Thursday, January 05, 2012


WHEN I LEAVE YOU-Author Unknown To Me *o*

Today I attended a memorial for my friend Art. This poem was written on his bio. It so moved me, that I decided to put it on Norma's Ark Blog. I wish I knew the author to give credit? Please enjoy! Blest Be RubyNorma *o*

"When I leave you don't weep for me.

Pass the wine around and remember

How my laughing pleased you.

Look at one another, smiling,

And don't forget about hugging.

Sing the songs that I loved the best

And dance one time altogether.

As for me, I'll be off running

Somewhere on the beach, and I'll fly

To the top of the tree

I always meant to climb.

When you're ready, I'll be there

waiting for you, take your time."

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Awesome tribute for a memorial.........touching.

Oh, so beautiful.

Who really understands the passing of dear ones?

This poem made me feel deep inside my heart.

Dr. Yanez, thank you for printing this. We just lost our baby.

Even though the author cannot be given credit, I want to say this is stunning to read.

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