Wednesday, May 27, 2015


My Mother's 100th Birthday

Today, May 27th, would have been my mother's 100th birthday.  We, your two daughters, celebrate your life, love and influence upon our hearts and souls. 

Irene Shirley... You did the best you could in dire circumstances.  Sometimes the best we can do is good enough.  Sometimes the best we can do is not good enough.  Wherever you are now, you know how much we still love and miss you. 
I DEEPLY feel your presence and need a MOMMY-HUG!!!  Until we meet again in spirit, I LOVE YOU. :-)

Saturday, May 23, 2015


When Your Best Is Not Good Enough

Have you ever given the best you can, and something or someone important to you still falls apart?  I have, and to this day, am not clear on what is supposed to be learned from it.

As a youngster, I kept failing in math-related subjects, and didn't learn until age  43 years, that it was because of Dyslexia.  Instead, the school labeled me "RETARDED!"

At around nine years of age, I became a primary medical caretaker of seriously ill family members.  As the eldest female, this was my job.  Although I didn't ask for thanks, it still was never ever given to me for doing such hard and scary medical tasks. As a result, it made me feel inadequate, even though my very best was put into caring for them.  This left an emotional scar. 

As a very young adult, I became an entertainer.  Always giving the best possible performance,  yet my bandleader would never say I did well.  Only when this person was near death, did he tell me I was the best band-member he ever had.  Why the hell did he have to wait so long!

Yes, that's me posing with Diana Ross while performing at
                     The Empire Room of The Waldorf Astoria.e with Diana Ross, while performing at The Empire room of The Waldorf
As a widowed parent raising a child virtually sans help from anyone, I worked, was a full-time MOM, and eventually was also a full-time college student.  It was so time-challenging that at a few points of harsh overwork, it literally broke my physical health.  Yes, I believed I did my best.  But my best wasn't good enough.  In later years I came to learn that none of my parenting was appreciated, respected, and in fact, was disdained.  So be it.

In my heart, I tried.  The many loved ones I cared for, did not give me the credit for doing my best.  Why? Do you have things to teach us all with your life experiences?  Please share?  I just did.

Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t


Friday, May 22, 2015


Sir Magick FelEinstein

Have you ever known a true genius who is as loving, compassionate, and kind... as he/she is brilliant?  OMG, I have!!!
By the time Magick got to my home, he had led a tortured and abused life as a feral, and then... kill-sheltered-kitten.  So severe was the ugliness and cruelty he had endured, that the first few months all he did was cry.
Once My Magickal One believed he was safe, loved, fed, and no one would abuse him, he began to manifest an amazing persona.
First, was to have a very exacting routine of repeated behaviors.  Then came his ability to analyze complicated tasks and speech, with full and repeated long paragraphs to make his point absolutely clear.  We could talk for very long periods and fully understand each other, even telepathically..
Then Magick showed us some of his unending mechanical/engineering tricks, like opening round door knobs by putting his front paws on the door knob and hitting each door at different angles with his hips, until it opened.  He studied repair people's talents and acquired so many.  It was uncanny.
After a year and a few months, My Magickal One turned to raising and socializing our newborn Bengal Kittens and teaching them tricks, behaviors, and to speak to us so we would understand them.  Uncle Magick had an endless reservoir of love!
He always ran to our front door to meet and greet.  Forever our butler, everyone who knew Magick loved him, and he loved them back.
Heaven called you too young, soul partner.  But you kept on visiting anyway doing your angelic work inter-dimensionally, like when my friend Sandy was dying from Cancer and you came to her to help abate some of the nightmare of pain. Before she passed, Sandy told me how you materialized in her hospital room to love and care for her.  That's some engineering trick you learned in Rainbow!  Bless you...
My Magical Sweetness. Truly you are a Healing Angel..
If there were to be a Feline MENSA, YOU would surely run it as efficiently as you ran our home and precious kittens.
Always loved, respected, admired, and sorely missed, you are My Magical,




Thanks to my wonderful friend John Squires for this title.


Sunday, May 10, 2015



Today I have decided to dedicate to Kindness and Nurturing!  Regardless of gender or species, if you have shown me kindness and nurture, then you are being applauded. :-)

Do you know how much it means to me that you have been so dear in my lifetime? Some of you are gone now. In fact, almost all of you are no longer here.  Yet you impacted me with love and shown me kindness.  I wish to dedicate today to YOU!


Friday, May 08, 2015




We have joyfully lived with fur-angels since my earliest
childhood.  It is at a very tender age that I began animal rescue work.  Here is an ancient photo or two of the beginning of "angels with fur."  In those long ago days, they were outdoor/indoor since we still hadn't come to a point of indoor litter boxes, or thought to spay and neuter our pets..
Biggie and her Babies
In later years, I also briefly had dogs, fish, turtles.  Then the idea hit our household to become Bengal Leopard Cat professional breeders.  My Gods and Goddesses, what did we get into?????  It wasn't 24/7!  It was more like 25/8.  When kittens were to be born, I quivered with joy and feared for the mother-to-be and the lives of the newborns!  Truly, these tiny life-forms became one with my heart and soul.  Here are some photos of the precious babies.
RubyGlow's First Litter

As time went by we added a few rescues.  All fit in and were loved beyond mere words until they had to leave us to go to Heavenly Rainbow.
 Sir Magick
 HoneyGlow Still with us.
  Jim-Jim Still with us.
You remain in my heart, well-loved and prayed for.  Recently, we lost a few of our special fur-angels to Cancers!!!
My GOD how it hurts when they cannot be saved. 


Many of them still visit me from spirit.  When they make their presence known, I am filled with immense feelings and happiness.
Surely they are well-tended by Heaven.  They always present in good health, very happy, and with vigor. 

Living with fur-angels and caring for them is a major responsibility.  This is surely one of the most happy things I have been able to do in my current incarnation. Those who still remain in our care shower unconditional love upon us.  It is an honor to have been, and to continue to be their caretaker.  Until we meet again, you know how much love and nurture we gave... and continue to give.  In return, you have taught us wondrous things, given more love, and blest us with your sounds, antics, and unending massages while purring. Hasta la proxima!  Your Human Mother.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015



At my age, having seen the gamut of life's soap operas, I seem to be less passionate and more able to accept both sides of this coin.  The evil continues as if no one, or country, has learned a single solitary thing from the past's mistakes.  Conversely,  the beauty of love still shines through to me.
Along the way I have made lasting relationships, and some that didn't, or just couldn't, survive life's challenges.  To you all, present, gone to spirit, or still in body but away from my material world, I bid you peace, serenity, love, good health, and most of all, happiness.   Happiness is a fleeting emotion that I believe is permanent part of "Heavenly Rainbow."
On occasion, when loved ones choose to visit from the other side, they show me how happy and healthy they are once again.  This is the chosen image I wish to leave here feeling.
I no longer have an enemy.  And yes, there is plenty of horrific evil lurking around our war-torn-beleaguered globe!
This is a good thing for me to be experiencing at a golden/rusted time of my life...  Should anyone still feel that ugly way about me, then it is your chosen loss.  We cannot change what we choose to believe in, even if it tears us to shreds.  This is why I am choosing to end the remaining negativities that wish to surround me.

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