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What Rainbow Means To Me - Reprinted

This blog is reprinted from Friday, January 25, 2008,
Norma’s Ark Blog = www.normasark.blogspot.com/

What Rainbow Means To Me
By Dr. Ruby Yanez

Those of you who know the term RAINBOW, which is a lovely name to describe where our precious furries and humans go after life on Earth, this is for you. Rainbow is not a zip code or even a physical location for me. It is a concept of pure love and compassion, and of course much fun and frolicking. The love is unconditional, filled with humor and wisdoms, and holds itself inside of my spirit, heart, and consciousness. All illness, pain, suffering from disease, and human faults… simply do not exist in Rainbow. We feel well and serene. My family and I recently sent our beloved pet to Rainbow. Sweet Sir Magick could not be saved, so the needle of peace mercifully helped him transition out of a dying body. At first I thought I would pass out or die myself. The shock and trauma of fighting to save him took everything from me. He was and still is my precious angelic soul-friend. After a period of mourning and introspection, I feel a little more peaceful. The essence of Rainbow is within me at every level of knowing. I call upon the unconditional love we have shared with all my now gone treasures to comfort, balm the wounds, and to help me heal. Rainbow is real. The love continues. Its beauty and laughter exist inside my every pore of being and knowing. I feel happy and now can smile when I am imaging Rainbow and all who have gone before us. We still share and comfort each other, but in a way that is different from the material here and now dimension. Please keep Rainbow in your own hearts to comfort you when you need this help. ~ Love Ruby *o* Excerpted from my book.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein once said,
'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

Does this mean that politicians, governments, rulers, and so many others who keep repeating the same failures/patterns over and over and over again, are = ;) INSANE????
Hmmmmmmmm ~ Ruby *o* ~ p.s. Surely something to ponder.

Comment: =
Anonymous said...
YES! That is exactly what it means. Have you ever met a politican who does not repeat ancient governmental failures? Well, I guess there are a few. That Albert Einstein must have been much more than a genius scientist. Imagine Nazi Germany losing him. What sadistic, arrogant fools they were.
Anon in Europe

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Arizona Protest Sign-GIVE ME TAKE ME BUY ME

Please remember that my known name is YANEZ.....
In all fairness to the many wonderful Hispanics from many nations, that also includes Mexico, Cuba, The Caribbean, South American countries, and Spain.....who I personally know.... AND----- who are legally here and productive citizens, they, too....
do not want to support the "GIVE ME TAKE ME BUY ME" world either.
I truly do believe we do owe them. Of course we owe them, and every other land in the world.
But exactly what is it we = Americans, owe? Is it the constant unaffordable drain and dole in hospitals, schools, food stamps, MEDICAID, social programs, welfare and etc.????
The tragic deaths and mutilations of Americans in defense of what? What do we owe those who demand what the sign is saying, in your opinions?

I worked and supported American taxes for more decades than I can recall. I have volunteered over the years to teach ESL, feed hungry, homeless, DESPERATE families and animals..
PLEASE TELL ME?????? What do I owe that sign? And yes, many of our American and Arizona police.... have been brutally murdered by undocumented, criminal aliens. They left grieving wives, mothers, fathers, and innocent children. A Curious Ruby *o*

Phoenix AZ protest: I do not know the date of this recent photo. Do you?

~ Ruby *o*
Comments: = Is America so divided by the Federal Government's non-stop-Communist idiocies, that we will see growing civil unrest? I pray not.
Jesus Ramirez and our legal hard working family. Arizona, USA
Comments: = When people become so greedy for un-earned-handouts, it is the fault of a Socialistic government mentality of entitlements. When the US Socialistic Government tells the spoiled rotten people, "No more handouts, bailouts, and etc."..... the formerly entitled ones will stop thinking it is their God given right to always be on the dole. An example is to reward a dog or cat for peeing on a carpet repeatedly. When the rewards and urinated upon carpet disappear, so will the disgusting spoiled rotten behaviors of the ones who do nothing but TAKE TAKE TAKE. - Ron Gomez Akiba and Family, Friends in NYC

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


For Those who insult my blogs

This is specifically being written for those who insult my blogs and send mean comments to me. There is no need for you to read my blogs. Being verbally abusive to my writings and thoughts will not help your lives. Just stop reading Norma's Ark. That will fix your irritable bowel mouths. Fortunately, I can press delete. So can you.

Monday, August 16, 2010



Hi From Ruby *o* Why is lying so popular? I see more and more people lying. They are regular people, politician people, popes, cardinals, bishops, pedophiles, Imams, Rabbis, Others in Religions, and business people.
It's a lying epidemic. Oh yes, and presidents/congress/and etc.
Sometimes my Bengal Leopard pets know how to lie. If they misbehave for example: I will catch them and then they look around for a mystery culprit as if they are innocents. How smart is that!!!! Better they should run this world than the humans who are knowingly destroying it.
Hmmmmmmmm.... this should go on my blog. grins ;)

Ruby ~ Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
Please visit my eclectic blog:
Anonymous said...
Best and most honest blog yet! Keep up the good work.
Mahalia in TN
4:17 PM

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A HEALING FOR RUBY, TRIBUTE TO = www.camelbackchiropractic.com

Thank you Dr. Mike and Dr. Brett for helping me get my life back. When I first went to your Central Scottsdale office, I was literally screaming in pain from a chronic birth injury. Yes, it took a while and a few nasty relapses, but I am now able to work and garden, clean my home, and walk again. You both are my fantastic angels. The compassion your wonderful staff has shown me is also a blessing. They greet people with a sincere smile. And thank you to Dr. Mike's beautiful mother Lorraine.
Thank you is just not enough, so this is why I am doing it publicly on Norma's Ark Blog. I will be in shortly for my regular tune-up.
Your Ever Grateful Neighbor Down The Block,
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

Scottsdale Camelback Chiropractic-Southwest corner of Miller and Camelback next to Zipps restaurant.
4432 N. Miller Rd #102, Scottsdale AZ 85251 480-945-0008

Glendale Camelback Chiropractic-On the corner of 99th Avenue and Camelback. Just off the 101.
9971 W. Camelback Rd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85037 623-872-0002


Let Us Pray

Whatever your religion is, LET US PRAY!
Whatever your color is, LET US PRAY!
Whatever your country is, LET US PRAY!
The entire world is pushing many envelopes with one another. We face what easily could become a devastating world war. I ask you all to join with me now to pray for lasting wisdom, right thinking, and to remember our ignoble past history of wars.
No, I am not a pacifist, nor am I a war-monger. I am a gal who remembers far too many wars. Who won? Who lost? We all may have lost. But win? Are there really winners when one side destroys the other side? Peace? Is that something that cannot last? Apparently at this time, far too many believe it cannot last. We have not evolved yet to know how to maintain long-lasting peace and harmony, or we would be enjoying it right now. So again I ask....
Whatever your religion is, LET US PRAY!
Whatever your color is, LET US PRAY!
Whatever your country is, LET US PRAY!
Thank you Val for allowing me to use this picture.
Love from Ruby *o*
Comment: OMG, how profound and timely! But, will the out of control world leaders listen?
anon - Somewhere in The Middle East

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