Friday, May 16, 2014



In my perfect world, all those we love would not have to leave us.  My MOM wouldn't have been killed by medical mal-practice in a famous NYC hospital that erased the damaging records not to be sued.  All those who have been our precious pets would prance around as youthful and healthy creatures who give us their unconditional love. No animal species should have to go extinct or become endangered because of MAN's interference in their habitats, or be hunted to extinctions.  The highlights and most important parts of our lives would not have to end.  The pre-9/11/2001 Twin Towers would never have been corrupted by hate-filled. radical terrorists.  Families who are separated would no longer have to be away from their loved ones..  As you can see, I am dreaming.  Part of this dreaming was taught to me by the most wonderful teacher named Brent Baum.  His world-famous counseling techniques used on trauma patients, allow us to create an individualized perfect heavenly safe space.  In that divinely imagined perfect heavenly safe space is pure love, safety, nurture, abundance, beauty, wonderful health, a sense of well-being in all that matters.  With the use of guided imagery, we allow the patient to take this marvelous energy and heal. Although the above is merely a small taste of what we do with our patients, I must say that it is also how I choose to treat myself when life's tragedies occur and the sadness is deeply awful.  In a perfect world we would not have to find ways to treat traumas.  Bring in all your happiest memories and things that you love.  It can even be a unicorn.  After all, it is you who are creating this fabulous energy.  Feel the music, food, sights, aromas and hugs.  Allow this specialized, joy-filled-experience to embrace your every molecule. It is healing energy.  Some call it God's Light. The labels do not matter.  It is what makes you feel loved and safe from all harm and losses.  
Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t *o*

Thursday, May 15, 2014



This DEAR RUBY blog will be a change of pace.  We receive many requests for counseling.  At times it is over-whelming.  DEAR RUBY, will become an occasional column, although certainly not like Dear Abby.  The following is something I am putting out to you all to learn from your own life wisdom.  All valid and pertinent replies will be posted publicly.  At times the advice will be from a pastoral counseling and metaphysical  viewpoint, although not from a religious bent.  Thanks so much for your participation. Blest Be. *o*

Dear Dr. RubyNorma Yanez,
My husband and I are the parents of five children.  two are gay.  We are not gay and cannot fathom what we did to create their lifestyles?.....

Dear Dr. Yanez,
Our son and daughter were raised with love, quality time, generosity, and all we could do to make them into spiritual, and very useful people.  One keeps in touch.  The other has no contact with us.  Money to keep on giving dried up.  Also, we aren't as young as we used to be to run around anymore doing physical favors.  The one who keeps in touch is very kind and now helps us with visiting, calling to see how we are doing, and checks up on our health issues.  The other, broke off all contact since we stopped doing favors and giving pricey gifts.  What is going on here?....

I will leave both these requests for help out there to enjoy how YOU would handle such things.  Thank you. Ruby *o*  

Friday, May 09, 2014


Are You a Caretaker?

Yes, this is Ava Gardner. I helped her when she was severely depressed and wept on my shoulder. 

Above is Julito Collazo, my Afro/Cubano rhythm teacher.  Boy did he teach me well.

Are you a caretaker?  I have been for almost all my life.  Above are a few photos of some people and animals I have nursed when they were in need of love, compassion, nurturing, and physical care....  As a very young child our strange family taught me to re-bandage my grandmother Minnie's wounds from the radical mastectomies.  To be honest, it terrified me. None of her children wanted any part of doing that medical task. This was before home health aides.  It was also me who nursed and fed my father when he had a massive coronary thrombosis.   YIKES! He was a very unpleasant man.  When MOM became gravely ill, she too was in my charge.  Uncle Abe in the first photo,  was  a medical caretaker.  He helped so many.  Funny how no one in the family ever helped him when he was dying of Mesothelioma.  Our beloved animals were nurtured from birth or from shelters.   It is a role humbly played.  This week we put our precious pet to sleep after a long illness where his human MOM, (me), nursed him until we were told it was Cancer...  When we elect this challenging role it is because we are making a choice in life.  There are no regrets now, although as a child I resented being forced to do it.  I am grateful for all the people and animals who taught me about dying.  Easy? NO, not on your life.  Big applause for people who step up to the plate when the Life-chips are down.  You "DO" have courage.  And yes, it can hurt terribly when they cross over, and/or blame you, the tired caretaker, for something you are innocent of... because they are hurting!

Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez CH.t *o* 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


CALYPSO MonAmi is Now In Rainbow

Please know that so many people from around the globe have already commented and shown our family great compassion, It is not possible for me to put them into print on the blog.  From the bottom of this aching heart, my family and I thank you very much.  
Blest Be. RubyNorma *o*

Our Beloved Calypso MonAmi is now in Rainbow.  We love him too much to see the wasting away from Cancer in the liver and intestines.  He was born to RubyGlow on Y2K at around midnight, or a few moments after. Always with the biggest love and personality. Calypso, aka Callie Boy, was huge at birth and was always huge.  He loves his food and to kiss us.  Callie was, and still is, always purring.  Even as the needle of peace was being injected, he kept on purring.  I know it will be quite an adjustment not to touch his warm, vibrant self in the physical body.  With all my heart and soul, we love you enough to let you go.  Please give your wonderful kisses to us from Rainbow, Precious Beautiful Boy....  We did was what was loving and compassionate for you.  Even the Vet teared up with her staff. You are so loved!  Save a comfy place for me when I visit you, RubyGlow, Duke, EG, Sir Magick, and so many many more of my soul-beloveds like Biggie and Smokey.
Your Human Family *o*

Thursday, May 01, 2014



With sincere gratitude, those who prayed for Duke are so appreciated.  Yesterday, it was time to give the needle of peace so Duke could exit a sick and failing body.  No easy task for the human who loves Duke like a precious, only child.  Yet, the time came and it had to be.  Last night brought a wonderful visit from our beloved Doxie, now in Rainbow.  He first showed me his nose, and then his entire body.  I gently pet him and asked, "Why he visited me so soon after transitioning?"  With Duke's adorable, dignified, and wagging tailed personality, he said, "I'm here to comfort you.  Thank you for all the years you have loved me, written e-mails to me and DADDY John, and shown me endless kindness and compassion.  Yes, my beginnings were with abuse.  But DAD rescued me, put up with my hurts, and loved me beyond all I ever hoped for.  Can you tell him this, as soon as possible, please?"  

Not at all surprised by our spiritual visit, I pondered Duke's courage to visit so soon in order to bring us comfort in this time of grieving.  Although my heart misses his sweet physical body, my soul enjoys the comfort he lovingly conveyed.  As I type, his puppy breath is on my neck, and he is observing the emotional words and feelings.  Mr. Duke also said another thing that should be mentioned. "Please tell DADDY John that I want him to rescue another doggie when he is ready.  DAD shouldn't feel guilty, and he must know I will watch over them both until they join me in Rainbow!" 

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