Friday, September 23, 2016



Hi. I don't know about you, but I really do believe in time travel.
Laugh if you wish, it will not change what I have experienced personally. 
Come with me to possible scenarios around 100 years into the future.  We are now in NYC.  It's in shambles of varying levels of decay, rust, shards of debris from explosions.  Or....
You can see a thriving metropolis of busy people going about their business.
Now let's explore other places.  What was once Europe, is now referred to as the New Mecca of Islam...  Or...
You see still viable independent countries with real borders and Arabic is NOT the only spoken language!!!
Let's go to The Middle East.  Israel is no more.  Or...
Israel is now the seat of The Middle East, and Hebrew is still spoken. Those lands of Ancient History are actually getting along with democracy, protected borders, and have copied many of Israel's inventive ways.  Islam, and especially the radical forms, are no longer able to force children to become assassins.  Instead, higher learning, inventing  helpful things, and a universal mindset of trusting in
GOD The INSCRUTABLE CREATOR,  is how people worship.
Look now around the globe at what was once lush jungle, inhabited by wonderful creatures.  Lions and all big cats are gone and extinct.  Rhinos, Elephants, Gorillas, etc., are
nowhere to be seen. Nor are sharks, whales, dolphins or any form of seafood.
Or...  MAN quit savaging other life forms and chose to live in harmony with those species that were saved from extinction!!!
China, Russia, Indonesia, and all other nations with once massive populations, curtailed their numbers of humans to permit this planet to continue.  Wars do not exist.
Please go and picture your own future.  And also take into consideration that of your future blood-relatives.
Will they be around to one day say you were their ancestor?
We carry an enormous responsibility to all known life. So what do you feel it will be???

Monday, September 12, 2016



Friday, June 01, 2012



Viewing this life from an older, not-so-gently-used-prospective, I find that the quoted statement is more true each day I am alive. For my younger readers, it is still a rosy ride out there providing..... you are in good health, gainfully and happily employed, and are surrounded by supportive and sincere friends and family.  Yet....... we all must face challenges eventually.  How we handle ourselves on the journey is a tribute to courage, role models, and a spiritual awareness above and beyond logic.  Today is not New Year's Eve.  Every day is!!!  Yet today really is a new life for me.  I must see things this way, otherwise global realities can become atrociously gruesome. For those of you facing great challenges, I bid you prayers of merciful courage to get through it all.  For those of you facing joys, I bid you happiness in knowing that joys really do exist. 
One thing I know is certain in life......

The great constant really is "change." 
BE SAFE!!! RubyNorma *o*

Saturday, September 10, 2016


More Miracles

Dedicated to Dr. Joseph Lillo who has inspired me many times.
I am not Catholic and was never taught about Catholic Saints when this astonishing experience occurred.
Briefly...  My first husband was gravely ill with Cancer when our only child was born.  He could barely walk.  I needed a snub-nosed baby scissor to cut the newborn's finger and toe nails.  He left the apartment and returned with a scissor for the baby.  This scissor mysteriously disappeared.  Years later....
I was packing up the apartment to move.  While going through a closet in my kitchen, a male's voice began to laugh happily.  All of a sudden, an object jumped high into the air and hit the kitchen ceiling,  then it fell to the floor.  It was the lost snub-nosed baby scissor that had disappeared many years ago.
I was incredulous!  No one else was with me in my home at the time.  After sharing the story with others it came to my attention that Saint Anthony of Padua would giggle before making a lost item appear to someone.   Please share your miraculous experiences with our readers. Thank you.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t.

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