Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Another Neil

My first cousin Neil recently passed over to be with God. He was younger than me. We were reunited a few years ago and well on our way to becoming close when suddenly, Neil was gone. I am grateful for the quality, although too brief, that we had as pen-pals. Needless to say, it has been a bittersweet time. Not since many, many decades ago, when there was a series of deaths in my immediate family in a very brief few years, have I seen so many funerals bunching up like bullets shooting targets point blank! It's a Category Five Hurricane, with no place to hide from the harsh reality. There's a ferocious sense of helpless tears. I find myself praying so much that it seems like I just do not stop.

My wonderful lifetime friends were expecting a new grandbaby and had been traveling away from America, so did not know about our family loss of Neil. Today I decided to call them and see if the baby had been born yet. Sure enough a baby boy was born a wee bit after our Neil went to God. Guess what the new baby's name is? "NEIL!" Boy did I have a smile on my face hearing this name. Some would call it coincidence. I do not believe in coincidences. Some might call this serendipity. I call it a lovely gift of acknowledgment that life goes on.

Blest Be. RubyNorma *o*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Para-Norma-lly Yours re: KARMIC RETRIBUTION

I recently discussed the growing lack of justice in America with a very wise pal. He was furious over our judicial "injustice" system. Needless to say, I too see our judicial system failing us. Below is my spiritual answer. You do not have to agree with me. Yet, it's my deepest faith that no one gets away with evil or good, without first being judged by our Maker. When my friend was not having any hope for American justice in a particular major judicial matter, I wrote the following: =

"When and if this Earthly injustice is possible, the All Knowing Universal Mind Bookkeeping System kicks in. No one ever escapes it.
Call it KARMA, Justice, or anything other, I have seen KARMIC LAW WORK! It has no pity, mercy, or good or bad. It simply doles what the KARMIC recipient has earned with thoughts, deeds, behaviors and etc. Yes, it can take a wee bit longer in man-made-artificial-time!!!!! Buttttttttt..... IT WORKS THROUGHOUT ETERNITY!

Please comment and know that everything posted here is cleanly stated. Thank you all.

Blest Be,

RubyNorma *o*

COMMENTS: = From experience of Justice systems in a number of countries, I have to look back at my time in Africa, when most issues were sorted out by the use of a Panga. This is the name for a very large knife, and a tribal court. Kept the peace beautifully.
It was instant justice even if it was a bit cruel. R in Australia

WOW! When you put it that way, I feel a whole lot more optimistic. R from NYC

Are you saying that we have lost our way in America by allowing guilty people to have liberal pronouncements for their sentencing? Yes, I also see this happening.

B in Chicago.

No way! We die and nothing happens to us for our good or evil. anon in California

You have to be kidding. I get away with things all the time and no one does anything to me. Brat in TX

I find this to be very true Doctor Yanez. As a lawyer, it is my job to win. On occasion, I have won while justice is definitely NOT served! anon

Thank you for saying what I have felt all my life. I work in Hospice with dying people. You should see the guilt many have that they are going to hell. I appreciate the merit in having a Universal Judicial Bookkeeping System. Brainy in Iowa

Once again another wise spiritual gem. When we were in the Basque Country, a farmer used to ill treat his animals with cruelty including beating sheep and cows with long sticks. His actions were noticed by his farmer friends as he used to do them in the market too. One of his peers told him that one day that he would get back what he had dished out, but he sneered, swore, and carried on. Well one morning, he had taken some cows to the local market and put them in these cages you see in cattle markets. Somehow one of the cows got spooked and believe this or not, she cleanly jumped the barrier and her front legs hit this farmer on the chest and they both ended up on the ground. The farmer died on the spot with multiple crushed ribs, collapsed lungs and internal hemorrhage.
The word then going round was that he had reaped his very bad deeds to his animals, even as the ambulance was picking his dead body from the market floor. So you see Karma is the spiritual garden market force, because we are the ones responsible for the sowing, whether we accept it or not, where our good or bad deeds are grown and make no mistake about it, we ourselves cannot help but reap the fruits of our labours. It is a spiritual fact. That is my take on it. Have a nice day. N in Australia

We practice a Caribbean religion brought to The Americas by kidnapped slaves. Yes, we certainly do believe that no one escapes judgment, whether living, or passed over to the next plane. I love how you put it so simply and clearly for anyone to understand. You would love our religion. We believe in One Almighty God but also have spiritual helpers, like The Ocean, The Rivers, Volcanoes, Thunder, and very wonderful natural things. We do healings on people that truly help and have been scientifically documented. Yes, there's lots of prejudice against us. What a shame when what we practice is founded in LOVE! W in Miami, Florida

Do you also believe in reincarnation? I'm told most of the world believes this. Is this true? Paolo in Brazil

Thank you for this tasty blog. It resonates well in my heart. Please write more on these subjects. In olden times, everyone was far more intuitive just in order to survive.

M in Russia.

Having been clinically dead and experiencing the other side very clearly, what you have just written is absolutely the truth!
An Ethiopian Jew living in Israel.

Thursday, January 05, 2012


WHEN I LEAVE YOU-Author Unknown To Me *o*

Today I attended a memorial for my friend Art. This poem was written on his bio. It so moved me, that I decided to put it on Norma's Ark Blog. I wish I knew the author to give credit? Please enjoy! Blest Be RubyNorma *o*

"When I leave you don't weep for me.

Pass the wine around and remember

How my laughing pleased you.

Look at one another, smiling,

And don't forget about hugging.

Sing the songs that I loved the best

And dance one time altogether.

As for me, I'll be off running

Somewhere on the beach, and I'll fly

To the top of the tree

I always meant to climb.

When you're ready, I'll be there

waiting for you, take your time."

Comments: =

Awesome tribute for a memorial.........touching.

Oh, so beautiful.

Who really understands the passing of dear ones?

This poem made me feel deep inside my heart.

Dr. Yanez, thank you for printing this. We just lost our baby.

Even though the author cannot be given credit, I want to say this is stunning to read.


Happy Healthy New Year 2012

Photo by John Squires

Here's to a wonderful new year and happy beginnings for us all.

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Comments: = For all the many years of pleasurable reading you have given us, my family and I wish to send you our very best wishes.

Thank you. Dr. Ahmed S. and Family in MD

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