Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Hello Dear God.  It's me RubyNorma asking questions once again.  Like YOU didn't know who it was!  grins :-)

It seems like as I grow older, I know less.  For example: 
Why do we have so many wars?
Why do seemingly wonderful people and animals have to suffer?
Why do we die?
YOU know I come from NYC.  Why did those in The Twin Towers..... so many innocent people, have to be massacred  horrendously?
Why are humans so prejudiced against one another because of skin color, wealth, poverty, being deformed?  YOU know how terribly bullied I was because of being fat as a child.  It hurt me and harmed me.
Why is it that greed and dictatorships take control of countries, when wisdom should be in charge?
Why do incredibly advanced civilizations just vaporize?
So YOU see, I am not any wiser for the decades lived down here in this life.  What in the world was I supposed to be learning, so I could be freed  from this earthly world to reside in YOUR ZIP CODE?
Thanks for listening. Love from YOUR Child. 
RubyNorma *o* 

Sunday, July 22, 2012



You have all heard me say the word "RAINBOW" very often because so many of you love animals.  What's beyond Rainbow?

Without wanting to be too Quantum Physics sounding, but still choosing to remain in the realms of humble spirituality, I would love to hear all your thoughts about life after life and the judgments we earn.  Many religions do believe that we are judged for our thoughts, deeds, what is in our hearts, and even what we say.  Judgments  may be as ancient as MAN, or even eternal?  Some of my patients have sincerely asked me why we have to die?  I am no different than you are.  To me, God, Almighty Mind is INSCRUTABLE..

except when having what is called 

Some say we come here for material lessons, and that there are many planes aka dimensions of existence for consciousness.  What do you say?  With all those who read Norma's Ark, surely this should be an interesting blend of global ideas! grins :-)

Thanks in advance for all your answers.  Being in touch with people around the world helps me balance and grow from our communicating.  Love RubyNorma *o*

Friday, July 20, 2012



Once in a while, some wonderful, paranormal events take place in my life.  I would love to share some with you.

Yesterday, I could not get a certain friend and her husband out of my mind.  It was so intense that I was about to make contact when I received an e-mail explaining that they were having serious medical issues.  

Later on in the day, I became very emotional and felt my precious Bengal kittie in Rainbow.  RubyGlow is my soul-mate.  She and I were like one being when she was alive, in body..... and now, my Precious RubyGlow and I communicate through telepathy.  Sensing her presence, I felt overcome with emotions.  After her passing, we adopted HoneyGlow.  Honey is behaving so much like Ruby that it is just uncanny to perceive.  As I felt RubyGlow's presence next to me, I began crying.  HoneyGlow was downstairs and ran upstairs to rub against my leg.  She is so protective of me.  Then I heard RubyGlow say that "I should pet HoneyGlow because she could feel my petting through Honey."  I did so and there was such a sense of relief in me.  Like I had made an absolute contact with my RubyGlow in Rainbow.  Please tell me how in God's name Ruby can enter Honey?  This is something to ponder, but she does it very very often. An example of this is  =  
RubyGlow was always the peace-keeper with all the kitties.  No one ever crossed her even though she was tiny.  Her power to calm and control the others is called "ALPHA."
HoneyGlow is now replicating Ruby's behaviors.  And yes, Honey is also very small.
God Bless The Precious Animals, here and in spirit. amen *o*
Below are RubyGlow, and then HoneyGlow

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Beware Of Flash-Mobs

If ever you have been caught in a mob of crazed nuts, then tell me your story?  I was trampled at JFK a number of years ago by a mob of furious passengers whose luggage was lost. Yes, I was injured.  Am avoiding crowds these days. RubyNorma *o* 

Friday, July 13, 2012



Happy Happy Happy
Birthdays to you both.
We love you very much.
Tons of belly rubs and purrrrrrz.
Your Purrrrson. *o* 0x0x0x0x0x0x0

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Smile More Cry less

Have you ever noticed yourself smiling? Certainly you look as whole lot better than when frowning.  Smiling helps our body chemistry as well. These photos show us smiling faces.  The young animals also bring a happy feeling.



Disclaimer: I am not recommending anyone to run to the nearest shaman for medical treatments. 

Dedicated to all those who might have done much better, even for a little while, with another way of medical treatment.

Having used the term "Techno-Shaman" for decades, but do not recall writing about my views, here goes.  Today I had a wonderful conversation with two very savvy doctors.  One is a fully trained M.D. and has used Western traditional medicine for years.  The other is a naturopathic physician.  The best of both of these traditions makes good sense when you think about it.  Why not marry them instead of arguing which way is right.  Without bantering the negatives about what is the matter with medicine these days, instead I wish to tell you about Bisi from Nigeria.

I met Bisi many years ago when studying at a Florida University.  She impressed me as one powerful and brilliant gal.  We struck up a wonderful friendship and I learned an immense amount of humility in her presence. She had stringently trained as a witch doctor in the jungles using medicinal herbs and traditional African medicine.  Why she came to America I don't know.  She was studying for her degree in pharmaceuticals in order to become licensed here... as no one recognized her many gifts from Africa.  I wish for the sake of America that medical doctors knew what her original training had allowed her. For example:  Bisi could look at someone and diagnose through intuition, while actually seeing the aura.  Yes, intuition.  Yes, aura.  This was her training and she did it extremely well.  In the fast paced, greed-filled-over-medicated and costly testing we use here, with many negatives, and also some positives attached, we could use a dose of going back into time and seeing how the world's shamans heal.  We have lost sight of the whole person.  I like to joke and say that the left eye-lash doctor doesn't treat the right eye-lash.  What happened to the whole person?  
Throw more pills, more anti-depressants, more tests to bankrupt an already bankrupted system, but don't look at the whole person. 
When did America trade in the intuitive doctor training in order to heal, and become the medical arena for profit, greed, and tossing pills, and at times using very harmful tests on virtually everything?  I still know old-fashioned thinking doctors.  
They are dwindling and burned out from a system that isn't permitting the ancient and very spiritual art of healing.Whole-istic aka Holistic treatment, focused on prevention whenever possible,  is a far more cost-effective and more patient oriented way to treat in many cases. And it is far less harmful and injurious to the doctors practicing it than the current supermarket mode of a few moments with a patient.  Drowning in paperwork never bothered the shamans of old.  Lawsuits didn't either.  How did a once highly revered profession become what it is today?  Sometimes in order to move forward, we must look to past techniques that have worked well throughout the ages.

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