Tuesday, August 25, 2009



I do not know who created this cartoon of truths? In a rather volatile journey down here I have found a few longlasting, loyal, and true friends. Most are now residing in a place I fondly call RAINBOW. Those who remain and reside in my love know who they are. God(dess) Bless the wonderful animals who have endured in my mind because their love is/was UNCONDITIONAL. May my soul-buddies all remain near me with love, respect and loyalty, as I am with you. amen amen amen

True friends who remain throughout a lifetime with their loyalty, are "very rare indeed." The photo of that all black kitten is stunning Dr. Yanez. Thanks. anon in Seattle

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Too Many Bored People

The real world is one of far too many bored people who MUST meddle in others' lives. Some call it "religions." Some call it "government or family interventions."
I call it....
U may quote me if this resonates with you. ~ Love *o*

Ruby ~ Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
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I live in a Communist nation. The only reason I can send this comment is because I am traveling. America, wake up before you have no more rights.
Anon, now out of a dictatorship nation that does not permit me to view your blog.
Anonymous said...
We read your blog all the time and love it. This one is short, to the point, exactly our views, and yes, we are terribly worried as to where America is heading with unending government controls.
Anon in the USA
3:16 PM

Anonymous said...
Government intervention has been going on since we stopped hunting and gathering. It will not stop "meddling" as you wrote. That's what governments do. We really enjoyed the pictures you inserted to make your point clear.
Anon in California, a place where government has meddled too much and is now totally broke.
3:35 PM
Anon said: = We just came across your little blog GEM and must comment. It no longer matters who is president or who is an elected official in America. The shrinking population that still remembers how to think for themselves will die off leaving in its wake a crowd of severely dumbed down tax-paying suckers who were trained to take orders from a corrupted government. I dare you to print this.
Anon, an American who is disgusted with the loss of more and more of our freedoms.

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