Monday, September 29, 2014



We are witnessing extraordinary times in human history.
We could actually wipe ourselves off the face of the earth with acquired weaponry and technology.
In the name of an assortment of GODS, IDEOLOGIES, MAN destroys, plunders, rapes, enslaves,  steals to appease no GODS.  It is actually, about taught raging, greed, lust, avarice, sadism, criminality and anything else you wish to add into this comment.  When, if ever, was a truly just war fought? 
The phony call to war in the name of GODS is a farce!!!

When will the sacrifices of all the earthly deaths, bodily destruction, financial and emotional costs, be fairly repaid?  Are the exponential wars worth the precious, but expendable blood that benefits only the very few who are in global power?  Is this chronically at war world ruled by one fanatical-ego-maniac after another?  Let me know your feelings about never-ending warfare?

Saturday, September 06, 2014



The day we learned that Joan Rivers crossed over,
I experienced a very dramatic event.  For reasons that are not known to me, her spirit came to visit and speak.  Although I had worked with my orchestra in a number of places she had performed early in her career... and enjoyed her brazen comedic genius, we didn't have a personal relationship.
She had a specific message for me.  Please tell my daughter Melissa that I was ready to go, and feel just fine now."  When I asked why she chose me to speak to, Joanie was very to the point.  "RubyNorma, you are sincere, you truly care for me, and you are open for this kind of communication."
It has been days since this moving event and I still didn't know how to get the message to Melissa.  Then it hit me to write a blog and send it to all my friends who are writers.  Perhaps if they know a way to get this message to Melissa, it will arrive?  Perhaps they know someone who knows her?  I pray it does arrive to give solace.  Oh Joanie, I love you.  RIP, brilliant LADY!

Monday, September 01, 2014



Monday, February 04, 2013
What Would You Do Differently?
Using all that you have learned up to this moment, if you could go back in time, what would you do differently as a child into your maturity? Many could say they would not change a thing. Others might say they would alter a great deal. Some would say they would only re-write a few things. Where do you feel your life's choices have taken you?
My guess is that there will be some very interesting replies to this blog. :-)
While working with my patients who do life review, some clearly amazing ideas have come out, especially while using hypnosis. Noble values, dramatic revisions and altered viewpoints play in the higher self's thinking and analyzing. We are looking forward to your interesting and thoughtful comments.

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