Sunday, June 09, 2013


Hasta Cuando?

This title, Hasta Cuando, means "Until When" in Spanish.  I have the thought ringing in my mind's sound system until it wants to explode!!!!  It is also a phrase that a dying man used to say when I would visit him in hospice.  My level of patience with heart-wrenching situations has been tested beyond the edges of plausibility.  Why?  Perhaps I have been a slow or stupid learner?  A stubborn soul, who for some reason throughout the range of re-incarnations simply didn't get the lesson(s) right?  Only Almighty Mind has those answers.  I look at the level of never-ending wars and ask, "Hasta Cuando, Dios?"  Then I realize that it could go on for infinity since MAN is not stopping warfare.  
I look at the many families destroyed by domestic abuse and again ask, "Hasta Cuando?"  But it too seems an indelible part of human nature.  Our species appears bent on destroying and making extinct so many other species put here by Infinite Mind, that science cannot track the numbers we lose.  Yet MAN will not curb the explosive population growth that takes away the habitats of other animals.  

Before all religions there was Almighty, Inscrutable GOD.  After all religions there will be Almighty, Inscrutable GOD!  Using a religion to mandate and wipe out other religions is a very deceitful dictatorship, not unlike deceitful and dictatorial governments.  Yet in the names of the many gods who have been at one time or another the ruling ones, MAN has destroyed, tortured, massacred, raped, stolen, and all other forms of perverse or cruel behaviors... Sometimes it is not in the name of a particular god, but in the name of a social/political order dictated by putrid evil, like Nazis.  Other times it is called Communism.  And yet other times it is simply to enslave humans or animals so the slave masters do not have to do the work, pushing the enslaved humans and animals to their deaths.  All the while it is based in a level of sadistic, greedy, dictatorial cruelty.  So I say for the billionth, make that trillionth time, 
"HASTA CUANDO, DIOS?" If this sounds like a child then so be it.  I am a child when speaking to GOD!


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