Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Buddha's Teachings Given by ZaChoche Rinpoche

Tonight was a profound adventure in learning and understanding for me. ZaChoche Rinpoche, www.emahofoundation.org
was in peak form with his brilliant wit, simple-to-understand teaching, and of course the wonderful Buddhist laughter and joy for life. This holy man finds mesmerizing ways to explain psychology and spiritual insights as if he was native born and raised in America, yet he was reared in India because Tibet was taken over by China. His primary guru = teacher is HH The Dalai Lama. ZaChoche taught us the first teaching given by the Buddha after his enlightenment = Nirvana, called
"The Four Noble Truths." When he realized this enlightenment, The Buddha giggled because it had been there in front of him all along. Years of self-denial and suffering did not teach The Buddha his profound awareness. The following is the heart of Buddhism and the integral first part of Buddha's Four Noble Truths. Simply said.....
Accept that suffering is part of life. Enlightenment is for everyone, not just for the special few. Enlightenment does not stop suffering and struggles, but teaches us to accept that it is there and to move on with earthly life. We are the sky and struggles are the clouds. Therefore, the sky remains calm in the face of storms and clouds. Remain the sky and view the clouds = sufferings. Do not dive into the struggles to become one with them, nor should you run away from them either. Acknowledge they are there and move on with your life. Everything is in a state of change and impermanence. We are always "becoming." Don't become so attached to the future, the past, or your life's struggles, that you stop living in your NOW!

ZaChoche Rinpoche gave an analogy of The Buddha and Jesus. Did Jesus or The Buddha know they were Christian or Buddhist at the time they were physically alive in body?

Ruby ~ Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
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