Thursday, October 09, 2008



For the love of music I have sacrificed, studied, rehearsed, wept, rejoiced, auditioned, and performed with, and in front of, some incredible souls. Many of their names are still famous and yes, I shall periodically drop them for your amusements. ;)

I began in my earliest years with a passionate need for rhythms, singing, dancing, and performing live in front of people. Here I am above, at under three, already dancing and singing on a beach in Rockaway, NY to and for anyone who would listen and watch my baby-antics. I was so cute and innocent that my beloved mother Irene told me I actually drew a crowd. That's my Mom and Grandma Minnie with me. Most of my entire deceased family is in the background. No Afro/Latin rhythm instruments for another two decades, but they happened in a very funny way.... and in my next post, I will tell you all how I became a paid professional by a fateful accident. Having prayed to God until I was becoming a real nag , I finally did a live gig last year and again very recently. Updates to come when I am feeling literate and remember those glorious times.
FYI... Music can heal, excite, encourage, and energize or....... calm, put you to sleep, and help your mind to recall or relive happiness. Use it. It is free medicine.... and the only side effects are happiness.
Anonymous said...
I come from Africa. Music is our soul, our strength, and our salvation. People who live without regular music in their lives are missing a great deal. anon

Thursday, October 02, 2008



Sarcasms aside, it will take a miraculous act of Almighty God/dess (YES I DARED TO SAY GOD) to help America recover. I honestly do not know how so many years of overt criminal behaviors gone unnoticed by the crooked over-paid-SHEEPLE in government and biggggggg businesses, the brain-washed hypnotized sleeping American voters, all gone unpunished… can be wiped out by a few days of hysterical screaming about it? After all the bailouts, it will be the same old same old…. just like after the 1929 Great Depression when the fundamental safety guards were once again removed so the criminals could get away with robbing the country blind AGAIN!!!!!!!! These bailouts are like putting a finger in a dike that burst open from a tsunami! America must stop feeling like victims and stop living on exponential credit debt. They snored and the criminals stole. Period! And the voters must also take their fair blame in all this massive PYRAMID SCAM debacle. Those who committed the pre-meditated crimes are getting away with it once again! Tell me, where is the justice???? ~ Ruby Red *o*
Dear Dr. Yanez,
We plan to vote "all" the elected officials now in office, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pretense of a "closed the gate after the crimes" is a farce. They, the high officials in government, earn far too much money for the crimes they create. And they don't even have to pay into Social Security like we do. HUH! How fair is that? We have been completely suckered by the criminals in government and huge businesses. I am a victim. And I did write, speak and holler against the stealing. Everyone said I was paranoid. Wake up America.
Anon and Family and Friends in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Anonymous said...
A long time ago I could see you were going to be a public speaker on unjust-abuses. What good does it do to tell the truth when those who CAN make the difference refuse and refused to listen, or acted to stop it? They saw the value on their houses going up and chose to close their eyes on the government and business crimes in America. Many are now losing their homes and are jobless. Remaining a secret admirer, and still Anonymous...

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