Monday, June 30, 2008




Let’s talk about love. Some people believe that love is sex. Others feel it is material. Still others believe that love is an intangible commitment of loyalty, affection, nurturing, and years of companionship with shared adventures. What do you believe love is? Have you been happy seeking it? Sad? Is love fulfilling for you, or a smack in the face?
I ask these questions because over the years I have been a passionate woman, entertainer, a counselor, a family-oriented person, and a sensitive, caring soul, who searches for answers. Certainly, I do have my own beliefs on this subject.

We seem to get into trouble when love is translated differently in the framework of a relationship. One side says it is their way and the other side declares it as something other. What is the truth for one could actually become a farce for another. Is it worth fighting for when your heart is aching? The answer is
“yes and no!” Yes because if you do not try, you will never know what might have been. No because if it fails, there is a sense of = it is my fault and I did wrong. Or… one can take the offensive and blame the other side of the relationship entirely. The real truth is that neither is 100% right or wrong when a relationship doesn’t work. Expectations of one were not the same as expectations of the other. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. ;)
Dedicated to all those I have cherished, both living and in spirit.
Dr. Ruby Norma Yanez, Ch.t

Saturday, June 21, 2008



Dear and Remarkably Intelligent Readers,

Before we had individual countries, we were hunter gatherers in small tribal clan numbers. Warfare was far less with a smaller population of stupid violent humans on the planet. Once we became sedentary agricultural town dwellers and had to protect our resources, we became far more violent with each other. There are = too many people… mostly dominated by testosterone-itis, and too few of the rapidly mass-extinction disappearing species now. Perhaps one day, God Almighty will tire of this current human experiment and blow the eraser of eternity on us to begin all over again with the cockroach! It will develop a larger brain, an opposing thumb, and giggle when they see our dried up fossils in a museum. Hehehehehe... And perhaps that is what we humans are actually earning right now with the endless escalating wars, genocides, exterminations, ethnic cleansings, and moronic destruction of our only home and habitat called = “MOTHER EARTH!” Think on this a bit and reply please?
Anonymous said...
YIKES! Boy did you hit it on the nose with this article, Dr. Yanez. We live in another country than America. It is so violent here that I fear for my life. anon
10:24 AM

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