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How do you feel about this quote?  Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t *o*

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This blog is actually about me, my earliest childhood up until age two into approximately age four, and the blatant, barbaric, acceptable medical treatment done to me and my mother when I was born.
Back in The Stone Age in Brooklyn, NY, MOM went into labor. She could not give birth as her pelvis was locked. After 72 hours of hard labor, she died from a heart attack with me still inside her.  Only then did they cut me out of her only to be born dead as well.  After their feeble heroics, I was resuscitated, and MOM was as well. She remained in hospital for seventeen days, nearly died again from Double Pneumonia, and I languished for two complete tortured years.  They dried her breast milk with an injection, as it was considered animal-like to breast feed. At age one, I died in hospital once again.  My birth weight was nine 1/2 pounds, and at age one, I was still the exact same weight as when I was born dead..  The only time I was ever touched was to do nine investigative surgeries, as I was considered terminal baby meat.  No one spoke to me, nor was MOM permitted to even touch me.  There was always a bright light on over my head so they could observe me if I died again.  Such was the stupid ignorance in those days in Brooklyn, NY in the hospital I was born. The last rites were again given to me at age one and the story is, my mother (the only soul who cared to ever visit me), went running hysterical in the hallways of the hospital screaming and out of control.  A doctor stopped her and she told him the story.  It is this man, Dr. Luria, who ultimately saved my life via a book written by Ashley Montague on the necessity of touching all babies, humans and animals, so that they could thrive instead of wither, like me. He gave orders to the hospital nurses, and personally as well, to touch me around the clock in a gentle, stroking manner like a normal mother would do.  It took yet one more year for me to gain enough weight and life-force to be allowed to go home. 

I could not speak, was mostly silent, and had a lot of physical pain from the birth injuries even then.  I knew nothing about social skills, or how to inter-act with people. They created a feral child.  Therefore, no one taught me to forget telepathic communications with people and animals, or many of my past lives.  

Thank GOD we now know better than in those ignorant days how to treat dangerous and life-threatening-births, and that touching, breast-feeding, and communications with a baby is not only normal, but absolutely essential for survival.  

Many decades later, I was stuck in Newark Airport and asked a very handsome elderly gentleman if he'd watch my luggage and I'd bring us both some coffee.  When I returned, he introduced himself to me as Professor Ashley Montague of Princeton University, the very same man who wrote that book entitled TOUCHING!  There were thousands of people in that major international airport and yet, this is who I asked to guard my luggage. What a WOW!!!!!!!!
We spent the entire day together and he taught me great things about global medicine, wisdom, tribal life, and even invited me to attend his lecture that night at The University of Miami.   He had me upgraded to first class on the flight when we finally took off. I could have been his own daughter for the fabulous, loving manner in which he treated me... 
FYI.... The week prior to meeting him, I spent a long time with my niece, Sherri, discussing Ashley Montague.  It was as if I sensed I would be meeting him.  RIP great man and Dr. Luria.  How many lives have you both saved with your compassion and love?  If it is my fate, I pray to again meet them both when I finally do cross over. amen
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t *o*

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I dedicate this to all SURVIVORS!!!!!! We know who we are :-) ~ Blest Be.
After MAN, The worst of all predators is gone from this gloriously beautiful planet, and after the half-life dissipates from the insanity of our ego-centric-species, the world's population will again return, perhaps as a highly developed other species. This is not a dying planet. MAN is what is dying b/c MAN is so ruinous to other life forms and our ecology. When Greed and other sinful attributes rule, very little can survive it. Once gone, we could again re-flower! It could take another million years as an example! *o*

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Energy Shift and Transitioning

My friend sent this & I thought you’d enjoy reading it. Love Ruby *o*
Hi, Hope all is well. Yes, the classes on Soul Quest: the Journey Through Life, Death and Beyond by the Chabad I know you would love as I did love the Soul Maps. Great classes! Please check them out, or if you can't go or if they don't offer it, I'll ask my rabbi if he has them on the web that you can study that way. They are about 4-6 classes each topic. Highly recommend! Ok, yes, Jews believe in reincarnation. "The dust returns to the earth, as it was, and the spirit returns to G-d who gave it. "It is in the Kohelet, Ecclesiates, 12:7. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that no energy is ever Lost, or destroyed, it only assumes another form. If such is the case with physical energy, how much more so a spiritual entity such as a spiritual soul, whose existence is not limited by time and space nor any other delineators of
the physical state. Certainly, the spiritual energy that in the human being is the source of sight and hearing, emotions and intellect, will and consciousness does not cease to exist merely because the physical body has ceased to function, rather, it passes from one form of existence(physical life as expressed and acted via the body) to higher, exclusively spiritual form of existence. There are many stations in a souls journey, that can be grouped into four stations. This is really neat because the soul must fulfill the 613 mitzvot. It can be done by either one visit, which is very difficult, or by being in many bodies. Once the soul leaves the body, and it is very difficult to separate, after some time, it must also return to report to the Heavenly court to give a judgment and accounting of its earlier life. (ethics of our Fathers, 3:1) The Heavenly court only does the accounting part, the soul must do the judgment part. (Rabbi Baal Shem Tov) Hope this helps! Judaism is awesome! Let me know what you think! Love ya, P

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