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Be Careful What You Pray For

Reprinting Be careful What You Pray For.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Once upon a time a gahtrillion years ago, I was taught to pray by my Grandma Minnie. She told me to "Ask God for whatever I wanted, and if I prayed hard and long enough in front of the Friday night Shabbos candles, God would listen to me." Some of my prayers got answered but did not bring happiness. I pondered this for many years until studying with a plethora of gurus from assorted spiritual beliefs. One very important concept came out of the years invested in my studies.

To bring it down to simple terms, I re-learned how to pray. Always, before asking Almighty Mind for the goal, I preface it by saying, "In the right and perfect way in YOUR eyes I ask....." For me to pretend I know what is "right and perfect" is silly. I do not. The unhappy answered prayers proved it beyond any shadow of any doubt to me. Think or meditate a little about this concept, and please let me know your thoughts? Blest Be. Ruby *o*

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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR. YOU CAN GET IT AND ...": I too have learned and relearned this lesson in prayer. There really is an art to praying. No matter what your religious belief, it seems to help if lots of sincere emotion is part of it. Thanks for the blog. It makes good sense to me. anon in Chicago

I greatly appreciate all who make comments to Norma's Ark Blog. Thank you for your readership and loyalty.
RubyNorma *o*
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And the same back to you. Great Blog! Holly in Minnesota.

What a pretty lady and pretty words. Fong Lee in Singapore.

In these times I am glad to read your blog. It is uplifting. Warren in Seattle.

The Holy Days are getting harder in this changing land. We wish you happiness Dr. Ruby.
Reina and Family in NYC

Nice to see a happy face wishing me good things to come.
Hannah Leon in Miami.

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2011 Holy Day Message from Ruby *o*

Here's to great happiness, fantastic health, and lots of good luck for us all.

Blest Be. ~ Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

Saturday, December 10, 2011


WILL I OUTLIVE YOU? By Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Dedicated to My Victor and all he loves. You really got to my heart last evening.

amen *o*

Who would have thought when I was young that I would/could outlive so many pictured here and in the background???? Certainly, not I. The reality of losing those who are most important does not respect age, social status, or even if they were in good health. In all the years I have experienced in this life, nothing has moved me more than this or witnessing the abuses foisted upon us by MAN! What makes us tick? Why do nice people die young or violently? It used to make more sense to me than nowadays. Perhaps I am not nearly as smart as I used to be when I knew so much, and had tons of opinions on everything? Or at least, I thought I did! grins ;-)

My circle of friends and family has thinned out to the point that causes a longing and a loneliness that is unrequited. For example: No one has ever been able to replace MOM.

No one has ever been able to replace my soul-pets. Why? What Karmic ties did we have that were so irreplaceable that no one else could fill the void? My humble answer is that I just do not know. I can guess at it though. Believing in life after life and reincarnation is not mine to own. Much of the world joins me in this belief. So is it plausible to say that the energies we call our loved ones, are repeats of those we have inter-mingled with in past lives? I would never argue faith, but merely put this out for you all to ponder? Could it be that they genuinely aren't replaceable, and that is the simple truth?

Knowing them was and still is, the best and most meaningful of relationships. So why replace them when duplicates do not exist? Thank you in advance for your wonderful replies, which I know will be forthcoming. Of course you can disagree and it will be posted. To Life! L'Chaim *o*

Monday, December 05, 2011



Looking into a crystal ball to see what life will bring us is for the very few gifted mediums. Otherwise we are pretty much equal when it comes to making our life choices. Why do some people have fabulous lives and others get snuffed out at a young age from assorted illnesses or accidents? Is it really all PRE-ordained by what some refer to as KARMA? Or can we change things by using wisdom, and learning from our mistakes? Today a four year old is fighting for life from full-blown Leukemia. My friend just won millions in the Lottery, but has serious health issues.

There is no day that people are not asking for prayers. This is part of what I do as a Trauma Resolution Therapist. Knowing why most people would choose to come to me for help puts me into a position to pray. Trauma is no joke. Is it the young person just back from front lines in warfare with PTSD? Or the gal who is terrified of her fiance who beats her to a pulp and still will not run away from his violence for her very life? So you can see why I find it so beneficial to pray. And pray I do before every session.

The things I have seen in the years of counseling have put a tough veneer on me. It is my job to hold the energy during session for the safety of a patient, as well as for my own well-being. This is how I choose to spend life, since the average person in America today cannot easily retire. The economy has brought more negatives to many people who cannot put food on the table and have lost a great deal. HOPE is a four letter word. Hope is part of what I do in order to give the gift of strength to someone asking for help. Without HOPE, how can one continue?

Watching so many I have worked with overcome and succeed is the greatest joy for me. It means that all the years have been spent with a relatively positive outcome. When the realities become too much for me, I always pray. It removes the weight from my shoulders and allows me to continue doing what I love. I have seen atheists bow in surrender to the higher forces. I have seen deeply spiritual people scream at God. In the end, we all must give this life the best we know how.


Blest Be. Ruby *o*

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