Saturday, March 29, 2014



Dedicated to all who have fought, survived and died from CANCER. These are a few of the far too many faces in my immediate and personal circle. Yes, below is Fidel Castro. 

        For all of those who I was not able to retrieve photos, please know how much I care! 
Love RubyNorma *o*

Thursday, March 27, 2014



This is a 30,000 year old plant that scientists resurrected. Amazing?  Not to me.  As you may already know, I do believe in reincarnation.   If you also believe in reincarnation, please read on.  

Have you anyone in your life that you just do not get along with?  Do you wish not to have to repeat all the past, difficult learnings again and again in future lives? Then do not become enemies.  It takes two to Tango and/or have a fight.   Wish them well and go on to your own future journey.  Once you have tried and tried to make things right without success, then you both become enablers to a destructive continuation of the same old same old.  Of course you have the right to disagree.  That is exactly what this is all about. For me, the simplest and neatest manner to put such a negative relationship into prospective, is to give them to GOD and walk away.  Not every relationship we encounter is always sweet, loving, kind, compassionate and sincere. 
I wish you all the luck in the world in your own relationships.  Let's hear from you on this subject? Thank you in advance.  Ruby *o*

Tuesday, March 25, 2014



It has been many years since beginning the search for freedom.  When the right guru came into my life, this journey was nearing the latter years.  I listened to him, savored the wisdoms, practiced meditation, learned.... and then fell backwards. Again now I seek that FREEDOM feeling of no attachments. Why it is beginning to make sense is mysterious. Embracing this delicious energy of no attachments makes me feel wonderful.  Could I even teach it?  Probably not, as it is a feeling, combined with an energy that is so personal, that it should be labeled  a "spiritual fingerprint."

When this treasure of a Buddhist concept began coming a bit clearer, I saw the lifting of emotional burdens like... lost loved ones, a world bent on global warfare, suffering from illnesses, starvation, and animal abuse. (You probably know that I am a long time defender of endangered animals).

Recently, the weight of these attachments felt too heavy to handle and I again went back into my higher self to meditate and chant.   For me it is balming... and medicinal. Doing these practices regularly puts me into a quiet and velvety mood so that I do not socialize much, as in the past.   No matter.  At different and changing portions of our lives, we enjoy other things. Thank you for listening. Blest Be.  

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t *o*

Thursday, March 13, 2014



Once upon a time in a land called "IMAGINE" we lived in peace and harmony. The horrors we now see around the clock on the news simply did not exist. Happiness and love sweetly combined with compassion and charity to bestow upon us the warmth our souls crave beyond mortal words.  Can you see it in your mind's eye yet?  Using your imagination, create a perfect heavenly safe space to escape from the daily stress we encounter in mortal life.  Some call it meditation.  Others name it prayer.   For me, it is a perfect heavenly safe space.

Gently and firmly shower yourselves with this lovely energy and use it spiritually, medicinally, psychologically, and then get back to me on how it makes you feel, please? It costs nothing but the effort you put into it.  Blest Be.  
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t

Thursday, March 06, 2014


PARA-NORMA-LLY YOURS ~ Love after life

For those of you who believe that love continues past physical transitioning, please continue reading?  
For those who have doubts, please bear with me.

I like to write down valuable dreams.  Last night was one of those "keep on dreaming the same dream" nights.  And yes, it was as lucid as you and I talking right now.  I awoke many times... and yet as soon as I put my head down, the dream resumed as if it never stopped.

In the past few recent months, an abnormally large number of loved ones have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  As you may know, they still keep in touch with me fairly often. :-) Last night was no exception.  I awoke sobbing with the realization that my beloved RubyGlow was with me.  She showed me how agile and healthy she felt, as well as how pretty she still is.  It was beyond real and her energy kept a loyal presence until I went back to bed.  Again she showed me her spiritual self and explained that the love we share is ongoing.  The so-called boundaries simply do not exist, and that we are tied by our love for each other.  Again I awoke with tears of joy!!!  Still sleepy, I went back to rest and again she continued with her wisdoms from spirit. I asked her when we would be reunited and this was her answer.  "WE HAVE NEVER BEEN APART! Any time I feel her, she is with me."  This time when I awoke, her presence felt as if in material life.

Take away from this sharing anything of value to your own journey.  Blest Be.  RubyNorma *o*   

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