Wednesday, June 27, 2007



When life seems to be throwing you curves, try laughing more often. :) Being sad and stressed can become as much of a habit as finding things to laugh about. Enough people are having negative experiences because of the economic downturn so that many counseling practitioners are seeing more patients than ever. Here's a way to help yourself until things get better.
Television is in most of our homes. There are so many comedy shows available to us sans cost. Pick what suits your fancy and please watch it. Take a break from life to laugh with the performers and audiences. Also, why not try going to comedy clubs with live entertainment. There's an excitement about being in a place with others for the specific purpose of laughing and having fun. Notice that when people are laughing, it sort of gets your own juices flowing to do the same thing.
If you have a computer, there are so many jokes available to you that you will begin and end your day with smiles. The act of e-mailing a good belly laughing joke to friends always gives me a happier mood. Sometimes I sit at the machine and laugh out loud. Who cares if I am alone. It makes me feel good to send the humor to others who I know, enjoy it.
We're not saying that all life is a barrel of laughs. In fact I would not be writing this article if it was. Instead, you can make the world of humor a well-placed healthy portion of your life which will then help the hard times seem somewhat easier to get through. Be aware that you do have the control and vision to place yourself in situations that lighten up life's stress.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t from her article,
"Laugh More" published in The Arizona Networking News

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