Saturday, November 26, 2016



Hola Fidel.  They just announced on TV news that you died. Trust me Kiddo, your legacy will live on.
EVIL is not something that likes to die easily!
Do you remember my family Fidel? 
Yanez Pelletier? Do you remember what you did to them? How could you when you are so busy being judged for which gradation of HELL you will pay your eternal dues in?
I shall spare my readers most of the gory details.
The man in the middle of the photo below (my brother-in-law) saved your life when Batista put you in prison. He was in charge of that prison.  
I loved my brother-in-law Jesus aka Chu-Chu, very very much. So much so, that we communicated telepathically!
Little did my brother-in-law Jesus Yanez Pelletier know, when he refused Batista's orders to poison you, what was to come. He was sent by you to solitary confinement on The Isle of Pines for eleven horrendous years.  That entire time, to save his sanity from solitary, Jesus drew pictures on the walls.  So was his brother sent there to starve and be experimented on.  Some loyalty you showed them. So what if my family didn't want to be Commies. 
Yes, Nixon also didn't know what you were to become.
Here are some of the people you caused exponential horrors to.
Felipe Yanez Pelletier, my long deceased husband and his parents and siblings owe you plenty.  Even I suffered greatly knowing what you did to them. You only think you got away with all the murders and torturing.  You did not! There really is a GOD!
There really is Universal Eternal Judgment!  May you reap exponentially,  what you have sown down here on Earth. And YES, as you were quoted saying, COMMUNISM FAILED!!!  When your comrades join you in HELL, and many of them are in the highest political American offices, as well as famous actors, they too will face judgment.
One of the last things my dying husband ever said while the Cancer ate him to death was...

Dedicated to all those who lived through and died from Fidel Castro, his comrades, and the morons who followed him, and still do.  May Cuba one day be free of its constant violent dictatorships! amen
 Anonymous said...
My family and I also suffered terribly under Fidel, and Batista was another monster. Cuba needs a miraculous intervention from Dios! ANON

Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Be they human or pets, their spirits know you tried. The photos below are only some of the loved ones I was primary caretaker to in my long life... and also, of those souls who took their final breaths in my arms.  This nursing journey began as a very young child.  Being the first born female slotted me to be the family caretaker when people were ill.  Yes, it was quite daunting for a young child to wrap bloody surgical wounds, feed, and give tender care to my relatives and pets.  I'd come home from school and do the nursing when it was called for.  Sometimes it was completely thankless, or even rewarded with mean and biting insults by the anger of a very sick person..  Other times it was worth the efforts. In my family, "thank you" was rare to mostly non-existent. 
I bid you the courage  to do your jobs with those you love.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t
Anonymous said...
Right now I'm at my wits end. Taking care of two parents with Dementia is as you said, very daunting. Thank you for understanding. Yes, I too am the first born female. Meena

Saturday, November 12, 2016



This is our Cinderella Snow with the rest of her littermates.  She was born stark white and later developed her markings.  Cinderella is next to me right now while I am choosing to type this blog.  She was the very first to exit the birthing box.  First to explore.  First to eat. And forever the precocious, courageous, and spunky girl.  None of her littermates are left on this earthly plane.  Since we are nurturing her so much more now because Cindy went blind and has been deaf for a decade, I want to write down some of her special exploits before her time comes to cross over to Heavenly Rainbow.

Picture this.  We were cleaning the ceiling fan blades and the ladder was still up.  I left the room for a moment.  Upon returning, there is Cindy using her paws on the fan blades.  She had climbed up and was mimicking my cleaning. 
Bengal Leopards are water cats.  Cindy somehow got into my bathroom while I was showering and all of a sudden, I see her on the shower curtain rod balancing herself before she jumped into the shower with me.
We were to ship a Bengal to another state by plane.  Three sets of eyes were watching that Cindy didn't enter the carrier with the cat to be shipped.  While driving to the airport, I put my hand inside to pet the kitty and comfort him.  Well to my horror, there was Cindy as well as the other kitty and we had to return home again to put her safely into the house. All of her adventures are impossible to write in a blog. 
Cindy was entered into a competition.  We had paid the entry for her and another kitty to compete in the show ring.  I went upstairs to find her.  There she was all covered in red lipstick.  Well she didn't get shown that day and the entry fee became toast. Yet... over the wonderful years with Cinderella Snow, she did become a Platinum Grand Champion. 
To say we adore her is so understating it.  Even now, as a very geriatric, ill, deaf and blind being, she is still exploring the large two story home.
We have ramps all over the place for our aging ones and most especially for her to reach the bed, couch, and other places.  We were going to put her to sleep a few days ago because she is frail now and losing so much weight.  But, her strong will to live told me "Not yet MOM!!!!!!!!!!"
I know the time is very short.  Each kiss, purr, hug, meal eaten, and meow fill my heart with learning about true courage. Forever Cindy, you are a beacon in my own life and harsh old age. I love you so.
The red you see in Cindy's eyes is a normal aspect of Seal Lynx Bengals, and is not the flash of a camera. Sometimes the entire eye will turn irridescent cherry red. Here's to the courage you and your mother RubyGlow showed all through your precious lives.  Believe me, there is so much wisdom to be learned from our furry roommates.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t
Anonymous said...
Oh Dr. Yanez, this story of love so moved me. What a girl, your "Forever Cindy" is. When it is her time, she will add a new star up in Heavenly Rainbow.
Lidia Ann Bella

Saturday, November 05, 2016



This is our MAMBO.  He crossed over to Rainbow not too long ago.  To say he is a character with unusual ways may show up in this kitten photo. Attitude was his middle name.  All his life Mambo refused human contact although he was lovingly raised and socialized like all our other kittens were when we were professionally breeding Bengal Leopard Cats. Yet, when he became fatally ill with kidney disease, Mambo changed and became much friendlier. While burying him, he communicated with me and said, "MOM, I will not leave you and will help you cross over to Rainbow!"  Well, Mambito is truly keeping his promise.
Laugh if you will, but he regularly appears to me. At first I thought it was my grief.  Then he allowed me to know he would periodically morph into his older brother Miracle, to feel an earthly body.  This is Miracle. 

Yes, they were very close to each other in life.
A few evenings ago, I was staring at Miracle and sending him mental love. Suddenly, Mambo's face appeared as sharply as a precious photo. I looked away feeling great emotion. Then I stared back and sure enough, Mambo was still looking at me with his enormous stunning silver-blue eyes. I kept the moment and then couldn't handle the closeness in my heart chakra as it made me weep with joy!!!
So I walked away to my kitchen to do some manual labor, which can help when I feel so emotional.
The feeling of Mambo being this close to me from spirit is continuing even two days later after his lucid materialization. To say this is a gift from GOD is a huge understatement!!! 
To those of you who believe as I do that life after life is very REAL, we salute you.  To those sitting on the fence, your time will come to know this truth of spirit.  To those who think, feel and believe we die when the physical body goes, I send you my deepest understanding and empathy. I am a child of The Eternal Universal Mind, and personally know of the other side of life very clearly!!!!  After four near death experiences, and reluctantly being tossed back to this earthly plane, you can bet your last piece of pure 24K gold that I have seen the other side multiple times. There really is a heaven.  There really is a hell. And there really are many levels in between!

 Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am a very mediumistic person and know exactly what you just wrote is absolutely true. It takes courage to discuss this subject publicly, but you appear to have plenty of that. in my field of medicine, it is beneficial for my patients to have me for a doctor. I see inside their bodies. But unlike you, I keep silent and remain in the closet. Thank you for discussing this vital subject publicly.
Dr. P

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