Friday, July 03, 2015


WHITNEY'S WORLD-the legacy continues

I feel very deep emotions about Whitney and her daughter.  As well, I feel great empathy for the surviving family members.  How much of this ongoing tragedy of horrific bad choices was free will?  How much was due to Karma and genetics with addictions to lethal behaviors?  We will probably never know the whole story.

The lost talent, the wasted lives, and the sorrow facing the still living family is a spiritual enigma to me. Having seen multi-generational and ongoing negative, often violent and self-destructive families, it makes me wonder if some of us can rise above it to change the tides?  From my own personal experiences, I honestly do believe we have free will to stop the "LOSER" patterns.  And yet so many refuse out of fear of change.   To you Whitney and your daughter, I wish and pray for your peace, serenity, and spiritual growth. I deeply care!  For those now going through very hard times of learning and mourning, I know too well, how you are feeling.  Take heart.  Pray for the strength to conquer the bad choices.  It is never too late to change for the better! 

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t

Ohhhh, our family weeps for these people. How we are praying they find their peace in GOD's Merciful Love. John and Juanita B. and Family
Yes, we ALL have free will but so many fall under bad influences that alter that free will. So sad. CATNIP
Tragically well said. J in PA

Thank you for this blog. You know that very often children tend to get into the same devastating problems of their same sex parents before them. I have noticed this for years as it appears to reflect a generational thing. N in Australia

Truly, that family seems like it is cursed! Rex in indiana
You make many valid points-I choose to believe that a loving God will not let us destroy ourselves forever! D
Thank you Dear RubyNorma ~ E in MD
So well said. NYC
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