Thursday, April 29, 2010


Great Thank You From a Reader

Just to tell all who have commented, the posts come to me to publish or reject if foul language or spam are in the contents. That's why it may take a bit longer for you to see what you wrote to me. Smiles from Ruby *o*

Hi To Dr. RubyNorma Yanez From One of Your Readers.
I just wanted to say "Thank you"!! For all of your supportive, loving and insightful words in your blogs and e-mails. I find myself cutting, pasting and forwarding so many to friends that are in need of your inspiration.

Your views on Heavenly Rainbow and your poetic grief for Precious Bengal Leopard Cat, RubyGlow, moved me to tears.
I actually printed and laminated some of your blogs for the young, abused people we work with.

The sadness and fear in these kids' hearts immediately led my thoughts to your inspirational words about grieving. With our lives so busy and sometimes chaotic, we often forget to say the things to people that are necessary. So, I "THANK YOU" again.... for your love and wisdom have made a significant impact and lovely difference in mine as well as so many others lives. You are an ANGELIC BLESSING!! XOXOXO

Friday, April 23, 2010



Recalling so many lives past, I never ceased longing for YOU.
At times I was devilish, or perhaps as meek and fragile as a kitten,
But always in my soul is the knowledge that if not for YOU, I would not exist.

With knifing fears and terrors of the material journey, and the joys of bliss
YOU carry me forward. YOUR names are different to others. GOD, Almighty MIND, Goddess, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, etc…. All intone a sacred energy.

We fight wars in YOUR name(s), destroying the precious innocents.
We conquer, maim, level into crushed black ashes what YOU created. And then beat our breasts in glee for we have won! What have we won? In the eons of our past, we fought wars as well. Did we learn? Did we lose? Did we win?
In war and peace, I never cease, longing for YOU.

Thursday, April 08, 2010



A number of people have asked me how to learn to meditate. Since I do not teach this, I am making my answer public. Of all the people
I ever studied with, the gentle man shown in the photo has been the easiest to learn with. He is ZaChoeje Rinpoche,
His methods are geared towards Western thinking. I did try using books and tapes, but for me, the in person environment seated in a comfortable chair seems to work best. Each one of us has personal preferences for relaxation and meditation. I suggest seeking out your teacher carefully. Try a few places and teachers. See what works for your mind.
It is important to enjoy the process. When meditation is a labour, it is not effective. When it is joyful, it is effective. Thanks for asking.



In what seems like eons ago, I studied with a master teacher named Brent Baum to assist trauma patients. Many of these classes took place at The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. Part of the trauma resolution treatment was to mentally create with the patient a masterfully thought out "PERFECT HEAVENLY SAFE SPACE." IT COULD INCLUDE ANYTHING LIVING, DEAD, HISTORICAL, MYTHICAL, OR SPIRITUAL. The energetic fingerprint of each patient's creation was unique to that person's needs. Their favorite food, vistas, smells, people, animals, climate were all part of this ever-growing safe space. Even a lovely home could be conjured up for them to live in.
As each session progressed, we included or deleted stunning thoughts as needed. Nothing was set in stone. It was from this positive healthy, secure energy that we worked to resolve their pains, traumas, and negativity. Of all the methods I have used, this lovely script remains my primary arsenal of tools to give solace to those who seek gentle healing methods.
Although I am a certified hypnotherapist, no one is asked to close their eyes. Eventually, they always do, once a sense of humor and safety emerge. It usually takes the middle of their first session for that to occur.
Now, wouldn't it be grand to live an entire lifetime with the surrounding protective energy of our very own "PERFECT HEAVENLY SAFE SPACE?" Last evening we enjoyed a fabulous documentary about the life of Prince Siddhartha, aka The Buddha. His exquisite philosophy rang so true about the manner in which our minds give and take away our own happiness. Of all the things I have learned, I believe that change is the one true constant. Change can be as harsh as violent warfare, or as magnificent as Nirvana. In the end, we must all choose our own journey. Which one will you choose?

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