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Energy Shift and Transitioning

My friend sent this & I thought you’d enjoy reading it. Love Ruby *o*
Hi, Hope all is well. Yes, the classes on Soul Quest: the Journey Through Life, Death and Beyond by the Chabad I know you would love as I did love the Soul Maps. Great classes! Please check them out, or if you can't go or if they don't offer it, I'll ask my rabbi if he has them on the web that you can study that way. They are about 4-6 classes each topic. Highly recommend! Ok, yes, Jews believe in reincarnation. "The dust returns to the earth, as it was, and the spirit returns to G-d who gave it. "It is in the Kohelet, Ecclesiates, 12:7. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that no energy is ever Lost, or destroyed, it only assumes another form. If such is the case with physical energy, how much more so a spiritual entity such as a spiritual soul, whose existence is not limited by time and space nor any other delineators of
the physical state. Certainly, the spiritual energy that in the human being is the source of sight and hearing, emotions and intellect, will and consciousness does not cease to exist merely because the physical body has ceased to function, rather, it passes from one form of existence(physical life as expressed and acted via the body) to higher, exclusively spiritual form of existence. There are many stations in a souls journey, that can be grouped into four stations. This is really neat because the soul must fulfill the 613 mitzvot. It can be done by either one visit, which is very difficult, or by being in many bodies. Once the soul leaves the body, and it is very difficult to separate, after some time, it must also return to report to the Heavenly court to give a judgment and accounting of its earlier life. (ethics of our Fathers, 3:1) The Heavenly court only does the accounting part, the soul must do the judgment part. (Rabbi Baal Shem Tov) Hope this helps! Judaism is awesome! Let me know what you think! Love ya, P

Well, I just learned something I didn't know. Those classes would certainly be interesting. Cat
Thank you for this blog about the journey of the soul. Quite interesting. N in OZ
Although I am of another religion, we also believe in what you blogged. Thank you. R NYC
Much of the world believes in reincarnation and judgment. I don't. We live this once, and then KAPUT! BET YOU WON'T PRINT THIS! Santo
I am still not sure that the energy returns to another body-certainly there may be other realms in which to express our beings (souls). I think there is a lot to be said in Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious and cellular "memory"-this may explain why things/places we have never seen feel familiar etc.. my mind remains open to other possibilities. I just don't want to experience things like labor pains and physical death over and over!!!! D. in AZ
Hello Ruby, this is so interesting…I remember this from 9th grade as being a scientific tenet. Somehow it stuck in my brain, and I also still recall that teacher. G in MD
Dear Ruby,

As you are aware reincarnation is almost universal with in GOD's realm of influence as a known aspect of His/Her teachings. There are too many live accounts recounted by children who live today. When I jump over the rainbow
(the spectral frequency of light that GOD sends us ) not only confirms his existence but his love. I hope to come back after this world situation has long since passed too ! Love~e

This sounds like The Kabbalah. S FL
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