Saturday, July 10, 2010


MAMMA MIA (Dedicated to all who have nurtured)

Mamma Mia in my world means all who have nurtured others. "The Nurturer" could be from any land, male or female, any age or ethnic background, human or animal. Why am I writing this?

The answer is that I miss many who have nurtured and cherished me. They are gone to God and I miss them deeply.
My first two years were spent untouched and withering in a hospital from severe birth injuries. Thereafter, anyone who nurtured me became a God in my life. If you are receiving this, then you are one of them.

My nurturers were survivors of unspeakable horrors in Far-Eastern-Russia. They were frequently rough, very generic, and did not communicate well. Having lived through
"THE GREAT DEPRESSION" starvation, extreme poverty and ugly slave-work conditions, they had many severe mental and bodily scars.
For much of my life I was what they taught. Yet, the tiny and severely wounded female kitten I rescued when I was around five or six, taught me more than most humans did.
I named her "Biggie." For loving phrases I nicknamed her "MY FOOSHIE GIRL." She patiently listened to every one of my immature whinings and is the real reason I did not run away from home at age nine, when things became beyond my child-like endurance.

Once I went out on my own at a very young age, I learned that no one in the street would nurture me. I clung to my craft of entertaining as if it was a lifeboat. It is, even now, who I am spiritually. The photo above shows me already entertaining anyone on the beach who passed by. Believe it or not, there was a crowd in front of me then watching my hula skirt wiggle. Even as a wee baby, I danced, sang, and clapped my hands in rhythm. Is it no wonder that eventually I became a Mambo dancer and bandleader of an Afro/Cubano/Jewish/Jazz/Rock Band? Talk about being nurtured...... WOW! When the audience smiled, laughed, applauded and danced to our music, I felt immense joy!

As life progressed so did the disappearance of many who I adored. They died. They moved. They lost interest. Once again, I found that animals would nurture me. They listen unconditionally, hug, woof, purr, tweet, and cuddle.... asking only for shelter and food. Certainly Heavenly Rainbow where so many are residing, is where I pray to go when I am called home. So for anyone living or in spirit, you know instinctively who you are. I treasure the time we have loved and shared. I cherish the gifts of nurture and compassion you gave me. Thank you. Love and Blessings. RubyNorma *o*
Ruby, this is wonderful.

This blog is awesome.

We enjoyed this one more than most.

You spiritually inspire me.

Simply wonderful to read. We want more like this one.

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