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This is our Cinderella Snow with the rest of her littermates.  She was born stark white and later developed her markings.  Cinderella is next to me right now while I am choosing to type this blog.  She was the very first to exit the birthing box.  First to explore.  First to eat. And forever the precocious, courageous, and spunky girl.  None of her littermates are left on this earthly plane.  Since we are nurturing her so much more now because Cindy went blind and has been deaf for a decade, I want to write down some of her special exploits before her time comes to cross over to Heavenly Rainbow.

Picture this.  We were cleaning the ceiling fan blades and the ladder was still up.  I left the room for a moment.  Upon returning, there is Cindy using her paws on the fan blades.  She had climbed up and was mimicking my cleaning. 
Bengal Leopards are water cats.  Cindy somehow got into my bathroom while I was showering and all of a sudden, I see her on the shower curtain rod balancing herself before she jumped into the shower with me.
We were to ship a Bengal to another state by plane.  Three sets of eyes were watching that Cindy didn't enter the carrier with the cat to be shipped.  While driving to the airport, I put my hand inside to pet the kitty and comfort him.  Well to my horror, there was Cindy as well as the other kitty and we had to return home again to put her safely into the house. All of her adventures are impossible to write in a blog. 
Cindy was entered into a competition.  We had paid the entry for her and another kitty to compete in the show ring.  I went upstairs to find her.  There she was all covered in red lipstick.  Well she didn't get shown that day and the entry fee became toast. Yet... over the wonderful years with Cinderella Snow, she did become a Platinum Grand Champion. 
To say we adore her is so understating it.  Even now, as a very geriatric, ill, deaf and blind being, she is still exploring the large two story home.
We have ramps all over the place for our aging ones and most especially for her to reach the bed, couch, and other places.  We were going to put her to sleep a few days ago because she is frail now and losing so much weight.  But, her strong will to live told me "Not yet MOM!!!!!!!!!!"
I know the time is very short.  Each kiss, purr, hug, meal eaten, and meow fill my heart with learning about true courage. Forever Cindy, you are a beacon in my own life and harsh old age. I love you so.
The red you see in Cindy's eyes is a normal aspect of Seal Lynx Bengals, and is not the flash of a camera. Sometimes the entire eye will turn irridescent cherry red. Here's to the courage you and your mother RubyGlow showed all through your precious lives.  Believe me, there is so much wisdom to be learned from our furry roommates.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t
Anonymous said...
Oh Dr. Yanez, this story of love so moved me. What a girl, your "Forever Cindy" is. When it is her time, she will add a new star up in Heavenly Rainbow.
Lidia Ann Bella

Oh Dr. Yanez, this story of love so moved me. What a girl, your "Forever Cindy" is. When it is her time, she will add a new star up in Heavenly Rainbow.
Lidia Ann Bella
Beautiful story TY E. in Texas
Oh, such a love.

Our fur babies make our hearts full. Nanci
Thanks, RubyNorma. A very, very special friend! Jim
What a beautiful love story to a beloved cat!!! Wishing you strength and happiness as you help Cindy get ready to cross the rainbow bridge. You have been a blessing to her, and she to you. I know. Love you, Phyllis in PA

Thank you for sharing your kitty news and blogs.

Much appreciated.

Lots of Love and Blessings.

Nick in Australia

It hurts when they go to Rainbow. Your life with Cindy has been remarkable. Can just see your face when you found her colored with red lipstick and couldn't show her in competition that day. As you believe, so do we, that life continues after physical death. We truly re-meet our loved ones and oh boy is it ever a big, happy party!!!!! Reverend Choo
What a sweet tribute to a very much loved pet. We know you will help Cindy cross to Rainbow when she tells you "it's time". God bless you and all the furry ones we love here in this world and in Rainbow. Elaine and Family in Prescott, AZ
Oh my, Cindy is stunning! I love her exploits – she’s certainly kept you on your toes all these years, Ruby. Enjoy all your remaining moments with her.. and please give Miss Cindy a kiss from me!

Much love,

What a gorgeous litter of Bengals. I bet Cindy will be just as precocious in Rainbow. Ty B.

Please give Cindi lots of love, kisses and strokes for me. She is a sweetie and so much character/charisma!! I pray she is in no pain, stays on the earth plane for as long as she likes.
XOXOXOX Cindi!! Sharon Rose in AZ
What beautiful Bengal Leopard cats. Another Breeder who reads your blog.
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