Sunday, July 29, 2007



By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Once upon a time we all lived in tribal environments. Our lives literally depended upon each other so we paid attention to each others’ needs. We all shared food, shelter, and commodities that helped the mutual well-being of the tribe. Medical needs were attended to by the local shaman. As time went by, life evolved, or as some would say, DEVOLVED into bigger and bigger cities….. and eventually families began to move apart. The tribal mentality diminished.

Nowadays, we fend for ourselves more and more. The cost is large. Spiritually, psychologically, and even economically speaking, we are more on our own with less and less tribal and familial-like support. Of course there are still families that help each other and stay together. Yet, the tendency to move away is part of our present day societies. Or at least it is in this country. We move because of job and school requirements, health reasons, and an assortment of other concerns. Sometimes we are able to keep our family units together. When we are separated by long distances, it becomes harder to meet up or to assist one another in times of emergency. Even the good times aren’t really shared if we do not see each other in person to do so….

What are the costs? Frequently we do not even realize the costs. Those of us who are sensitive do. It is “indifference.” Out of sight and out of mind is often the case. At times there is guilt. Other times a sense of anomie = not feeling cared for….. prevails. But always there is a price for the separations. Little by little we forget what it was like to be together until the relationships begin to wane. Some use the phone system or e-mail to keep in touch. Others spend large sums to fly to be together on certain mutually enjoyed holidays.
But in general, the distance takes its eventual toll.

Are we better off for the traveling? You tell me? Are we better off for having left our family?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


A Cauldron By ANY Other Name

I grew up with Eastern Euro-Gypsies. My grandmother had a prenda = nganga = pot.
It was iron. Since we lived apartment style in a concrete only Brooklyn, NY.... it remained on her stove instead of outside with the smells. And Oh My God(s) ~ ~ do I mean smells. Grandma was one dangerous and highly trained woman. There was no name ever attached to her practices. Just a whole lot of action.

I recall being in awe and sometimes even afraid of this woman. In fact, even though she was only around 4'11" inches tall and weighed a mere 90-ish pounds, most men surrounding Her Royal Highness, were afraid of my grandma. Her ability to work and control magickal dictatorships on people with an evil or innocent smile on her lips was quite remarkable, even up to and until her physical death at 95. She did not always use her cauldron. Much of her magickal work was mental. To this moment I think and feel her presence. Just imagine if she had used this powerful mental gift for goodness instead of hurting and controlling others. She could then have been called a saint.
With Respect. Blessed Be. Ruby *o* Ache
Ruby ~ Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Bless Me, Bless Yourself

Have you ever felt trapped and unable to break free from your problems? Then perhaps it is time to bless yourself and regain your higher power. The spoken word is energy. It can be used wisely to amplify and evoke thoughts and emotions into manifesting themselves.

To bless yourself or others for more positive flow and happiness you can use the following affirmations. Once they feel comfortable it is natural to add your own personal touch and chosen words to them. Repeat the words with genuine, heartfelt passion. Emphasize and accent portions if this makes it more meaningful.

As many times as you feel right doing so, and before going to sleep say:
"Bless me and the goodness within me." Yes of course you can add God(dess) if this works for your religious backgrounds. Use the following when seeking pleasurable and rewarding employment:
"I have a perfect job in a perfect way. I give a perfect service for a perfect pay." This is something I adapted from a wonderful book called, "The Game Of Life And How To Play It" by Florence Scovell Shinn.

If finances are not as strong as you would wish them to be say: "I am now perfectly wealthy in every possible way. Everything I do brings me more wonderful prosperity than I could ever hope to have. I am intuitively wise with money and material things."

There are so many more affirmations you can choose to explore and utilize to increase the happiness factor. Go ahead and be creative. Do it for your specific needs and desires. The sincere repetition, combined with feeling and persistence, will help redirect negative energy into a positive flow of optimism. Be careful what you ask for. You can get it and regret it. Use wisdom with your words.
Bless me, bless yourself.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t from The Arizona Networking News

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Addicted to Wars

Excerpted from my book, HECHO EN CHINA
In light of the increase in terrorisms and those of my friends who believe in end times, I am writing this little tome...............

Our foolish species is always inviting another end times. Fear mongers, cruel dictators, and insane MAN-made controlling religions see to it that the brain-washed zombies do what the hierarchy teaches and commands. We may yet have to go back to a life sans organized religions and simply worship "Universal GOD" as we used to do when we were struggling, lean, hungry hunter gatherers!

This will not have been the first or the last so-called end-times to come. Why MAN keeps believing he is superior to universal wisdom, and can sadistically hurt/murder/and cause mass extinctions for our exquisite living planet and to all the furries........... is a testimonial to the idiocy of this particular species. Who knows, the cockroach may develop an opposing thumb and larger brain next, since they can resist radiation.

YES, God Goddess, Universal Mind, Eternal Boss........ or whatever it is that runs the entire cast of characters and this infinite broadway show we are performing in.... is in charge. Our free will is not working, AGAIN!!!! We are merely little pimples in eternity. As the human stupidity evolves to show how MAN cannot live w/o the addictive cruelty, wars and genocides, we once again face being wiped out.

Do I believe it is the end? No. Do I believe we are courting near extinction? YES! My cats are far more intelligent than what is in office governing our globe. I may put this on Norma's Ark Blog.

Love you. Be safe. Be well. Your gal pal in Gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona.
Love and blessings to us all. ~ Normita *o*

This personal letter was originally written to friends who believe in the end times. It has since become part of my book entited, HECHO EN CHINA.

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