Friday, May 27, 2016


ON A SUN-LESS NIGHT by Dr. RubyNorma Yanez


This poem  is dedicated to My Mom,  and all those who are loved and missed while we live our Earthly lives separated. Until we meet again, I love you.  RubyNorma *o*
On a sun-less night two lovers meet to remember one another.
One was dead, the other alive, and betrothed to someone other.
They spoke, they loved, they laughed and teared,
No thought to time or current relationships.
Each knowing that with the passing of eons,
They’d once again be reunited.
A merciful God Goddess gives and takes
Our hearts, our minds, and our lovers.
But the circle of forever spins itself patiently,
All its memories are under sun-less night covers.
To ignite and flame its fiery energy…
Again and again with new-old-others.
We learn and repeat until no more lessons remain for us to curiously ponder.
And then move on to the next place, wherever that is, way out there in an eternal yonder.
Who knows, who cares, it is our destiny to evolve.
Does it take a blink? Does it cost an infinity?
Does it really even  matter?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Reposting Reaching Out From Beyond

This post is for all of us who have deeply loved. Dr. Yanez *o*

Thursday, September 01, 2011

RubyGlow ~ Reaching out from Beyond

Once, a very long time ago, we lived with Precious RubyGlow.
In all her twelve years with me, I cannot ever recall a time I did not marvel at RubyGlow's wisdoms. She was as much my teacher, as my beloved roommate and dear friend. Where did all her wisdom come from? It is my humble belief that she and I have been together many times. 

Ruby enjoyed helping me with patients and would volunteer when her special intuitive gifts were called for. One favorite and very remarkable experience we shared was with a woman who was in excruciating pain from having been crushed. Her back and neck were broken in an airline accident. Unbeknowns to me, my patient had recently lost her kittie and was in deep mourning. When RubyGlow asked permission to help she jumped up on the table and began kissing the right cheek of my patient. I asked if the gal felt o.k. with this and she said yes.

We resolved many things in this one, extremely long session. After it was completed I asked the lady her impressions? She said that RubyGlow was kissing her recently deceased kittie who was lovingly visiting precisely next to her right cheek throughout the entire therapy/hypnosis session. And here I thought it was the lady Ruby was kissing. hehehe.....
My RubyGlow did so many acts of kindness that it boggles the mind to remember. She was the Alpha female in my home, and earned her title with wonderful deeds of love, compassion, courage, and an intelligence that almost defies my ability to describe. 
God Bless you My Precious RubyGlow. Forever inside each other's souls. amen
Love Your Human MOM *o* Until we reunite in Heavenly Rainbow.

Sunday, May 08, 2016



Once upon a time I had a loving mother.  Irene Shirley lived a life of very severe mental and physical abuses.  She was basically the forced servant of a ruthless mother while some of her siblings weren't much better.  MOM, you left us when you were much too young.
Today I will only discuss the happy times she and I shared.
Being an artist, MOM gave an enormous amount of time to teaching me about art, major museum hopping, and music.  The shared enjoyment was spent at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Natural History, both in NYC. On occasion we'd go to The Brooklyn Museum as well. She knew so much about history, the world-acclaimed-artists, and cultures of places like
Ancient Egypt.  This instilled in me the passion for studying about their Pyramids, pharaohs, and unrivaled artwork. 
I remember MOM teaching me to respect language. We'd play Scrabble and it was fierce competitions.  In every bathroom was a dictionary.  She had a beautiful singing voice and played pretty decent
piano.  The times we sang together were very precious to me.
Of all the nice things I remember it was her professional level sense of humor.  We would joke that she could make a corpse laugh!!!  It was that lovely sense of humor and her wit that kept us going when the very difficult events happened.
Some of that skill to make others laugh rubbed off on me as well.  Mommy, please save a comfy, loving place near you when it is my turn to leave here. Thank you for the time and energy you gave to teach me. It wasn't wasted.
Love from your first born daughter.

Friday, May 06, 2016


Reposting Our Children and Grandchildren

Hi Readers.  This was written by me in 2012.  It seems even more timely now.  Dr. Yanez


This is dedicated to all our children and grandchildren  who deserve far better than what is being left to them by astronomical debts.  No one seems to learn the lessons from history, therefore, repeating the horrific lessons is our fate.  As you all know by now, America is in catastrophic debt.  It is a bi-partisan debacle.  The last time any president had some financial wisdom was back in the Clinton era.  I do not know what my children and grandchild will owe by the time they are paying off the inconceivable debts American greed, stupidity, and wastefulness have wrought upon our once solvent and totally independent nation.  As I write, the numbers keep growing exponentially!  Kicking the can down the road has become the acceptable American way to deal with all sorts of things.  It is not just our economy.  It deals with everything that the far too Big, and out of control government touches.  Our government has been failing our children and grandchildren for many many years, and now it would take an act of GOD to fix the mess.  Do you wonder why no one can trust our government anymore, save the truly uninformed or naive Sheeple?  


Therefore I will say this heartfelt prayer, and for those who are atheists, my wishful thinking. 


Who and What Ever is in charge of running and ruling countries, please please please... could YOU in your eternal wisdom, bring to a happy and perfect closure the insanity of all governments that destroy, wreak havoc by warfare, and all etceteras that YOU Deem Important?

Thank YOU in advance for your Mercy on a species gone wild and out of control. amen

Lovingly, Respectfully, and Most Humbly,

RubyNorma *o*

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