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Spiritual Grief Counseling and Miraculous Pet Healings

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Spiritual Grief Counseling and Miraculous Pet Healings

We wish to give a face and name to some of the lost pets who died from tainted pet food.
Eva, my own sister's dog.
Pansy who was my close neighbor's cat and just like her precious child.
Bailey, my friend's beloved kittie who did not survive this debacle of poisoned food.
SnowBall, my friend's sweet playful kitten who may already be gone at a mere six months of age to tainted catfood.

In light of the tainted pet food recall and the many tragic losses American pet owners are now going through, I am revisiting and retelling our readers about the spiritual side of pet loss. We counsel people on this subject using a few modalities which are non-sectarian in nature. One is putting the bereaved people in touch with their lost pet via guided imagery. Another useful tool is to tell your pet in spirit all the loving things you would have said while they were still alive in body. Creating a charitable situation for homeless animals to save lives in shelters is yet one more way to ease the bereavement and grief. These gentle proven modalities do help with bringing some closure for bereavement.

Many do not feel able to replace a lost pet for a long period of time after their passing. It is understandable. Yet to help other animals is always a good thing for the soul of a surviving pet owner. Many have felt these animals were their children or other close family members. The sense of loss can be quite traumatic. Therefore, some positive action should be taken as soon as is reasonably possible to lessen the hurt and longing for their now deceased furries.

I am finding a guilt factor in this particular pet food recall because many were involved in actually feeding their pets the poisoned foods with the advice of a veterinarian. In other words, there is a feeling of being betrayed and tricked into inadvertantly causing the painful death of their pets. Please do not take on this guilt. It is not your fault it happened, and the vets themselves are hurting knowing they recommended poisoned foods by accident. Some of my patients out of this tragedy are practicing veterinarians who themselves feel guilty. It was not your fault.

Please know that many seasoned kind-hearted professionals are wanting to help with good wisdoms and long term relief. Thank you all for caring to pass this along to anyone you know who is suffering a pet loss and huge medical bills from the tragic pet food poisoning event.
Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t

And on lighter note....Miraculous Pet Healings......
Hi.... and I hope you are having a wonderful day. ;) This article was written and published in a healthcare newspaper by me after I became very involved with helping animals. I learned such heart-warming wisdoms about miracles from the brave furries I have worked with. They have courage and intuitive skills we humans should pay more attention to. In no way is this article to be taken as medical advice when your pets are ill. Always seek out professional vet help. Please enjoy and perhaps something I have written will save a life after a pet is given up by traditional medicine. Always remember that focused prayer can help as well. ~ Ruby


by InaNorma Yanez, Ph.D, CHt.

This article is not about dying or putting a pet to sleep. It is about the wonderful recoveries we have witnessed after a caring vet tells people there is no more hope. In the past few months I have had to counsel ten separate households who have put their cats to sleep from Feline Leukemia. Knowing the suffering this causes, every story about healing that comes to us we wish to pass on to the public for their personal use and information. Although there are at least twenty cases we could tell you about, the space here only allows for two stories. The following animals lived and healed after being given up by their veterinarians.

Cat # One is a Bengal kitten withering to death. It had soft mal-formed bones, severe mal-nutrition, loss of fur and respiratory disease, yet it was being fed premium quality canned and dry cat foods with filtered water. A dog breeder we knew suggested giving this dying kitten 2 parts evaporated goat's milk (obtained in any supermarket) and one part strained baby chicken. This emergency feeding went on every 20 minutes around the clock for four days. We gently rubbed the mixture on its lips as well as on the gums to osmose. The turn-a-round was evident at the four day point, and today she is the mother of champions, beautiful, loving and vigorous with the miracle of life.

Cat # Two was geriatric, in renal shutdown, and starving to death for lack of ability to digest food. Its owner decided to try the above mixture as a last ditch effort. The revived kittie got up from its death-bed within eight hours and began feeding on its own again. It lived another few months before finally passing on of natural causes.
No one thing is a cure-all, and in no way are these two stories intended to give people false hopes for a dying pet. But, if there is a chance for survival, and nothing else is working, what's to lose to try easily digestable nutrition? We are seeking verifiable stories of miraculous healings of people and their pets. I am a therapist and self-taught anthropologist, specializing in the practice of proven healing modalities from around the world. In my practice, we lovingly treat people and their pets.
# posted by Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t @ 4:37 PM
Dear Dr. Yanez,
My doggie is so sick. The vet wants to put him to sleep. I want him to live. He is not eating. I will try your method for four days and ask God to send us a miracle. All my family is praying with me. I promise to write back either way. Please say a prayer for my precious furry doggie friend named Sammy? He is so sweet and I am feeling so sad. Bryanna in Michigan aged 16
# posted by Bryanna : 6:57 PM

Good article. We are professional breeders and have used similar nutritional aides for sick cats and our dogs. A friend used it for a ferret. It can make the difference between life and death. Thanks. Maria in Vermont
# posted by Maria : 10:03

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Long Distance Healing and Prayer

Many eons ago I participated in a scientific study group to acquire evidential pro-con for healing cancer patients via photos using long distance prayer and healing techniques. Each healer was given a foto of a mouse that had been injected with cancer. I called my mouse Mickie when I spoke to him.

Yes I know it is hard for the mice, and I rescue animals all the time. But that was then. The mice that we worked upon with prayers via their individual photos lived far longer than did the mice who were left alone. In fancy words.... this was statistically significant.

It had been written up in a medical journal and of course after all this time.... I honestly cannot recall the data.

There are no guarantees that when distance healing work is done in a combined group focus.... the cures and relief will come 100% of the time. In fact, there are no guarantees in anything on this material plane. But..... focused prayers/meditations/hugz, and attention given for the positive purpose of healing "do" have substance to back it up scientifically, as well as spiritually, since long long before our written records began somewhere around 5-6 thousand years ago. Otherwise, we could not have evolved our shamanic/witch/herbal/doctoring cultures which extend back into the onset of our species. I have personally witnessed phenomena in assorted global cultures which entail healings that MD doctors ignorantly say cannot happen. And from their medical text-books' prospective, perhaps it cannot!

Well they did happen, I wrote them up, and my book which is entitled "SMILES AND MIRACLES" discusses miraculous healings from around the world that have been sworn and attested to by ethical people, including myself. Yet, it did not save my husband's life from bone cancer. It did not save my mother from being accidentally killed in a hospital by medical

mal-practice. So........

How much is KARMIC or fate? Only Almighty MIND knows these answers. But I MUST continue down here with believing this is an avenue to reach out and do good for others, even when at times it does not bring about the prayed for results, BECAUSE.... Miraculous healing and ESP phenomena is/are FACT, not fiction, even if we do not clearly know how and why to explain it. And yes, we are all aware that there are abundant phonies who want to put their hands into our pockets and give nothing back.

My entire life is dedicated to healing people and animals. I cry the loudest when a beloved dies. But.... I continue to keep on anyway even though at times the heart chakra is breaking watching a beloved soul in agony of mortal mental and physical pain and/or crossing over. I have worked with many RN's while studying HEALING TOUCH taught by
The American Holistic Nursing Association. They came into our first class as total doubters and left KNOWING they can see auras, positively affect migraines, and help surgical wounds close faster....while also doing mental laying on of hands in such a manner at a distance that someone a gazillion miles away feels tangible recordable relief. This is why I personally keep on plugging along with the work. Even when it fails to save a life, I will continue on praying the next one is saved.... or at least soothed while going through their transition.

Thanks for listening.

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Para-Norma-lly Yours

A portion of this article is excerpted from Dr. InaNorma Yanez' autobiographical book about her life in the world of entertaining. Julito Collazo is second from the right. This photo was taken in Brown's Hotel, Loch Sheldrake, NY aka = The Borscht Belt. :)

Hola From Normita, aka Ruby *o*
Last night we did our very best rehearsal music since I began playing again after many years of languishing.... We're beginning the process of becoming musically tighter. I have a set of claves, which exude a stunning, hauntingly sharp background rhythm to Latin and other kinds of music. But, I am not trained to play them. The tune we did was specifically begging for claves.

I have been visited from spirit quite a few times since my beloved music teacher passed on a few years ago.... He was BABA Julito Collazo, a famous Afro/Cubano BATA DRUM player for Santeria, and a BABALAWO (very high ranking) in that fascinating monotheistic Afro/Cubano religion. The BATA DRUMS are believed to house powerful spirits called ORISHAS, who are somewhat like saints. It is very nature based. Their music, dance, and rhythms are beyond exquisite. In fact, in all my musical career, I know of no other spiritually oriented sounds, frequencies, and energies to surpass or equal theirs' when a religious BEMBE ritual is being done with top notch musicians and singers.

Julio was also lead dancer with Katherine Dunham, and IMHO...... one of the finest percussionists I have ever known. He escaped from Cuba to New York City and ended up being hired by Felipe Yanez , my now deceased husband, to perform on timbales , bongos, congas, and American drums in our NYC-based orchestra....... It was Julito who threw the first soil over Felipe's grave on that dark, cold, and rainy day. This was the only time I ever saw the brave man bent over and crying. They truly were soul brothers.

Felipe asked him to teach me percussion because I was a rank amateur and had little training with Latin rhythm instruments at that time. As a favor to his friend and boss Felipe, Julio reluctantly took me as a student. I was a white Jewish green-eyed girl from Brooklyn, New York with a devout passion for Afro-Latino music since early childhood. At that time I had been a better than average mambo dancer, so the rhythms were already in place in my heart and soul, if not yet residing in my hands to play the required instruments. Believe me when I say, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first class with this master drummer was something that up to today, I am still in awe of. Julito lived in an apartment on the west side of Manhattan. In order to be allowed into his home, I had to go through a ritualized cleansing before I could even step over the threshold. When I entered his apartment after the lengthy spiritual cleansing, the first thing I saw was a huge snake. It probably had been a python that the formidable man was skinning for a religious purpose. OMG...
I was frozen and petrified. Did I say I was frozen and petrified???????????

I honestly do not recall anything about my first music lesson after this encounter with a dead, partially skinned snake, nor do I even remember how I miraculously managed to safely get home to my own west side Manhattan apartment right near Lincoln Center.

Thus began a relationship with Julito Collazo which even in his corporeal death , still amazingly lives on through telepathy. I was at times afraid of Julito because of his powerful, stern, perfectionist energy. One did not make a mistake when playing music with him. His occasional angry look could kill and curdle you and your bloodstream with a real physical pain. YET...... His musical lilting laughter could lift you up to the heavens. And... Julito Collazo was also a master herbalist and healer. When he entered a crowd, the room would literally stop. Such was his intense and remarkable energy and physical appearance. ANYHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......


He graciously thanked me for allowing him to feel what it meant to be in a material body once again to perform his joy-filled music. Oh how I pray I am given plenty of opportunity to learn from him, my mentor, as often as it is possible. Truly, he was and still is one of the greatest musicians yours truly has known. I do honestly believe my cherished friend and teacher is up there in heaven playing his magnificient soul out with the likes of Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Beny More, and so many other departed greats in the field of Latin/Afro/Cubano music. Thank you God for this absolutely stunning experience. We all had so much fun ..... and the variety of music our newly formed rehearsal band is playing is sounding better and better. amen

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Footprints In The Snow by Dr. James L. Choron


TITLE: Footprints in the Snow: Tales of Haunted Russia
AUTHOR: James L. Choron
PUBLISHER: Zumaya Publications LLC
GENRE: Body/Mind/Spirit/Parapsychology/General
FORMAT: Trade paperback, perfect-bound, 280 pp., $14.99, Trim Size 5 X 8; ebook, $6.99
ISBN: 978-1-934135-06-8, paperback; 978-1-934135-07-5, ebook
RELEASE DATE: February 2007


Russia, ghost, ghosts, haunting, spirits, life after death, true ghost stories, James L. Choron, J.L. Choron, history, Russian history, paranormal

She is Mother Russia, the largest nation in the world, and her turbulent history has left her filled with restless spirits. Footprints in the Snow is a collection of true and documented stories of the paranormal from Russia and Eastern Europe. Excerpts, in shorter and less detailed form, have been published in numerous Russian and English language publications, primarily through the Illya Resnick Library Collection and in various local magazines and newspapers along with such prestigious US and UK publications such as "Fate" and "Phenomenon" Magazines.
Footprints in the Snow: True Stories of Haunted Russia is a reporter's view of documentable paranormal incidents. The stories are told through the eyes of a professional skeptic, one who does not “see ghosts behind every tree.” Statistically, more than 96% of all such stories turn out to be quite natural in origin. There are exceptions.
The stories in this collection have all been thoroughly investigated and documented. These are not the high profile cases you hear about all the time. Most of them are little known outside their immediate area and only by the people immediately involved. You will not find "Ivan the Terrible" or "the lost Princess Anastasia" in these pages. Those cases have been treated frequently enough already. What you will find are some documented and verifiable accounts of paranormal activity in this country that have, so far, defied any rational or normal explanation. They are interesting and informative reading and entertaining. These are true reports of actual happenings presented in a way that leaves it to the reader to decide the cause of these "footprints in the snow."


My apartment building is located just across the street from an elementary school and kindergarten that have served our community for more than seventy years. Here in Russia, this isn’t unusual. The school was part of Lenin’s first Five-Year Plan, and was one of the more successful parts.
Late at night, long after the school is closed and completely empty, we can hear children laughing and playing in the playground. It lasts for about five minutes—a relatively long time; but when you look out the window you see nothing. There are no children there.
Everyone in the building is used to this. It happens several times a year, and it’s gone on for decade—at least fifty years— So has what follows.
After about five minutes, there is a high-pitched, screeching sound, followed by an explosion. Then sound of children playing turns to screams, and then stops.

James L. Choron is a journalist and writer living in Mamontovka, a suburb of Moscow. He has resided in the Russian Federation for more than sixteen years, and is a former senior executive with the Eastman Kodak Company. He is currently owner and Chief Executive Officer of Old Guard Productions, a company dealing in motion picture and television logistics and properties, and American Business Training, a company which deals with sales and customer service training for Russian companies seeking to introduce Western business practices and standards. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the small East Texas town of Center, he holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University and a masters and Ph.D from Moscow State University in the same subject as well as a graduate degree in optical engineering. A working journalist for slightly more than thirty-five years, he has columns in numerous publications in both Russia and the United States. He has numerous hobbies, primarily related to paranormal and historical research, both of which he has been involved with for over twenty years. He has published a number of independent articles on paranormal encounters and activities and on historical topics, and is a staff member on several online publications and forums dealing with history and the paranormal.

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Ruby's Thoughts On God(s) Through The Ages

Didja' ever wonder at the insane thoughts our species pursues? After all is said and done my friend.......... I find myself believing that I was born nude and alone. And that is how I shall retire to my next spiritual zip code. Only Our Infinite God(dess) is with me loyally throughout my eternal journey.

As for marriages..... The concept was originally designed by men to know who they sired and to control inheritances, which used to come down from female lines. They gradually turned God into a human likeness male figure, KING, and stripped away the nurturing Goddesses, which really was/were both male and female. In so doing, the essence of the loving Goddess was re-taught as to become evil, while the male God figure was now the only good guy. Sin became a gift to mankind from females enticing them. HUH!!!!!!!!!
What kind of convoluted thinking is this anti-female mental illness? It is so severe, that testing a baby in utero to determine gender cause people in Asia to abort a female fetus.
Why? Because they value the male child and do not value the female child.

I liked it better when the entire tribe raised the kidz and we were much more liberal with who we slept with. Monogamy was always and also an option, but not mandatory! Of course...... We did not have AIDS yet. Also.... there's too much emphasis on homophobia in many present day religious sects' teachings. Many famous and long-lived empires = Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Greece....... did not make a big deal about sex being evil or sinful.... The idea that a male could love a male or even about lesbian relationships was simply another part of human loving. Justice was very swift in pre-historic tribal life.

I am readying myself for a major life alteration. Just my few Krugerands.
Blessings......RubyGlow *o*

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DRUGS And Political Opinions

Although BIG PHARMA is not a union in the known sense, they are running America like a well-oiled gangster-like business union. I see too much of today's America addicted to something(s) in order to take the mind/body/spiritual aching away. If it is not drugs or booze, it is work-a-holisms or gambling.

After they stopped tv advertising for tobacco, it all got replaced with the brainwashings we see today of pharmaceutical drugs. And many of those drugs are (excuse my language) pimped by many of our paid off medical doctors. They are culled by big pharma even while they are still students in medical schools.

We have a soft under-belly these days, and are rapidly becoming a third world country, seriously dumbed down and getting dumber by the minute with all the illegals and uneducated.... or very poorly educated, draining us of brain-power.... while Asia is training their scientists like crazy......., and the dumbing down makes us much too easy to exploit by the ruling classes. Our middle-class is shrinking even though so many already hold down two jobs plus.... per family... who are desperately now in debt up to their eye-balls...... We are literally owned by foreign countries via government bonds, T-Bills, and foreign business owners who own and control vast amounts of our former America. The balance is shifting and I can see it clearly. Can you?

I also believe that our military and government have much too much to say over my life. I feel taxed and over-burdoned at the moment, sans an opening in the forest. Why do I have to pay for the illegals, and this rapidly growing welfare society? Do you not see how the welfare mentality of entitlements has grown after the so-called actual welfare recipients were supposed to be dwindling downward, according to phonied up government stats????? It makes no sense for survival of any country throughout known written history, to have a welfare state. Yet ours is growing wildly out of control, and vastly added to by our vast unattended broken hemhorraging borders. Ruby *o*

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