Monday, March 06, 2017



I love gardening.  Perhaps you do too?
It is amazing how well my weeds thrive!!!
They have eternal strength to make it through all attempts at getting rid of them.
I, on the other hand, am a senior gardener and do not have their eternal strength!
If I was a weed, how much stronger, more hardy, and energetic would I be?  The minute you pick me from the ground, I begin growing.  When it rains we grow up overnight!
If you poison me I come back.
Perhaps you thought about the subject before?
But... if I was a weed, how much better off would I be than the aging and foolish gardener who is writing this?? :-)

Friday, March 03, 2017




People have devised so many ways to deal with death of loved ones.  In Tibetan Buddhist tradition they do a sky burial. Some believe in cremation.  Others bury immediately and SIT SHIVA.  Still others, make a huge celebration and view the body of the deceased. Whatever your beliefs, this is an emotional experience to be respected.
I recently lost a number of soul-beloveds, one right after another.  At first I thought I was doing o.k.  But then, it seemed like my body just collapsed on me.  From some place beyond most peoples' beliefs, I was told to SIT SHIVA. This spiritual custom is how old?  Perhaps even long before the Ancient Hebrews began doing this, it was practiced by the bereaved.  For me, when all else gives zero relief, it is a MUST do. There is some kind of closure to doing this act of respect and paying homage to loved ones. Whether human or even a cherished pet, SITTING SHIVA is an overt act of having to let go of what was, and accepting what is now.  I must tell you that at the end of this round of paying homage to my loved ones, I do have a better sense of closure.  Besides, for me, physical death is merely the beginning of attending a new school of challenging learning in the spiritual realms.  Please comment on your beliefs?

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