Sunday, December 23, 2007


Reincarnation and Stupid Families

I believe in reincarnation, as do a vast majority of the world's population. As a practicing hypnotherapist and trauma resolution counselor, I have seen so many dis-functional families, I could almost get sick to my stomach. I must pray to God (oooops, are we still allowed to say God or Goddess in America?)... before each session, to center my energy and give the best I can to each and every patient. And FYI... I NEVER say the words "past life recollection" because it leads and is unethical. It is always the patients who gives labels, not me.
That said, I am writing to say my piece on how I feel reincarnation affects the repeat patterns of stupid families, friends, employment, and etc... Have you ever noticed that we, you and me, repeat patterns of behaviors even though we, you and I know it will not bode well?
If you answered yes, then stick by me a few more moments. What we do not get right down here in our heavenly Mother Earthplane incarnation, we are destined to repeat until we do get it right. In the event the thought-form of repeating the same old, same old mistakes does not please you, then it is time to view and categorize what you wish to change in the here and now. Stupid family relationships comes to my mind since we are in holiday season and many who are contacting me are feeling lonely away from their family, "IF" they have a family at all. Yet when they do get together they back-bite, argue, gossip, and or etc. Enough already! Allow them to do what they are choosing, and go your own way to the highest good you can consciously attain. At least then, Almighty Mind will not push a repeat of stupid family-itis on you. Of course, there will be new lessons to be learned if you reincarnate down here again. Did you really think it was over? hehehehehe
Blessings and love to you all for this holy day season.
Love and blessings from and to Ruby *o*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Hi From Ruby. Do People tell you when to jump and how high? What does this do to your self-esteem? As the attached photo indicates, please take a closer look at yourself in the "honesty mirror."

Sometimes we are not able to tell people to stop because perhaps they have too much control over us. For example: A boss in a well-paid job, a best friend who rules our lives, children, significant others, and etc. We give our power away when permitting this intrusion, even though we rationalize that it is a good way to behave. To make waves after training people to be so bossy and controlling causes strife. So it appears easier to keep on allowing it. Or is it easier?

In the event that you have reached a point in your life, as I have, whereby rude, controlling and bossy people seem to have gone too far in their behaviors, take a good look at yourself in a mirror with your "honesty mirror" and see if you like what you are permitting to continue. Wishing you all a happy, healthier new year than you could ever hope to have.
Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t, aka Ruby *o*

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