Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Dedicated to all we have loved, here and in spirit.  *o*
Can you recall the last hug with loved ones before they were called by GOD?
Every hug is a priceless treasure.  Once we enter that stage where we become old or feeble, the time draws nearer to move to the next spiritual zip code.  This is a life learning that usually doesn't bless the younger set.  For sure, I am no longer in that category.  Viewing my loved ones now while they are still in body, is a treat.  Do I take anyone or anything for granted?   Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
For those of you reading this I send you a hug.  For those of you in spirit, can you feel me embracing you?  Of course you can.
Never, when you have visited and shown me your love, have
I doubted that life continues. amen

Sunday, August 28, 2016



How many of you can guess what a STAYCATION IS
:-)  For me it is the following:  The Mind/Body declares in very clear terms that it wants to rest and not pay attention to outside or global issues.  In addition, it wants peace and lots of rest.  For many years now, I am listening to this request by remaining quietly, AND VERY INTENTIONALLY at home.  I leave the TV and do sleep therapy.  In other words, I choose to sleep when it feels good, not by a clock.  Eating is the same.  The phone can be answered by the service, and the mail will have to wait a bit.  Meditation is very important.  In fact it is integral to this medical relaxation adventure.  For some reason my pets really do understand and also relax.  They enjoy STAYCATING NEAR ME, especially on the bed or couch....
At some reasonable point, it is time to get back to that other world.  That's the world of what some refer to as "real life."
Perhaps real life is what we intentionally choose to have around us?  At least a STAYCATION is a tranquil rest area for renewal.
It is referred to by me as "my heavenly safe space."  What do you do when the world's events become a bit too much for you to handle?   Thanks in advance for those who comment.
A Relaxed RubyNorma *o*

Friday, August 12, 2016



Before I write another word, please let me say that the following is merely in the realm of possibilities.  We, as a writhing and divided nation, are the ones who will be historically responsible for how it all turns out...
Picture yourselves or loved ones circa twelve years from today. 
Scenario # One! America now goes by the name = "The United States of Communist Sharia Military Dictatorship"
Scenario # Two! Or... You are about to listen to the President of The USA discuss our growing and prosperous economy.
Welcome President Ivanka Trump.
Does this sound implausible? Can my older readers who know that The Nazi Party was legally voted into power by the people of Germany relate to my thoughts in any way? Are my younger readers who may not have been taught this historical truth thinking I am nuts?  Tune in twelve years from today, Ladies and Gents, to the ongoing soap opera of how the twists and turns of populations evolve or devolve! 
Thank you in advance for all your comments, and please remember that children also read Norma's Ark.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Gift From Spirit

Awoke yesterday remembering my precious friend Abby.  She lost her battle for life not long ago.  Oh how I miss her.  We met because of our MUTUAL love for animals.  So as usual, when feeling down, I prayed.... and also asked
Saint Francis for guidance with helping defenseless animals from death and harm.
When I arrived for a hair appointment, the gal who met me was named Abby.  We spoke and she told me she rescued animals herself. In addition, her middle name is Francis. Well that was more than enough for me to feel like a spiritual gift was gently sprinkled upon my head.  With gratitude and humility, I say a big "THANK YOU DEAR GOD!!!"
I do not believe in coincidences anymore.
The lovely experience lifted up my heart and cheered me for the rest of the day. Sharing it is my way of expressing that sincere prayer is a very good thing to practice...
Abby, Dear Abby, RIP.

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