England....

Thursday, October 19, 2006



A long time ago, when you were quite young, you made the decision to be a giving, generous soul. Now you are older and life-bruised because you have given too much and received too little back in return. If this profile sounds familiar and suits your present state of mind then please read on.

We are all prone to feeling sorry for ourselves at times. This is completely normal. Should it become a feeling that is around more than it is not, then a good healthy life review might do you some real good.

No one owes you a living. Remember that giving is a personal choice and not what is demanded of you…. unless of course a robbery at gunpoint is actually occurring. At no time do you have to “give” if it feels bad or uncomfortable.

Let us begin by taking an honest look at what you enjoy giving versus what you dislike parting with. Are they the same things? Might they be different, and some aspects of your generous nature based in unfounded guilt? Who of your “receivers” genuinely shows appreciation for the bestowed generosity? And lastly, have you ever just given too much and then been viewed as a fool.... a chronic sucker to be taken advantage of? Not everyone is noble or thankful in the way they choose to receive from others. Our present American culture has pushed hard and heavy for “entitlements” and utterly altered our country’s thoughts in this particular area of life.

If you are either the uncomfortable “giver” or “receiver” wondering why it is that your present lifestyle is no longer satisfying basic needs, give yourself a personal gift and spend quality time deciphering why these patterns stopped serving you to bring happiness. If you cannot come to grips with the problem on your own, asking a reputable therapist to intervene may be the next healthy step.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t ~ from The Arizona Networking News

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Good Morning All ;)......From my studies and unending curiosity,
I believe MAN has been very highly evolved more than once, and has been exterminated, vaporized, etc. by cataclysms. Atlantis may actually have been the Thera, now known as Santorini, mega volcanic explosion that took out the Minoan civilization (Knossos on Crete). Plato wrote and immortalized it from far more ancient writings, and.... the passing of the event by word of mouth, aka ~ (oral- tradition) throughout the ages. So far.... Not one body has been found seemingly because the convulsion and subsequent mega-tsunamis vaporized human flesh and bone around 3500 years ago ish ish. It is the largest recorded volcanic/tsunami explosion in extant historical, geological records.... at least according the the historical documentary I enjoyed last night. Ancient Egyptian writings actually recorded it. The Nile Delta still holds the volcanic ash to commemorate this lost mega-advanced Minoan civilization. They had underground plumbing, magnificient art, and built palaces according to seismic advanced thinking, eons before anyone else we know of, to date. Amazing people and they were allegedly gentle.
Love Ruby *o*

Thursday, October 12, 2006



and here's a stunning rainbow to cheer my readers. We live in challenging times, with so many I know reaching for things that create stress. Today is asking me to write about cheerfulness and bright, happy attitudes.

Isn't it easy to become annoyed because all your heart's wishes and desires have not yet been fulfilled? Frustration is one part of learning to be patient (not my foremost virtue) and view your own personal existence from a few other, more positive perspectives.

Perhaps before written history someone had already learned to see their glass as half full instead of half empty? Certainly, this concept is not a new idea. Being grateful for what one has is classic thinking in many major world religions. Yet one of the biggest complaints a counselor hears is the "I want it now" whine. How does having something right now make every other aspect of your life perfect? It doesn't. Yes, acquiring material things and success will enhance your life, sometimes. But you still have everything else to deal with once the desired object, person, job etc. is acquired.

Our society's values have changed so dramatically in such a short span of time that more and more people are living in a state of "perpetual personal frustration." We rush ourselves to meet deadlines (which I prefer to call.... LIFELINES), drive or commute to work in heavy traffic, and are forever wanting, wanting, wanting.

To counter-balance all the wantings....... It is healthy to sit in a quiet space and ponder all that you do have to feel grateful for. Enjoy and appreciate the many positive aspects in the moment, NOW, because it can lengthen your life, as well as the quality in it. ;) Realize that if NOW is not enjoyed, when will you enjoy yourself? Give it a try.
Reprinted from The Arizona Networking News with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

And here is a wonderful guest writer named Fred Budin who is commenting on "Cheer Up Your Glass Is Half Full".....
"What happened today? A congressman who preys on the innocent was brought into the light of public disgrace. In Iraq we lost 18 very brave young soldiers. An illegal killed a policeman in Houston. In Lancaster County, young girls who belong to a religious order which forbids violence, were butchered by a madman, and a plane was hijacked in Turkey. All this made the newspapers, TV news and the internet.
But very few people are aware of the really important news.
A child was born yesterday. At 2:15am. A new person was added for God to watch over, a new beginning for two young parents who will spend the rest of their lives worrying about, caring for and trying to prepare this baby to face whatever life has to offer. Too often in this troubled world do we forget what is really important. But Reggie and Cassandra will do their best to nourish and help their son as he travels whatever path he chooses to follow. How special this child is depends on not what he accomplishes, but on how much he is loved. That a baby was born today is not unusual, it happens many times all over the world. What is important is that we all take a moment, put aside the newspaper, shut down the computer and turn off the TV and for one moment think about all the good, all the hope and all the promises of a good tomorrow that this very tiny child represents. If you do that every day, even for just a moment then you to will realize what are really the important news story of the day."
Fred Budin
Andover Drive
Hoschton, Ga 30548

Sunday, October 08, 2006



By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

What is a miracle? In simplistic lay terms, a miracle is an event or happening that has no logical or scientific explanation, but… is nevertheless wonderful. Miracles provide unconditional smiles, love and joy, great happiness, and relief from assorted sufferings, but no one can actually explain why it happened.

Some people term the miracles they experience as “acts of God” while others hash them over as their “amazing paranormal phenomena.” No matter how they are described, miracles defy normal Western cultural reasoning.

The first case history in my book “SMILES AND MIRACLES” illustrates a medical miracle without traditional scientific explanation. Micky, (not his name) met us when he interviewed to make my Bengal Leopard Cat website. He confided the following story asking that the branch of military he was serving in not be mentioned. He and a group of other military men were accidentally drenched with “Agent Orange” while ordered to unload huge canisters. No, they did not know at the time what they were unloading. Within six months everyone but Micky had died. He was diagnosed with Stage V spinal/brain cancer in the VA hospital and told to go home and make peace with his life. The condition was further complicated with another cancer.

While being treated at the VA hospital they had done everything traditional medicine can do, including radiation and chemo-therapy. In fact, they so over-radiated him, that he died on the table and had to be resuscitated. Since he was only twenty-six at the time, the doctors did their utmost to bring him back from clinical death. After reviving him, the docs gave Micky the bad news to put his affairs in order, and that there was no more they could do but give pain killers.

Well, Micky did go home to put his affairs into order. He sold everything he owned in order to put a huge amount of cash together for treatment in an alternative Mexican Cancer Clinic. His health insurance would not pay a dime for what they termed “this scam non-traditional clinic.”
On his last legs, in Stage V cancer, the man arrived in horrible shape to undergo non-traditional therapies.

All Micky’s foods were changed to natural and organic types, with proteins removed. They alleged that cancer feeds off protein. Twice daily, guided imagery and laughter became the focus. The subject of death was discussed and diffused so often it became a non-event topic for the participants who had been told by their MD’s they were at death’s door.

People shared their deepest feelings as they felt them, instead of storing up the terrors, even if it was four a.m.
After three months, Micky was asked to return to his VA hospital for testing. The results were that he had experienced a miraculous healing – there was absolutely no trace of cancer. Seven years later Micky lives with residual chronic pain derived from the damage done by his intense radiation and chemotherapy. He married and re-opened the photography business that was sold to fund his original trip to the alternative medical clinic. Here's a very moving comment I am adding to this article. Laura wrote: Norma,
A woman who was in my Voice class at SCC had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She did not want to go thru chemotherapy & radiation, either. She went to a clinic in Mexico about which she had heard some reports of great healing.... and went thru their treatment regime. When she returned back to her doctors, there was no sign of the cancer!!!

Normita (Dr. Yanez) wrote: It might have been the same cancer clinic my article discussed, or it could have been another? We're backwards in some arenas of traditional medical modalities because big pharma companies lobby for costly poisons like chemo and radiation to be the sole over-priced way to treat "Cancers." One day, GOD WILLING, history will write that this is barbaric! In the meantime,
CANCER is very big business here. Blessed Be Dear Laura. How is the brain tumor coming along? How do you feel?
Thank you for this inspiring comment. ;) Love Ruby *o*
Reprinted with permission by author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
From The Arizona Networking News and “SMILES AND MIRACLES.”

Friday, October 06, 2006


YOU ARE A HEALER ~ By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

Did you know you are a healer? Have you ever gone past an accident scene and prayed for or sent positive thoughts to those trapped inside a mangled car, as well as for those doing the dangerous rescue work? Was there ever another person or pet you cared about that had health difficulties, and you chose to mentally envision him or her feeling better, being pain free, being cured? If the answer is “yes” then…


In eons gone by, before becoming a civilized techno-species, we were all part-time healers

out of pure necessity. We communicated through mental energies, scents and our instinctual knowledge, which has become a sleeping giant from sheer lack of use.

Many of us can still remember those ancient feelings. Some of us knowingly practice exotic forms of communications and healing techniques. But the majority of us participate in this mental process and aren’t even aware of what they accomplish with their powerful,
loving and positive thoughts toward another.

Your thought-forms and intentions are energy formats that can be measured. Prayer and meditation have been scientifically studied and revealed as effective tools in the process of healing and surviving what otherwise would be fatal. Loving mothers will frequently caress and massage babies who are ill or in pain. “Touch” is yet another way of transferring healing energy from one being to another.

Did you know that you can even be at a distance from someone and affect his or her life with your thinking and intent? Studies show us that absent healing is a valuable means of giving aid and comfort to another. The next time you feel a sense of helplessness because someone is suffering, try picturing the happiest and most perfect possible outcome; then send that energy off to the one on which you are focusing.

In fact, if you have trusted like-minded friends, ask them to help you magnify this positive healing technique with their own minds. Set an agreed-upon time when you can all join your healing energies together, even if in separate locations. Please remember that thoughts and intentionality are powerful and tangible things.

Reprinted with Permission by author Dr. InaNorma Yanez from The Arizona Networking News

Thursday, October 05, 2006



Dear Readers....
I never should have read The Arizona Republic today. It inflamed me enough to write the
following article.
Is the subject current or volatile enough? What went wrong in our country's legal system to allow the present debacle to keep on happening in America's schools? Over the years, many concerned parents and grandparents have told me they are fed up with trying to keep their children safe from sex predators who intentionally stalk their children and live close to schools. HUH!!!! Is this sane? Would you knowingly permit a venomous Spitting Cobra near your precious children?

Where's the properly trained and armed security to protect our innocent school children?
Other societies would not knowingly have violent creatures prey on their babies because...... the local predators wouldn't live long enough to go into a jail. My concerned friends and I personally bless Geraldo Rivera for emotionally speaking out to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News.... Geraldo is warning America to be aware that there is an outbreak of this type of vicious terrorist-like crime taking hold in our land. It targets our innocent children.
Ruby *o*

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Diana Ross and Me at The Waldorf Astoria

Good Morning and welcome to Norma's Ark. ;) You are first to share in a new, illustrated book about my life as a bandleader, musician, & singer in New York's Waldorf Astoria. The pages are filled with behind the scenes info and little known details on some of the biggest stars of the 60's, 70's, etc. To the left is a photo taken with Diana Ross. Love that wig Diana.;D
Getting this job at The Waldorf was nothing short of a miracle since we had to audition against hundreds of fabulous orchestras. Diana's opening night was also mine. In order to make entry into the hotel and climb onto the stage, police were escorting us through three thick crowds circling around the full length of Lexington to Park, and 49th Street to 50th. It was surreal to see all the people there standing for hours on end just to get a glance of Diana Ross in her first solo performance since leaving The Supremes. Berry Gordy and all of Motown were in the audience. Believe me when I say, I was one nervous puppy.

She and I relaxed backstage talking about sewing beaded gowns and how to repair a jammed sewing machine. Did you know that when Diana worked with The Supremes, she carried a sewing machine with her in order to create many of the lovely garments they wore? I am so blessed to have seen the top performers of the day in that stunning hotel's Empire Room. It was a thrill of a lifetime to meet her, and here is our photo.

My book will contain many pictures of stars like, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, Tony Bennet, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Mathis, baseball hero Roberto Clemente, Peggy Lee, Della Reese, Totie Fields, and even politician Adam Clayton Powell. He gave me huge tips for singing his polite requests.... The vignettes I so lovingly treasure and hold close to my heart are all true and mostly flattering to the gifted performers in the book.... There will also be a Latin music section that pertains to the late greats like Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez and Celia Cruz.
More of my life's valuable spiritual and business lessons were learned at The Waldorf, than any other place I ever worked.

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