Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Generations Of Music

So very much alike.
Like daughter, like grandson, both showing above that they enjoy music.  I do not have photos of me with headphones on. If I did, it would also be shown in this blog about music.  From earliest times in my life I was already an entertainer.

Here I am back in the Stone age singing my heart out for anyone who would enjoy the heartfelt offering. And I also loved to dance. The hula skirt helped the baby wiggle.  I still recall those people who were watching me with a smile on their faces....

  Many years and rehearsals later, part of our band is shown at The Empire Room of The Waldorf Astoria.  I have been blessed with the love of music. It allowed me to earn a living doing what I loved the most. For all who I had the joy of watching and working with, may you Rest In Peace.  That fabulous and multi-cultural big band up in the sky has a wonderful seat waiting for me to join them.  Thank you GOD for allowing me to feel the pleasure of music, dance, singing, and acting.  I am so grateful to YOU! My family appears to be following in these similar foot steps.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013


TOO MANY YEARS (Dark Poetry)

Dedicated to MY VIOLENT DADDY DEAREST, Our Family from Hell,
and all who have knowingly, and without the slightest remorse, caused abandonment and betrayals to others. You know who you are! 
And so do your victims!

By Dr. RubyNorma Yanez

Gravely ill and abandoned at birth, untouched or spoken to for two unendurable years in a hospital,
You all left me alone to wither and die, except for My Beloved Mommy Irene Shirley.
Why bother yourselves with a sick, dying baby, especially a girl!  Remembering the many times you told me girls aren’t worth anything.

Some of you say you have learned and are kinder, more loving. BUT….
I just don’t believe you, YOU FAMILY FROM HELL!
Too many years and too many tears, apart.

Now some of you tell me you want me back in your life.
That I really was the caring one to whom you feel loyalty.
Yet, you beat me bloody, hemorrhaging and unconscious, and put a loaded gun to my head.  You broke my bones, destroyed me financially with your chronic stealing,
but not my soul.

Too many years and too many tears, apart.

My universe was shattered.  My earthly life ripped to shreds.
You left knowing this, but you left anyway!  I stretched out my child-like hands
to you.  Don’t leave me. Please?  Oh Please!  But, you left anyway!
Too many years and too many tears, apart.

Lying for you is a great talent. Never a blink on your many false faces to give me the
slightest hint of dishonesty.  Yes, I wanted to trust!
You stole away in the bleak, shadowed years, our potential happiness and hope.
It could have, should have, would have worked itself out well.
Why didn’t you ever simply try to be kind or compassionate?  Instead, only the SILENCE of
“You just don’t care if I live or die!”

Your ever-repeating-behaviors…. Lying, stealing, beating wives, children, and the cheating on your marriages… Nothing fazed you.  It was all fine in the putrid mentality of your brutal business and family ways.
Are any of you rotting in hell? 

So no, NO MORE, my long-lost false darling(s).
It can only hurt every one of us because…. it just didn’t work out.
Life has taught me to smile at too many years and too many tears, APART!
The tears and smiles are genuine. The harsh lessons are learned, settled, screaming, scarred well, inside a tattered heartbreak.

For those who stayed and gave me their sincere and honest love, I thank you.
For those who left, and were dishonest and even sadistic, I also thank you.
Every one of you is my Karmic soul’s teacher. 
Too many years, too many tears, APART!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Rose Kennedy's Wisdoms

Very long ago, I was taught that the passage of time heals all wounds.  I believed this until tragedy overtook me.  During and after the very harsh experiences, I also learned what Rose Kennedy is quoted as saying above.  Why do some of us fare better than others when life's journey brings crisis and tragedies?  I know people who will only focus on happy, beautiful things.  Are they the ones who do better than most with life's travails?  I know those who choose to be realistic.  Are they the ones who fare better in hard times?  Who is to say what level of attitudes will be the best for us while grieving?  Some work like they are possessed in order not to have time to think.  Others drown themselves in food, alcohol, drug addictions, constant travel, etc. Some study certain spiritual paths in order to feel happier. And a small portion of our population even makes believe that everything is merely an illusion so we need not feel anything at all.
Please write and tell us what works positively for your own life when trials and tribulations occur?  Thank you for your wisdoms.  Love RubyNorma *o* 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


VOICES FROM BEYOND - Para-Norma-lly Yours

This my MOM, the most accurate and prolific psychic I have ever personally known.
Here she is in The NYS Catskills when she was young and still healthy. Mommy Irene is so happy in this photo, as we loved to be in The Catskills.  It is where we were at peace with nature and lived a social butterfly life.
The troubled man I called my father, did not go on his lethal, violent rampages there, as he regularly did in Brooklyn.   Mom's ability to read the future and use telepathy were simply uncanny!!!  I believe this is also a familial gift.  Of late, I have been experiencing an unusual number of ESP events which almost leave me breathless. They sometimes come in crowded spurts.  And boy, am I spurting! :-)
One thing I have learned about ESP is that when someone who is gifted makes a blunder, they are usually very wrong.  Why these mistakes occur is at least in part because of wishful thinking, emotions in faulty interpretations, and/or just plain ego.  I wish to pay tribute to my mother's gift which she regularly termed a "curse" because her mother told her it was.  Nowadays, I know another word... it is a "gift."  If ESP is misused, abused, or on occasion not interpreted correctly, that still doesn't warrant thinking of it as a curse..  Sadly my Grandmother Minnie was wrong and imbued MOM with great guilt. I am blest to have been witness to her extraordinary, paranormal talents. I love you MOMMY. Until we meet again in Rainbow.  Thank you for your recent visits.  They mean the world to me. *o*

Sunday, January 06, 2013


Children's Wisdoms - Dear God

Over the many years I have interacted with children, it appears that the simple questions they have asked are the most profound!  Here is a compiled list of the precious beauty of children. Perhaps in your adulthood, you too have asked GOD a few of these simple and poignant questions?

Why did my mommy/daddy/grandparent have to die and leave me?  I miss them.

Why did my pet go to Rainbow?

Where are we moving to, I like it here with my friends?

It's not fair that you are punishing me for cheating on my exam.  You wouldn't have to if the mean teacher didn't catch me.

Why are you and daddy getting a divorce? Is it my fault?

Please don't make me go to school with the bullies there who hit me?

Mommy I tried.  But the pants got wet anyway.

What do I have to do to get your attention since the new baby arrived?

Thursday, January 03, 2013



Here we see an aging photo of Fidel Castro, who is quoted as saying that Communism failed..  What is a dictator?  And a dictator by any other name is still that same behavior!!!  Power that goes unchecked is a dictatorship, IMHO.  Remember this when you realize that encroaching power on your rights is smothering the life from your bones.
We almost always do not learn from history.  *o*

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