Sunday, July 19, 2015


Abby, My Dear Abby

The one healthy looking photo I thought we had is not opening.  So take my word for it, my friend Abby was very pretty when she was healthy.  We met because of our mutual love of animals.  Abby did professional judging in many of the competitions we took our Bengal Leopard Cats to. I have no words to describe her that truly fit.  Funny, bright, compassionate, caring, educated and above all, LOYAL!  To me, she was also vivacious and HUMBLE.
A few years ago Abby told us she was in a battle for her life with Cancer.  If ever anyone tried to live, Abby showed what courage really means.  This past June 8th, 2015, Abby went to Heaven.  Did she lose her battle?  No.  Abby won more love, prayers, respect, than I can ever even imagine.   Abby, with all my heart, I pray to meet you wherever I am sent from this earthly life.  You are my loyal, wonderful, courageous friend.  You taught us so much about the animal world.  I was blest to have known and loved you.  And Abby, I still do.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Somewhere In Rainbow - ParaNormaLLY Yours

Somewhere  in Heavenly Rainbow, reside the vast majority of my loved ones.  Having lived so many decades of this current incarnation, it stands to reason that there are even more in spirit than here on Earth.  Some went to another place. 

Of late,  the lucid  dreams containing contact with loved ones who have passed, are dramatically increasing. It is quite pleasant, although I awake with many a question mark in my heart. Why are they coming to me so often and vividly?  What's it all about?

The last time anything of this magnitude occurred were the six months prior to 9/11/2001, when I vividly saw the coming horror day and night!  So now you see why I am asking what is behind all these long and vivid current contacts. It is not limited to those who were human.  My beloved pets are also visiting.  And so are some from the historical records, like Albert Einstein!  Have any of you ever had experiences of this nature? 

Please send your comments to add to this wondrous subject of contacts with our loved ones in spirit.   Thank you for your paranormal experiences in advance. :-)
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez CH.t.



Sunday, July 05, 2015




When we lose the innocence, what do we become?  We war, rape, torture, abuse, destroy, and for what end?   Who profits from the atrocities?  Do you remember a time you had hopes, dreams, innocence? 

Do you remember a time without war, or hearing over and over again that we are losing so many precious species to extinction?  I love you elephants, big cats, gorillas, sea life, birds, amphibians.  Even the scary poisonous snakes and lizards have a purpose.  Needless to say, without bees, the world will not flourish.  Why does MAN, The Most Prolific of all Predators, believe he can rule the world and all life upon it?  Who gave MAN the right to destroy our rainforests, oceans, and all else put here by an INSCRUTABLE HIGHER POWER?   Is the ‘out of control EGO’ to eventually destroy us?

That this free will MUST be nourished by love, compassion, and enormous wisdom.
What will be the next outcome of MAN’s insufferable violence?  Can we survive ourselves?

By Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t

Friday, July 03, 2015


WHITNEY'S WORLD-the legacy continues

I feel very deep emotions about Whitney and her daughter.  As well, I feel great empathy for the surviving family members.  How much of this ongoing tragedy of horrific bad choices was free will?  How much was due to Karma and genetics with addictions to lethal behaviors?  We will probably never know the whole story.

The lost talent, the wasted lives, and the sorrow facing the still living family is a spiritual enigma to me. Having seen multi-generational and ongoing negative, often violent and self-destructive families, it makes me wonder if some of us can rise above it to change the tides?  From my own personal experiences, I honestly do believe we have free will to stop the "LOSER" patterns.  And yet so many refuse out of fear of change.   To you Whitney and your daughter, I wish and pray for your peace, serenity, and spiritual growth. I deeply care!  For those now going through very hard times of learning and mourning, I know too well, how you are feeling.  Take heart.  Pray for the strength to conquer the bad choices.  It is never too late to change for the better! 

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t

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