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Once in a while, some wonderful, paranormal events take place in my life.  I would love to share some with you.

Yesterday, I could not get a certain friend and her husband out of my mind.  It was so intense that I was about to make contact when I received an e-mail explaining that they were having serious medical issues.  

Later on in the day, I became very emotional and felt my precious Bengal kittie in Rainbow.  RubyGlow is my soul-mate.  She and I were like one being when she was alive, in body..... and now, my Precious RubyGlow and I communicate through telepathy.  Sensing her presence, I felt overcome with emotions.  After her passing, we adopted HoneyGlow.  Honey is behaving so much like Ruby that it is just uncanny to perceive.  As I felt RubyGlow's presence next to me, I began crying.  HoneyGlow was downstairs and ran upstairs to rub against my leg.  She is so protective of me.  Then I heard RubyGlow say that "I should pet HoneyGlow because she could feel my petting through Honey."  I did so and there was such a sense of relief in me.  Like I had made an absolute contact with my RubyGlow in Rainbow.  Please tell me how in God's name Ruby can enter Honey?  This is something to ponder, but she does it very very often. An example of this is  =  
RubyGlow was always the peace-keeper with all the kitties.  No one ever crossed her even though she was tiny.  Her power to calm and control the others is called "ALPHA."
HoneyGlow is now replicating Ruby's behaviors.  And yes, Honey is also very small.
God Bless The Precious Animals, here and in spirit. amen *o*
Below are RubyGlow, and then HoneyGlow

All I can come up with is that animals have no preconceived notions about what is possible.
All my pets who have gone to Rainbow talk with me regularly. It is perfectly normal. I do not understand people who say this cannot happen. They are not sensitive to feel the vibrations of love from their people and animals in Rainbow. But Dr. Yanez, you and I certainly are..
Keep up the good work and communications with spirit. It is beautiful to read. Life continues after we leave here. ANON in Israel
Great story…great cats….you are so special, Ruby!
Wish we could all communicate with loved ones on the other side. Our Western Culture seems to frown upon this. Yet the majority of people in the world do believe in life after life and reincarnation. Too much religion controls how we think these days. In olden times, we all communicated via telepathy. Animals still do it, but MAN is losing the skills b/c Man isn't using enough of the brain matter..
Raul and Marta in South America
Wow! What a beautiful story... thanks for sharing.
ANON in Arizona
This made my day. E in MD
Thank you for sharing your spiritually moving experiences. What a comfort and a blessing your cats are to you and so many others. Bless you, dear lady! Dr. H in Peru
We just love that you put such nice pictures into your blogs.
ANON Kansas
God created animals and humans to interact. What does it matter if they are here in body, or in Heaven?
Life continues on after we pass out of our bodies. IMAM R. in Indonesia
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