Thursday, January 03, 2013



Here we see an aging photo of Fidel Castro, who is quoted as saying that Communism failed..  What is a dictator?  And a dictator by any other name is still that same behavior!!!  Power that goes unchecked is a dictatorship, IMHO.  Remember this when you realize that encroaching power on your rights is smothering the life from your bones.
We almost always do not learn from history.  *o*

Sooooooooooo right on! Power that goes unchecked is a dictatorship.
BRAVO. We do not learn from history. At least those in power do not. On occasion a few of us do. My family barely escaped with their lives from Communism. America, BEWARE! anon
So very true. Those who know are now aged and the young "know it all" and will not learn as they have not been taught. Anon South Western America
Are we doomed to forever repeat the mistakes made throughout history?
Why can't we learn from the mistakes of others? Anon TN
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