Friday, February 20, 2015




Dear Readers,
We come to EARTH as an innocent child.  Some of us leave as innocent children!  :-)
I did an MA in Comparative Religions.  It took four years plus summers (plus whatever I gleaned in a long lifetime of studies)… and when I entered the program it was to see the honesty, not just the lies. OY!  And yes, Yours Truly even went into the Afro/Cubano Santeria, The Ancient Egyptian Religion,  and Ancient Aztecs, as well as major world religions.  For the most part, their original tenets, are somehow altered by MAN to suit whomever was in charge at the time.  On occasion, and this even goes for Buddhism, Paganism, Spiritualism,  etc….the original teachings do not remain totally intact.  There are a gazillion reasons.  First we have MAN’s interpretations.  Then we have linguistic altering either intentionally or by error.  And then we have those who will bastardize whatever they touch in order to take control of peoples’ minds, money, property, and behaviors…  The political aspects that go to bed with many religions (Theocracy) are also to be considered.  As well are individual cultural behaviors, so that depending upon country, a religion is altered to suit that particular culture, country, language……...

My faith in Eternal GOD has never changed.  In fact, the study made it even stronger.  So today, my humble religion is:

Labeled religions all have the good and the not so good.  When the not so good takes over, eventually MAN/WOMAN resists, and even if it takes millennia, eventually the evil will fade.  But, I do not have forever in this material body, so I pray to GOD for MAN to glean more true spiritual wisdoms before MAN wipes out human life.  For sure the years spent in fervent animal rescue work that I cherish, have shown me that MAN is all too often horrendously cruel to animals, humans, the ecology, and that mind controlling is a very big part of religions and politics.
Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t *o*
Please be civil in your comments when disagreeing, or... It cannot be printed for the public to read.

Dedicated to all who have been massacred in the name(s) of god(s)!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



What do you believe?  If you have a religion, should it be the only one?  Are other peoples' religions valid to you?  If people do not believe as you do, does it give you the right to slaughter them in a sadistic and barbaric manner?
These are concepts that have been pondered and fought over by many in the history of MAN!  CAN HUMANITY INDULGE THOSE WHO WOULD RULE THE WORLD?  There have been more wars and innocent deaths than anyone knows about.  The suffering is an abomination.  Yet, human savagery continues.  If it is not the Nazis, it is what you see at this moment in time.  If it isn't religion, then it is politics, or some other grotesque reason given by those who would conquer and rule the world..  Is there no end for MAN's never-stopping-chronic-wars, rapes, massacres?

In My Humble Opinion, for MAN to believe that he/she is superior to all other animals, and that MAN should rule/destroy/plunder/rape etc... this is a genetic flaw in the species!  How can such a violent life-form continue to thrive if it has a partial insanity that is built into its genetic coding called "WAR!"  How can any species survive if it allows the level of cruelty, savagery, destruction, genocides, etc. that we are witnessing over and over again?  Surely there is some kind of UNIVERSAL GOVERNOR that will ultimately check this horrific behavior!


Sunday, February 15, 2015



Wishing all that I have ever loved... a very Happy Valentine's Day..

Some of you have crossed over to Rainbow, or perhaps  another dimension you earned while in body.  And some of you are still here, living on Earth.  The bonds we made together are so special.
I send you my love and blessings!
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

Sunday, February 01, 2015



CAUTION****  Be careful what you pray for, you can get it with a smile, or regret it.  In this writing I am smiling with pure joy! :-) Above is our precious Calypso MonAmi.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge not too long ago, and took a piece of my soul with him. To say that he is missed is quite the understatement!

With sincere prayer and thoughts, I have been longing for OUR SWEETHEART to visit and materialize "IN WONDERFUL GOOD HEALTH" because... when he received the needle of peace he had become emaciated.  This boy had been a true enormous eating machine, until the horrible illness came. His bigger than life persona, vibrational, show-volume purring, and uncompromising affection were a highlight in our home. My repeated prayer was completely answered last night in the most lucid of dreams.  Well, perhaps you should be the judge if it was a dream! 

Callie Boy came to me as he had been in life while strong, healthy, vibrant, and muscularly robust.  He placed himself into my arms and I literally heard him purring like a roaring jet plane.  His body weight was large and completely palpable next to mine,... those cherished chunky muscles firm to my touch, and his affection for me was beyond all expectations!  I rejoiced with the knowledge that Callie was vividly with me, and showing how much he had advanced spiritually on the other side of life.  Oh My GOD what inexplicable heaven this soul felt. 

Then I awoke sobbing.   Thank you from the essence of my being!!!  I love you so much, Calypso.  I love you.  Yes, I am your human Mommy.  And now you can enjoy being with your feline Mom, RubyGlow!  What a happy time for us to share as family.  Until we are rejoined, God bless you and keep you the adorable treasure we have so loved. amen *o*

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