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Disclaimer: I am not recommending anyone to run to the nearest shaman for medical treatments. 
Dedicated to all those who might have done much better, even for a little while, with another way of medical treatment.

Having used the term "Techno-Shaman" for decades, but do not recall writing about my views, here goes.  Today I had a wonderful conversation with two very savvy doctors.  One is a fully trained M.D. and has used Western traditional medicine for years.  The other is a naturopathic physician.  The best of both of these traditions makes good sense when you think about it.  Why not marry them instead of arguing which way is right.  Without bantering the negatives about what is the matter with medicine these days, instead I wish to tell you about Bisi from Nigeria.

I met Bisi many years ago when studying at a Florida University.  She impressed me as one powerful and brilliant gal.  We struck up a wonderful friendship and I learned an immense amount of humility in her presence. She had stringently trained as a witch doctor in the jungles using medicinal herbs and traditional African medicine.  Why she came to America I don't know.  She was studying for her degree in pharmaceuticals in order to become licensed here... as no one recognized her many gifts from Africa.  I wish for the sake of America that medical doctors knew what her original training had allowed her. For example:  Bisi could look at someone and diagnose through intuition, while actually seeing the aura.  Yes, intuition.  Yes, aura.  This was her training and she did it extremely well.  In the fast paced, greed-filled-over-medicated and costly testing we use here, with many negatives, and also some positives attached, we could use a dose of going back into time and seeing how the world's shamans heal.  We have lost sight of the whole person.  I like to joke and say that the left eye-lash doctor doesn't treat the right eye-lash.  What happened to the whole person?  
Throw more pills, more anti-depressants, more tests to bankrupt an already bankrupted system, but don't look at the whole person. 
When did America trade in the intuitive doctor training in order to heal, and become the medical arena for profit, greed, and tossing pills, and at times using very harmful tests on virtually everything?  I still know old-fashioned thinking doctors.  They are dwindling and burned out from a system that isn't permitting the ancient and very spiritual art of healing.
Whole-istic aka Holistic treatment, focused on prevention whenever possible,  is a far more cost-effective and more patient oriented way to treat in many cases. And it is far less harmful and injurious to the doctors practicing it than the current supermarket mode of a few moments with a patient.  Drowning in paperwork never bothered the shamans of old.  Lawsuits didn't either.  How did a once highly revered profession become what it is today? Sometimes in order to positively move forward, we must also look to past techniques that have worked well throughout the ages.  Hoping to hear from the medical professions with comments.  Dr. Yanez *o*
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Once upon a time in a land called "IMAGINE" we lived in peace and harmony. The global horrors we now see around the clock on the news simply did not exist. Happiness and love sweetly combined with compassion and charity to bestow upon us the warmth our souls crave beyond mortal words. Can you visualize it in your mind's eye yet? Using your imagination, create a perfect heavenly safe space to escape from the daily stress we encounter in mortal life. Some call it meditation.  Others name it prayer.  For me, it is a "perfect heavenly safe space."
Gently and firmly shower yourselves with this lovely energy and use it spiritually, medicinally, psychologically, and then get back to me on how it makes you feel, please? It costs nothing but the effort you put into it.

Blest Be.

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So many of my immediate  circle are mediumistic.  This reposting is dedicated to all my psychic and sensitive friends. You know who you are.  Blest Be.  Ruby *o*

I believe in life after life. This is dedicated to all we have loved who have crossed over "The Rainbow Bridge" to another dimension of consciousness! 

Some of you do not realize that when you feel a presence, dream, or just have a knowing, you are using that part of yourselves which is termed "MEDIUMSHIP!" 

Long before civilizations and organized religions, we all had far more acute senses in order to merely survive the animal predators that hunted us. 

Extra Sensory Perception is a valid and barely understood aspect of mind.  Little by little, we gave away this sensitivity and became more sheep-like with the growing of organized religions, towns, cities, countries, governments.  

Mediumship is a sacred gift. When you experience it, allow the feelings.  If people you know find it frightening, then just do not tell them.  You are one of a special rare group of people who still maintain a tie to your far distant archaic past of early MAN!  ****Notice that animals still do have this concept.  See the birds in formation, the fish swimming in schools, and do not ever doubt for a second that you are feeling a true communication!  Yes, there are many people who have this ability, and you are not alone.  Scientific, double blind experiments are being done with people around the globe that prove beyond any shadow of any doubt that telepathy, and mediumship are a very true aspect of humans.  Enjoy your sacred gift.  It is a treasure trove of information. 
Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t

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