Thursday, December 31, 2009



No words can convey the love I feel for you. Until we meet again in Rainbow. Love Ruby *o*



Sometimes a picture is much better than mere words. I love you. I miss you. Until we meet once again in Rainbow please know that my heart is holding you all near.
Love and Blessings from Ruby *o*

Saturday, December 26, 2009



When is a recession a depression? If you have a job and the economy is failing, then it is a recession. If you do not have a job and the economy is failing, it is a depression. Especially, if you cannot pay your bills, lose your home, have no food, abandon your pets, and pull kids from school..

When is a Nigerian terrorist who sets himself on fire yesterday with failed explosives while on a jet-liner coming from Amsterdam while over Detroit..... not treated as a terrorist? When the US Government knows for two years he has affiliations with terrorists but does not put him on a NO FLY LIST.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


When Is It Time To Say Good-bye, Enough Already with Grieving?

When is it time to say good-bye, enough already with grieving? I have asked myself this question on many occasions when loved ones died, or had to move far away. I am very family oriented. It is how I was raised. When a loved one or pet crosses over I have been very slow at recovering. For some reason this last time I made a profound change in how I am thinking and behaving. Three weeks ago I lost one of the most dear friends in my life. You may think I am off my noodle but.... this recently departed beloved is whispering wisdoms to me from Rainbow. The wisdoms are that time is precious. Too precious to spend sobbing for something that could not alter the passing of my cherished one. I am now celebrating the love, time, affection, and loyalty we shared in life. The need to feel that gentle touch and see the physical form is still here inside me. Yet, I am at peace knowing that life continues in spirit. When I feel a communication with my deceased loved ones, I get very calm. Then it comes in the form of a knowing and even sometimes as telepathic words in English. At times I can see, hear, feel, savor that ongoing love. Yes, it has changed from the material energy when they were in body. It is different.
But I am open to the communications. As an open channel I have learned to carry myself with protection and a deeply rooted intuitive sensitivity. The joy of feeling the contacts is more than worth the effort to learn how to compute the jargon from a revised energy and frequency. It is like being a television or radio receiver. Once the level is reached for communications, it is really rather simple. ;)
I appreciate all comments on this subject. Blest Be. Dr. Ruby Norma Yanez, Ch.t

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