Thursday, March 12, 2015



How many times in your lives have you seen evil?  From world-wide-radical-terrorism, to homegrown American violence and extreme harming of others, humans can appear to take on the personas of evil.  Do they believe there are no consequences?  Do they believe it is their right to maim, torture, slaughter other life-forms?   Apparently, YES!!!!!!!!! 

On occasion, the evil perpetrators feel  remorse.  Sometimes, while on their death bed there is genuine guilt for the horrors they wrought upon others.  Here is the portion of human nature that comes before the Eternal/Infinite Tribunal some refer to as KARMA!

Do you understand this?  Why wait until the death bed? Does this exonerate evil?
Many years ago I worked with another counselor on
behalf of a man who was dying from Cancer.  All of a sudden at the end, this KGB-like monster decided he was terrified of going to HELL!  He died with the guilt in his soul!  Can you even imagine the things he did to others???  Hmmmmmmmmm...  Absolutely nothing I, or my friend could do helped this man's over-whelming-guilt! All our combined years of training did nothing to salve this man's end.  Did he actually repent?  I doubt it.  Did he feel genuine terror about going to HELL?

Over the years in practice, I have met up with many a patient who carried unbelievable weight on their shoulders from behaviors that were pure evil in the eyes of society or the legal system.  In many cases there was help to be offered.  In other cases I referred out. Most of us do know right from wrong.  Most of us do care to behave in a civil manner.  For any of you reading this  and seeing some truth...

This is dedicated to Louis Schwartz..... who at the very end of his relatively young, tortured life,
realized 'some' of what he had done to us.  RIP DAD. I really do know what you went through.

Saturday, March 07, 2015



So you think the title is a joke!  NAH!  It is a personal and very serious concept to me.
I have been clinically dead four times in this incarnation.  Memories of vivid content remained clear upon being brought back here.  For many of my own patients, this has been the case as well. 
Some doctors and people of science would
poo-poo our memories of the other side.  This happened to me when I told a doctor what I saw, after being seven days in a coma.  I remembered every word the many medical people said as they were trying to get my heart to beat again. Something went very wrong during surgery!  This doctor claimed "I couldn't remember because I was clinically dead!" Apparently one of us is right.
Why are so many people who get brought back from death able to recall their experiences, while others do not?  Why do some go to a heavenly place with angels, while others go to a hellish-like dimension?  I do not know. Do you? 
Each time for me was joyous, filled with love, sweet and wise beings, and all the pain or suffering that caused the death became GONE. Surely the doctor who told me I was dead and couldn't remember or hear the desperate effort to save me, was ignorant.  I floated over the operating table and looked down at my gray-ish 23 year old face which was w/o a pulse.  Then, I flew to the admitting desk.  Came back to them still trying to force a heartbeat only to hear a nurse vomiting.  Now how in GOD'S Infinity could a dead person have known this about the nurse vomiting when I was immediately coming out of a week-long-coma? That part, the doubting doctor simply couldn't explain. In fact, my first words were "HOW IS THAT NURSE WHO PUKED IN THE OPERATING ROOM?" 
Please comment and tell us of your own experiences?
So... do we need charge-cards in Rainbow?
Thanks for listening.  This is dedicated to beloved Sir Magick, now an angel whose desk is in Heavenly Rainbow!  We love you!!!

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