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Re-Dedicating Another RAINBOW BRIDGE

This blog is dedicated to too many of our loved ones to even list in a short blog. Suffice it to say, all who are being prayed for by you, me and our brothers and sisters, are waiting to be re-joined with us in the next spiritual zip code. With love and blessings to everyone of you, here and in spirit. amen RubyNorma *o*

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For all of us who have loved ones in Heavenly Rainbow, I am reprinting this beautiful essay by an unknown author. The photos are of our precious Sir Magick, now passed on into the hands of Eternal Nurture, and our Treasured RubyGlow who still visits and plays with her progeny. I love you Sweet Magick. I love you My RubyGlow. Thank you for the memories.

Your Human Mom ~ aka Dr. Ruby Yanez *o*

As the midnight hour approaches on any holy-day, a tremendous celebration begins....... AUTHOR UNKNOWN

If you listen closely you will hear the exuberant sound of Bridge-kids preparing for the remarkable moment that comes many times a year.Puppies romp through the tall green grass, chasing butterflies and rolling over and over until fits of giggles bring them to a tumbling stop. The volume increases as fluffy kittens, cats, tigers and lions purrrr in pure delight while the wings of snow white doves gently caress the air. The babbling brook that runs beneath The Rainbow Bridge overflows onto the edge of mossy banks and fins of treasured aquatic life quiver in anticipation of these most joyous event (s) . Nestled in the midst of this happy choir of Bridge-kids are the smallest angel tots staring in awe at the majestic holy-day tree adorned with flowing strands of angel hair. Effervescent, twinkling stars see-saw elegantly from the sky and land in glorious harmony upon the stoic limbs of Heaven's most perfect tree. Swaying to and fro in nearby rocking chairs are grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, aunts, uncles and loved ones. The sound of their whispered lullabies permeate the air as they sing to tiny angel babies resting quietly in their arms. Like magick, the clock approaches midnight and a great stirring is heard in the distance. Each Bridge-kid stops and listens, knowing the time is near, and they choose a fleecy cloud on which to snuggle. The roar of purrrrs drops to barely an audible hum, the babbling brook ripples hypnotically and the flutter of downy feathered wings fall silent. Heaven's spirited toddlers climb expectantly upon the laps of angels while babies coo in tranquil unison. Amidst the warm glow of candlelight, which rises from the earth below, the arms of the Eternal Bridge Keeper caress the heavens, and into the precious hands of each child and in front of each animal a holy ~sacred gift is placed. With grand exuberance the ribbons are removed and left to fly on a tender breeze where they dissolve into showers of angel diamond dust. As the golden lids of these heavenly gifts are raised, an amazing aura fills the sky, reaching down to the very core of the earth. Ascending from each and every box is the greatest gift of all. Unending, unconditional, all-encompassing love. This blessed love gently wraps itself around the cherished souls of heaven, warming their hearts with beacons of radiant light and bringing forth from angels an exquisite chorus. As the clock strikes midnight the distance between heaven and earth is vanished. It is at this very moment on all holy-days that the Bridge Keeper's children, angels and Bridge-kids send a message to their earthly loved ones on the wings of this unbridled love. Listening carefully with an open heart we will hear the familiar voice of our own angels whisper softly into our ear their Holy-Day message...."Let me share with you this love of mine, always and forever. When you need me know that I am here. We are all here for you. I have not left you for I am in your heart where I belong. Our love is eternal, as is the brilliant glow of candlelight which illuminates the path ....to the heavens and The Rainbow Bridge.I wait patiently as do you for our inevitable and glorious reunion. I love you, I love you, I love you." - Author unknown ~ Comments: = Holidays can make us pensive. Such a beautiful sentiment, Dr. Yanez. Thank you. Stan in NYC

For those of us who believe life continues, this brought me to tears. Honey in GA

Give me a break. We all know that life ends when we stop breathing. anon in NM

Wonderfully stated. That litter of kittens with the proud mother cat is stunning. Randy in Wyoming

I don't know what to believe. All my loved ones are gone and I feel lonely for them. Thom in Reno

I do not believe we die. I do believe we change in our energies. Ahmed in Jakarta

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Reprinting a two year old ++ blog. It is even more current now than two years ago. How sad that your government is what it is. History has not taught anyone how to curb the insanity, not in America, nor in The European Union! Will we become a Greece? Tune in tomorrow Ladies and Gents for the ongoing saga of how morons rule.

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, Ch.t *o*

Saturday, October 03, 2009 www.normasark.blogspot.com/


If you do not understand the "LET THEM EAT CAKE" portion of my title, then please look up Marie Antoinette and The French Revolution. As with all known societies, uncontrolled power eventually corrupts those who misuse their power. This is precisely what has come to pass in America with the out of control spending by its citizens. Not only has the public gone out of control with spending, but the government has become addicted to spending. This is the manner in which addiction proceeds in its history. Once addicted, it is most rare for addicts to stop on their own.
An inevitable crash is what can and will stop the addict, at least temporarily. Whether the addiction is to spending, gluttonous eating, narcotics/booze....or to gambling, ADDICTS will not stop on their own.
What kind of crash will stop your government from the gluttonous spending on warfare, welfare handouts, bailouts, career politician corruptions, and let us not forget those underpaid CEO's? I am no genius. But, I am old enough to recall when 'Made in America' and quality still had a long lost meaning. I am also old enough to recall that our educational system was once admired instead of reviled. Once a government can control minds and pockets, it controls YOU! Once a government can control YOU, it runs rampant over your rights. Once a government controls your rights, it is an ADDICT to power, spending, corruptions, and greed. Please help your government control its addictions? If not, then you fill in the blanks - - - - - -

We have received too many comments to post. This one says it all.

= Anonymous said...I once had a job. My multiple college education(s) have no meaning these days in the destroyed job market, since in my field of endeavors America sent our jobs overseas. We pulled our kids from college and lost our home. This article fully explains the depravity going on today in our nation. Our politicians are insane with spending and greed. And yes, they do remind me of Marie Antoinette! Anon and Family in America

Monday, November 21, 2011



Today I described myself as a "MONOTHEISTIC PAGAN." hehehe

Then I had to analyze exactly what it was I was attempting to say.

The monotheistic portion seems to be that I feel Almighty Mind to be completely INSCRUTABLE, but yet.... I can somehow sense it in the primal essence of self. I most certainly do belief in a higher power than MAN.

The Pagan aspect gets a wee bit more complicated. I revere nature and the stunning energies bestowed upon this planet. When viewing volcanoes, massive upheavals of boulders, or breathtaking views, I literally blend with them in their infinite energy.

Feeling quite comfortable in other peoples' religions is normal for me. Yet, I follow no one specific religion. Instead, what becomes something of beauty is generally accepted, and given its due respect.

How I wonder where The Buddha, Jesus, and so many other avatars would go to worship? My heart says they would choose a natural setting that does not close them up inside of a labeled religion. Before organized religions, there was still personal worship.

Today's religious prejudice is not of GOD/Goddess Almighty. It is of MAN.

Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Someone very close to me just asked if I was prepared for the impending deaths of aged, and gravely ill loved ones. I am not.

Here are photos of Sir Magick, Aunt Kay, and my cousin Bob, who passed at only 29. How does one do this preparation? Do we ask friends, family, shrinks, clergy? For some reason, in my many years of counseling others, I never learned this monumental wisdom. What I have learned is to pray, meditate, give thanks for the time we had together, and cry.

Boy can I cry. Hehehe, I even cry when I am over-joyed. Who among us is so prepared? I really wonder?

My way of loving is totally loyal, deeply, and intensely. So yes, passion is part of my persona. When they leave us for the next spiritual zip code, I will feel, mourn, and probably need to be quiet for a while. It's the only way I can do it.

When a patient comes for grief counseling, we use a method I learned so many years ago from a few great teachers like Brent Baum. The patient is taken to a time of love and safety to meet with the loved one who passed. Sometimes it is many loved ones which we handle only one at a time. They say all the gorgeous things loved ones should say, and leave a great energy gap filled with this security blanket. The relief I have seen in doing the hypnotic protocol just described, has been nothing short of amazing. Yes, I do use it for myself.

Please feel free to speak with me on this topic? Blest Be. *o*

Comments: =

This inspired me. Thank you. C. in Fayetteville

Some important wisdoms here, Dr. Yanez. anon in Seattle

Really gave me things to think about. V in DC

No matter how much we learn in life, death of a loved one is a tragic event.

Dr. R in Nevada.

Sometimes when a cherished one dies, it is a blessing b/c they were suffering.

Yet I still mourn. Fannie in Oklahoma

I would like to have a session with you please? Reilly in AZ

Monday, November 14, 2011



Do you pray or meditate? I ask this of you, because it is such a powerful energy in my own spiritual tool chest? In fact, without prayer and meditation, I honestly do not believe I would still be here. These intended acts of positive energy flow allow many good things into our lives. For example: My blood pressure lowers while doing this act. The problems that seem insurmountable become conquerable. The courage I thought I lost, comes back in the face of turbulent times. The strength that appears to be waning arrives once again to allow me to do all, or at least almost all the physical parts of my life. A feeling of one-ness with the totality of eternity and infinity melts itself into me.

I no longer ask "WHY" because if it is not to be revealed, the strength it takes to ask "WHY" is better spent in the doing of life. Praying also helps me make difficult choices. By meditating, which is somewhat different than praying, but still has a relationship to prayer, I let go of all thoughts and simply allow. It saves many tears and heartbreaks to do this act of letting go. Thank heavens for this wonderful behavior I was taught. I hope you enjoyed reading my little tome. It is truly from the heart.
Blest Be. RubyNorma *o*
p.s. Of course, the fiery side of me is still alive! grins ;-)

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