Friday, November 20, 2009


Precious Ruby Glow is Now In Rainbow

Precious Ruby Glow is now in Rainbow. I cherish her adorableness and Alpha female status for the wonderful years and love we shared. Today we had to give her the needle of peace and send my baby girl to Rainbow. She rests next to our Sir Magick. I can still feel her softest of fur warmth and kisses on my cheek. I kiss you back Sweet Angel. You took my heart with you. I love you my Beloved RubyGlow. *o*

I love you. *o*
Anonymous said...
Oh how beautiful. We know too well the feeling of losing a treasured family member pet. Be at peace Dr. Yanez. She is happy in Rainbow. God takes the animals with great love to nurture and wait for us.
6:58 PM

Sunday, November 08, 2009


MAKE BELIEVE (Another Reality)

Why is it that it is o.k. for young children to make believe? Yet when we are teenagers, it is already not a good thing? Happiness is tied to how we view events in our lives. A young child who is pretending or making believe he/she is speaking to fairies and angels is not viewed as crazy. Yet get a bit older and the same behavior in our society is viewed as having lost one's mind.

I just don't get it. Rose tinted glasses can help many an adult to survive and prosper in a world of harsh realities. We all know people who always seem to see the glass half full. Yet, when the glass is half empty and losing its contents rapidly, we adults frequently hide from the truth and make believe until a disaster occurs from having ignored the losses.

Which way is correct? Which way can lead us to happier lives? From years of working with foreign populations, it seems like varying cultures treat reality differently. Some cultures have parties on a regular basis at the drop of a hat. Some are so light in spirit they live longer lives. Others are downtrodden victims as a daily way of life. We have societies that work until they drop from being competitive. Then others believe in manana time and daily siestas. Who are you? What makes you happiest? Is your glass half full or half empty?

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