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The ironic thing in re-writing my article from April/May of 2001, published in The Arizona Networking News, is that it is still so current right now.

"You haven't been feeling well for quite some time. Although you are mild mannered by nature, arguments with co-workers and family seem to be increasing. It has been months since you had a really good night's sleep. Nothing interests you anymore, and your friends are asking why they do not see you of late?

Did you relate to any of these symptoms? If so, perhaps you now would benefit from some well-thought out help to get over this life-bump? There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed over by asking for professional help to alleviate pressure and imbalance in your life. We all go through these times. I know that I do.

Choosing someone who will give you the right wisdoms and assist you in cleaning up your act, is undoubtedly a major decision. Please decide with thought out logic and research. Since you have never done this before, ask yourself the following questions to aid in the process:

* Will you prefer a male or female counselor?
* Do you feel comfortable with a hypno-therapist? Do you know what a hypno-therapist is?
* Would you prefer traditional psychology, or perhaps a religious person like a pastor, priest,
or rabbi?
* How would you feel about the benefits of group therapy?

As you can see by now, there are many ways to handle seeking help. If you begin by gauging your own initial comfort zones, it may allow you to find a counselor/therapist who is well-suited to your particular needs, rather than just going to a phone book and dialing any counselor's telephone number.

Look deeply into yourself before choosing a facilitator to guide you back to being more balanced and happier. Good luck!!!!!!!! :)" ~Anonymous said...
Just read your blog on 'IS IT TIME TO SEEK HELP?' Thank you for the clearly written ideas on how best to choose a counselor. I do need help now. Roy in Montana

Friday, April 18, 2008


Back-Up Therapies For Closure of Trauma

By Dr. Norma Ruby Yanez, Ch.t

It is wonderful to know that when many medical modalities have not been successful, there are other back-up treatments for intervention. Hypno-therapists are sometimes the last resort for people who suffer with negative memories, when in reality, they probably should have been the first treatment undertaken by a reputable facilitator. Even more difficult to assist, are those past events the patient is unable to verbally recall to the conscious mind in order to resolve. Here’s an example of a patient who had a chronic problem that did not respond to traditional psychology or medical treatments. It is ironic that I ended up counseling her since she came to me with her ailing husband who was seeking help.

Mary was seriously injured while serving as an airline stewardess. When the plane hit severe turbulence, the 500 lb. food cart she was pushing, rolled over her. It not only crushed her entire body, but it broke many of her bones including her neck and back. She was put back together again with pins, rods, surgical procedures, and advanced technical medical technologies. Ten years after the accident, Mary still suffered anguish of pain all throughout her body, even though her many doctors claimed she was completely physically healed to their liking. While visiting me with her husband for his illness, I noticed her in agony and asked if she would allow me to do something as an intervention? She said “yes!” Even though her physical wounds were supposedly healed, Mary’s cellular memory still recalled what occurred and ordained a life of chronic pain. It is similar to PHANTOM LIMB SYNDROME, after amputation heals.

In my practice we use Holographic Memory Resolution, which is as simple a process as I ever encountered. The patient never has to verbally say what occurred because everything is translated into the five senses, textures, colors, and even temperatures. Being very specific about colors, sights, sounds, and anything else that would allow Mary a complete sense of safety, we create for the patient an individual perfect heavenly safe space. Eventually it was she who chose to recall and discuss the accident. We left all historical memory intact for her to remember, but only if she wanted to. Then she reframed the entire experience with what Mary’s own higher self would have preferred in its place. It was the energy of left over cellular memory that my courageous patient vanquished. Mary found herself shivering while releasing an itching, burning sensation after her first session. Believe me when I say I was genuinely concerned for this lovely lady. I asked for follow-up discussions, which they agreed to.

She went home with her husband to do a homework assignment. It entailed daily relaxation and imaging the picture of her perfect heavenly safe space drowning out the pain from head to toe and also from her surrounding aura. Although most unusual, I received a call four days later from her husband who claimed she was pain free for the first time in ten years since the near death accident. Three years later Mary is still pain free. Never have I been happier not to have a patient need to return for more counseling.
Revised by author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t, from her printed article in The Arizona Networking News, December of 2002

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