Friday, August 31, 2007


Healing People And Animals With The Laying On Of Hands

We can trace the laying on of hands back to prehistoric times. I have no doubt that ancient cave shamans were using this remarkable healing device for hunter/gatherer injuries eons ago with positive results. Please contact us with your own stories about how gentle healing/touching has helped you personally or others, animals, and even your plants at:

Touching with the intentionality of love in order to ease suffering, or simply to comfort another is instinctual. One need only to look upon a mother and her newborn baby to see how important it is to touch. This act ignites a chemistry for growth in newborns. Without it, chances are the baby will not thrive and could die. In the animal kingdom, we see a mother licking, rubbing, and feeding her babies as a natural progression to the birthing process. If the mother abandons her baby or does not touch it, it is a clear sign that unless there is an intervention, this baby animal will die.

Many of us in the healthcare professions have studied and become certified in an ever-growing variety of modalities to accomodate the needs of our patients. We have Healing Touch, Touch For Healing, Reiki, Polarity balancing, magnetic therapies, chiropracters, physical therapists, and even distance healers who tune into the energy of a photo. I participated in a double blind scientific experiment about twenty years ago where we were provided with photos of mice injected with cancers. We were to pray and touch the photos, speaking loving words and care to the pictures. My mouse was named Mickie. When the final results came in, the mice who were left alone died much sooner than did the mice who were prayed and spoken to via their photos. Amazing? Not really. Medicine is now realizing that there are mental energies we can use to help others and one of them is prayer. Another is gentle healing touch.

"The Laying on of hands" is used throughout a multitude of worldwide religions. Can anyone, including you, perform this kindly act with the intention of healing? The answer is "YES!" All that is really necessary is a desire to see someone feel better. In no way is this to say that medical care, medications, surgery when needed, etc. is not to be done. This is an adjunct to other treatments. Education with respected and qualified teachers is better yet. But even if no training were to take place, your intent and focus will be powerful to keep in your medical tool chest. I think of it as mental aspirin. grin :) The next time you are in a situation where it feels right and socially acceptable, you may wish to give a gentle touch with their permission, to someone who is suffering. You will be surprised at how well this is appreciated.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t, from The Arizona Networking News

Monday, August 27, 2007


YES YOU CAN (Small Wins do make a difference)

Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t from The Arizona Networking News
Although most people would prefer to succeed in life privately, and by their own talents, there are times when professional counseling can be helpful. The following case history is about a gentle, timid man who was having a hard time finding employment in his chosen field. When he finally sought counseling, Michael was seriously and chronically depressed.

Michael had used up many months sending out his professionally prepared resume, but to no avail. There were few if any replies, or... he was told he simply did not fit the bill. His frustration level was eating him up. He felt defeated.

Reluctant to seek help, his life was one of sadness and wasted time. Even the unemployment insurance was about to run out. A friend suggested he seek help immediately when he saw Michael in a supermarket looking disheveled and unclean, which was definitely NOT his normal appearance.

With no way out of this mess, Michael timidly visited a well-recommended counselor.... and his healing began on that very same day. His therapist did an in-depth intake and established a regimen to turn back the black tide of depression.
It consisted of achieving small wins that would re-build his self-esteem. Michael admitted that he had become very sloppy and was living in a dirty apartment. His first two tasks were to get a professional hair-cut and spend a day scrubbing his home. When he returned for another therapy session, Michael felt he was moving forward in the right direction.

Next he was to invite some trusted friends over for a home-cooked meal, which was something he liked doing prior to his finances becoming tight from being down-sized from the former employment. The evening went so well that he was invited to go to his friend's home for dinner in return. Michael joined his host with a home-made baked pie. The pie turned out delicious. One of the dinner guests asked him where he purchased it. Michael said he had made the tasty pastry. The same guest owned a famous bakery and was currently in the market to hire someone talented for her shop. She asked Michael if he would consider taking the part time position at $15.00 per hour for evenings totaling 10 hours per week. Michael accepted this and still had his days free to seek employment.

Without taking those initial steps for obtaining small wins, would Michael have moved out of the severe depression? Possibly. But... at what price? After a few months he was hired at $750.00 per week as the shop's full-time head baker and store manager.
Was this just dumb luck? Again, had he not chosen to put himself back in touch with the real world, could this enjoyable position have manifested itself?
His counselor was so delighted to learn of Michael's employment, that she went out of her way to visit the bake shop for her own pastry purchases. She liked Michael's creations very much. They eventually started their own bakery shop about one year later. What an irony this all turned into! grin :) This job opening then allowed another unemployed talented person to fill the job Michael left in order to go into his own bakery business. Their new sweet business is thriving. :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


ON A SUN-LESS NIGHT by Norma Yanez

On a sun-less night two lovers meet to remember one another.
One was dead, the other alive, and betrothed to someone other.
They spoke, they loved, they laughed and teared,
No thought to time or current relationships.
Each knowing that with the passing of eons,
They’d once again be reunited.
A merciful God Goddess gives and takes
Our hearts, our minds, and our lovers.
But the circle of forever spins itself patiently,
All its memories under sun-less night covers.
To ignite and flame its fiery energy…
Again and again with new-old-others.
We learn and repeat until no more lessons remain for us to ponder.
And then move on to the next place, wherever that is, way out yonder.
Who knows, who cares, it is our destiny to evolve.
Does it take a blink? Does it take an infinity?
Does it matter?
I dedicate this poem to Mom, Jimmy Lee, Fred, my cousin Bobbie and all those who miss their loved ones. Until we meet again. I love you. Ruby *o*

Friday, August 03, 2007



By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Last night we attended meditation at a Tibetan Buddhist Center near my home. The spiritual director is ZaChoeche Rinpoche of Emaho Foundation.

As is our beloved guru’s style, the meditation was simple and brief, followed by Rinpoche’s inimitable and ever so clear to understand discussion. After meditations he likes to elaborate, clarify, and bless us with his joy-filled humor. It was so beautiful and profound that I asked his permission to write the essence of this teaching in an article…. ZaChoeche said, “YES!” I have no doubt that Rinpoche’s own revered guru and teacher, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, spoke eternal volumes through our teacher’s wisdoms.

Enlightenment was reasonably defined as “performing to our highest potential.” After that, ZaChoeche spoke with statements and also questions. This rhetorical style is adorable and shows him to be so human. First he says something and then he asks himself and us a question. The answers are to the point sans ego interference. For example: “Was the Buddha a Buddhist?” Rinpoche thought no. But rather that The Buddha had discovered his wonderful enlightenment through a process everyone can enjoy. All the schooling in the world will not guarantee personal enlightenment. Yet…. It is available for everyone, rich, poor, and of any level in our societies. This made me ask myself, “Was Jesus a Christian?” In other words, did the Buddha or Jesus think of themselves as what MAN eventually called them? I also pondered if animals who mentally live in the now, can become enlightened and/or are they already enlightened = working to our highest potentials? I see a pureness in many animals that humans seem to vaporize in themselves. Often times we choose to destroy our own happiness.

Then ZaChoeche went on to explain an ancient spiritual concept in modern day simple terminology….
“Before becoming enlightened we pay our bills and cook our food. After enlightenment, we pay our bills and cook our food.” It is our attitude that may go through the transformation, but bodily, we still have to perform our daily tasks.

In our harried and hurried stressed out world of techno-modernity, we push, push, push. What in the eternal universe are we pushing for?
I say we are all seeking the joy, happiness of “ENLIGHTENMENT!” Apparently, I am in wonderful company.

Thank you ZaChoeche Rinpoche for allowing me to enjoy your treasured wisdoms given so generously to us, along with your stunning humility and sweet sense of humor. And…… thank you for permission to write my brief article telling others of the simplicity and yet deep sage knowledge you share with so many around our planet. Your teachings supercede cultures, religions, foreign languages, and all our perceived man-made differences. Be Blessed. Dr. InaNorma Yanez aka Ruby *o*

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