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Humans are a very strange life form! People can love so deeply we would give up our lives for it. This lovely photo of a beautiful young couple getting married is an example of intense and passionate love.

The handsome young man was killed in an alleged boating accident. At his funeral I learned it was no accident and that instead, he was the focus of a gangland revenge, based in hate.
Do you understand these fierce, diametrically opposing emotions? I used to believe I understood it. Now, being slightly more life-weary, it feels like the two opposing sides of a steady stream of bizarre emotionality. Physicists might even describe it as an eternal energy.
We choose to focus our energy in many ways. The extremes are love and hate. In the middle on both sides of zero would be all of the other emotions we go through in a human lifetime.
America is facing an ugly renewal of many old angers that we long ago should have put away in the name of saving our scarring, sparring land. We have too many fractured groups doing their thing. The ACLU, ACORN, The major political parties = Democratic and Republican, The Tea Party, and now, a rapidly growing number of Fiscally Conservative Independents.....
We have The Progressively growing Communist Party, The Nazi Party, the many religions all vying for your allegiances. We even have drug lords vying for your souls and all the money you and they could steal to pay them with your hemorrhaging blood. All this frantic energetic behavior in the name(s) of every conceivable level between love and hate.
In the end when we finally close our eyes, are we judged on how we used these volatile energies? Were we wise to invade other countries in the name of????????? Were we wise to give away the candy store to the criminally intended rulers/dictators of lands that first we align with, and then invade?
We knew they were housing and stealing our taxpayer money intended for the poor people, and absconding with it for their own gluttonous wealth. And then there is the amazing exponential wastefulness this land suffers. Is this wastefulness part of love or hate?
How can we continue having Gulf spills of our precious planet's blood? Was this horrendous event due to criminal greed by BP and your government closing its eyes on necessary safety? How can we knowingly destroy what was created by an eternal Creator, far wiser than we mere humans? How many times have we had to re-learn the very clear lessons of the past? Forever????????
When do you feel Americans and America will wake up to see truth about love and hate? Once upon a time, we were a true leader and self-reliant. Now, we borrow exponentially knowing we cannot pay off so much as the interest, let alone the balance. Where is America now between the two ends of the love/hate spectrum? You decide..

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Scapegoat Du Jour

While responding today to a lovely gal, an idea came to me to write about people in bad moods. They all too often seek out someone to become their

Having been put upon in this unpleasant manner more than once, I would like to tell some of you off. Other times I think it may depend on 'who' the creepy behavior belongs to. After all, if your boss is a grouch, you may not be ready to lose a paying job by telling him/her where to go.
Above you see me on stage working with my orchestra. That put me into a position to meet multiple grouches. If I was not tactful, it would have cost not only my own job, but that of my band-members. Later on in life I entered public politics. Once again, tact was more useful than bombarding those who were ugly to me. Yet, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. When that happens, what to do? Telling nasty people where to go can feel wonderful in the moment of emotions. And sometimes it really is the right thing to do.
In my spiritual belief system, I accept that we come here to learn our spiritual and material lessons. We have free will. Making choices in difficult situations is part of this task. Oh boy! I have not always been bright or wise! Now I find myself more inclined to call upon years of memories dealing with 'the grouchies.'
I would love to hear your opinions and comments on this interesting subject.
Blessed Be. Ruby *o*
Oh how I agree with this thinking. Thank you.
My boss is a creepy rude grouch. He knows how much I need this job to support my young family. Wish me luck finding a happier position.
I'm going right now to tell offc my other half. ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


MAMMA MIA (Dedicated to all who have nurtured)

Mamma Mia in my world means all who have nurtured others. "The Nurturer" could be from any land, male or female, any age or ethnic background, human or animal. Why am I writing this?

The answer is that I miss many who have nurtured and cherished me. They are gone to God and I miss them deeply.
My first two years were spent untouched and withering in a hospital from severe birth injuries. Thereafter, anyone who nurtured me became a God in my life. If you are receiving this, then you are one of them.

My nurturers were survivors of unspeakable horrors in Far-Eastern-Russia. They were frequently rough, very generic, and did not communicate well. Having lived through
"THE GREAT DEPRESSION" starvation, extreme poverty and ugly slave-work conditions, they had many severe mental and bodily scars.
For much of my life I was what they taught. Yet, the tiny and severely wounded female kitten I rescued when I was around five or six, taught me more than most humans did.
I named her "Biggie." For loving phrases I nicknamed her "MY FOOSHIE GIRL." She patiently listened to every one of my immature whinings and is the real reason I did not run away from home at age nine, when things became beyond my child-like endurance.

Once I went out on my own at a very young age, I learned that no one in the street would nurture me. I clung to my craft of entertaining as if it was a lifeboat. It is, even now, who I am spiritually. The photo above shows me already entertaining anyone on the beach who passed by. Believe it or not, there was a crowd in front of me then watching my hula skirt wiggle. Even as a wee baby, I danced, sang, and clapped my hands in rhythm. Is it no wonder that eventually I became a Mambo dancer and bandleader of an Afro/Cubano/Jewish/Jazz/Rock Band? Talk about being nurtured...... WOW! When the audience smiled, laughed, applauded and danced to our music, I felt immense joy!

As life progressed so did the disappearance of many who I adored. They died. They moved. They lost interest. Once again, I found that animals would nurture me. They listen unconditionally, hug, woof, purr, tweet, and cuddle.... asking only for shelter and food. Certainly Heavenly Rainbow where so many are residing, is where I pray to go when I am called home. So for anyone living or in spirit, you know instinctively who you are. I treasure the time we have loved and shared. I cherish the gifts of nurture and compassion you gave me. Thank you. Love and Blessings. RubyNorma *o*
Ruby, this is wonderful.

This blog is awesome.

We enjoyed this one more than most.

You spiritually inspire me.

Simply wonderful to read. We want more like this one.

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The article is a reprint with permission of the author. Our world is asking for this kind of thought processing. There's just too much negativity going on, and someone has to lighten things up. I guess that someone is me.
Love to you all who read this. Ruby *o*
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

How many times have you prayed for something, gotten what you asked for, and then lived to regret it terribly? With this difficult lesson in "imagining your thoughts into reality" you should by now realize that you are a very powerful person.

Praying, or meditating requires an advanced law degree. How do we know what will transpire after we get the request? This is exactly the reason we should do the imagery with the skills of a consummate contractual lawyer. Here are some examples of dangerous and negative rewards for mis-worded meditations and prayers. A patient wanted to have a great deal of money. He kept asking for it whenever the idea popped into his head. Very shortly this money did come in a large amount of cash. His beloved wife died, and she was insured for a fortune. The death benefit was promptly sent to my patient. Unfortunately, he loved her and worshipped the ground this woman walked on. The poor man was left devastated because of her pre-mature, young death... On a lighter note, a lady kept asking for love to come into her life. After she left my office I received a call that her neighbor had brought over a gift. It was a pregnant dog! The important message here is to be very clear in your mental intended contract with your own higher self. Unclear or muddy prayers may and do manifest unclear and muddy materializations. Regardless of what it is that you wish to accomplish, please remember to always add the phrase "in the right and perfect way."

You are a spiritual lawyer. It is your right and perhaps an obligation to be perfectly prosperous. And this perfect prosperity includes health, wealth, love, and self-expression. Along with this intentionality should be perfect spiritual justice. By asking for something to come into being "in the right and perfect way," you are taking responsibility off your shoulders and putting it squarely on that part of your higher self which knows best. Some of us refer to this aspect of ourselves as God(dess). Others feel it is our superconscious. O.K. Perhaps you are an atheist. In that case, see the guided imagery as anything you choose to call it. No matter what your religious bent is...... the process still works. Here's to your perfect happiness in all things!
Reprinted by permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t, from The Arizona Networking News

I absolutely love this thinking.
anon in Brazil

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