Saturday, September 30, 2006


SMILE by Dr. InaNorma Yanez

by Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
Published in The Arizona Networking News

Who in life has been spared from experiencing a sense of sorrow, defeat or hopelessness? If by some bend of fate it is you, then this technique may be helpful to a friend or loved one. Please pass it on as a favor.

This exercise will require a mirror. Standing or sitting, relax and take three deep, long breaths. Each time you exhale, gently open your lips so they are slightly parted. Look in the mirror and lift the corners of your mouth upward. There should be no strain, just a gentle upturn of your lips. Reward yourself with a sigh of relief. Get that tension out of your shoulders by merely crunching them up as if to touch your ears. Then exhale slowly while allowing them to gradually and softly drop down to a comfortable position.

Do it again! Use this exercise whenever you are feeling blue. The act of focusing your attention away from the hurt and on to the process of smiling will help to alleviate and alter the mood. By lifting the corners of your mouth, a cellular memory kicks in to remind you of something that really did make you smile. (Or, perhaps even a good hearty laugh). Should laughing be part of this healing technique? Yes!

Laugh because it is the other side of crying. So what if you are alone. In fact, you don’t even have to be. Ask a friend to do this with you, unless solos are your choice. Either way, remember that changing your focus changes your mood.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Age Prejudice In The Job Market

Dear Readers..... Hello to you all. Thank you for viewing my thoughts. ;) For quite some time I have become more and more aware from friends, patients, and even my own personal experiences as a
job-seeker, that once we enter our mid-forties, it becomes more difficult to be hired for well-paid employment. The testimonials you will read are from college educated, intelligent, well-groomed, qualified job-seekers who are being turned down for younger people. After being down-sized, or becoming unemployed because firms fold, the people you will read about have one thing in common. They are all past forty-five years of age.
L. from Arizona wrote: Airline pilots are automatically let go at sixty-five when many are at their absolute peak best with experience.
J. from Brooklyn, NY wrote: He is a mid-sixties senior computer systems analyst..... and once he was downsized from the banking world, he is facing rejection after rejection.
Sissy from Seattle wrote: She is in her mid-sixties, and the only thing she can get hired for is to sling hash. This is a well educated, beautiful woman with abundant energy.
S. from NM wrote: She is in her early fifties, and the only thing available is a phone answering position at minimum wage. This is a former CEO of a publishing business.
B. from CT. wrote: He was chief editor of a famous magazine.... and now cannot find decent employment.
Tia from NJ wrote: Twice in her hospital administrator career, right before tenure was vested, the bosses found ways to make her leave the jobs. Now at sixty, she must start her own business or go on welfare.
V. from Wisconsin wrote: She is unable to find employment at forty-nine. This gal ran her own business, is articulate, multi-lingual, and facing the same reality the above writers have experienced.

Where are all the jobs and wonderful economy we hear our government espousing? Even if one wants to work for minimum wage, we have enough people from other lands coming here legally and illegally to do the toilet cleaning, mopping, landscaping back-breaking work. Does anyone reading this article recall a time when we had job-security? It was so long ago I can barely remember. No wonder so many friends I know keep re-enlisting in the military. At least, if they live, it pays a salary and feeds you.
On a bright note: This new blog of mine is getting so many hits I cannot keep up with book orders for SMILES AND MIRACLES, and requests for e-mail counseling services. So when the lemon gets too sour, I decided to create my own business.
Now my lemonade is getting yummier. But not everyone can do what I am doing. What happens to those people who are older and MUST work when...... they cannot get hired?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My book entitled SMILES AND MIRACLES

Having a great day I hope. ;) Here's my book for you to purchase, available from me signed....... and also
available from: AMAZON/UK/USA/
Of course through me it is a smarter value. HAAAAA!!!!!! SMILES is a fast paced illustrated short story formatted book about miraculous healings and paranormal events. It is funny, sad,
and always very interesting. It has a five star reader rating on Amazon.
Please contact Dr. InaNorma Yanez for your signed book and uplifting
e-mail counseling services at:

My next book is seeking a wonderful and generous publishing house. The title is:
ANGELS IN MY CHICKEN SOUP (Case Histories In Past Life Regression Therapy). I will post my synopsis in a soon to be written article about Angels. Thank you in advance for your help and wisdoms in my next adventure into becoming perfectly published.
Have a blessed day. Ruby *o*



Good Morning! St. Francis of Assisi is near and dear to me because.....
My tie to animals is para-norma-lly acute. I can feel their feelings.
Awoke after a fretful night with sinus and neck, throat, gland swelling.
Sir Magick, my precious therapy feline, felt it.
So..... he came over to gently massage me. And now.........
I feel much better. ;) BLESS THE SWEET LOVING ANIMALS!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Introducing NormasArk

Hello from Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
This introduction is to let you know that no holds barred is my motto on this bloggggggggggggggggg. It will be anything and everything to do with politics, spirituality, treating traumas and even nutrition for you and your pets. Health issues will be frequently discussed and so will world terrorism. The state of America, its morals, ethics, economy, and government are part of this blog.
I am happy to meet you. Absolutely no vulgar language will be permitted. I moderate lists and am strict.
Thank you. Ruby *o* is one of my many names.

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