Sunday, May 12, 2013


Some Precious Mothers I have Loved

This is by no means a complete list, and will be augmented at a future date. :-)

Above is my daughter JoJo. She is now a new and very caring MOM. 

Me, my MOM and her mother, Minnie, in Rockaway Beach, NY.

This is HoneyGlow who was a fabulous mother to her litter of five orange/red kittens.  We adopted her and were told all her beautiful babies were well-adopted as well.  At times she behaves so much like our RubyGlow, that it is simply uncanny to witness! 

Our beloved Bengal Leopard, RubyGlow with her first of two litters. Here she is talking up a storm about how proud she feels. Can you blame her? :-)

This is Sapphire Snow who was cat-napped from us.  We never got her back home again.  She was a wonderful mother to both her litters. I pray you are safe from all harm.

My son-in-law with his mother La Rue.

Above is Sir Magick.  He nurtured, trained, groomed and adored all our kittens. No natural mother could have loved them more.  We cherish the memories of our stunning black boy with Granny Smith Apple Green immense eyes, training all the kittens to do precocious tricks, like opening closed doors. :-) He and I could speak telepathically.  RubyGlow and I could also speak in this manner. For those who are already in Rainbow... until we meet again.  For those who are still here with me in the physical body, I will keep on nurturing and loving you until it's time for me to go.  Each and every one of you is and still are such precious beings of loving and spiritual energy. I am blest to have shared Earth Plane time with you. 
Hasta La Proxima! ~ RubyNorma *o*  

Thursday, May 09, 2013



I just made up a word to help describe where I am at now.  "ETERNALIST" for me means that after a very long lifetime, and degrees in studying religions, spirituality, and psychological happenings, I believe in ETERNITY.
My precious family above, and the recently born baby boy, have lifted me spiritually to yet another revised place.  Having faced corporeal death four times, and been tossed back with vivid memory for more learnings, the other side of life is eternal/infinite, lucid, and beyond all human words and religions for my comprehension!!!  We face so many tests and lessons here on our Earth Plane journey.  It is merely just another school of challenges to hone us into ETERNALISTS.
With this said, it would be wonderful to hear from you and the thoughts this sincere writing may have triggered. I know in my soul that life continues on after we physically die.  Tell me what you know?  Love RubyNorma *o*

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