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We have joyfully lived with fur-angels since my earliest
childhood.  It is at a very tender age that I began animal rescue work.  Here is an ancient photo or two of the beginning of "angels with fur."  In those long ago days, they were outdoor/indoor since we still hadn't come to a point of indoor litter boxes, or thought to spay and neuter our pets..
Biggie and her Babies
In later years, I also briefly had dogs, fish, turtles.  Then the idea hit our household to become Bengal Leopard Cat professional breeders.  My Gods and Goddesses, what did we get into?????  It wasn't 24/7!  It was more like 25/8.  When kittens were to be born, I quivered with joy and feared for the mother-to-be and the lives of the newborns!  Truly, these tiny life-forms became one with my heart and soul.  Here are some photos of the precious babies.
RubyGlow's First Litter

As time went by we added a few rescues.  All fit in and were loved beyond mere words until they had to leave us to go to Heavenly Rainbow.
 Sir Magick
 HoneyGlow Still with us.
  Jim-Jim Still with us.
You remain in my heart, well-loved and prayed for.  Recently, we lost a few of our special fur-angels to Cancers!!!
My GOD how it hurts when they cannot be saved. 


Many of them still visit me from spirit.  When they make their presence known, I am filled with immense feelings and happiness.
Surely they are well-tended by Heaven.  They always present in good health, very happy, and with vigor. 

Living with fur-angels and caring for them is a major responsibility.  This is surely one of the most happy things I have been able to do in my current incarnation. Those who still remain in our care shower unconditional love upon us.  It is an honor to have been, and to continue to be their caretaker.  Until we meet again, you know how much love and nurture we gave... and continue to give.  In return, you have taught us wondrous things, given more love, and blest us with your sounds, antics, and unending massages while purring. Hasta la proxima!  Your Human Mother.

Dr. Yanez,
Your fur-babies KNOW!!!!
ANON at The Vatican
Truly, these fur-angels are a treasure in our lives. We do animal rescue work. GOD bless you.
The Herberts
Very interesting. Great work you do. God bless you. You sure are an angel to God's creatures. Esther
Ruby, nice sentiment. I don't have room in my life for negatives. NEVER watch the news, as it only gets me worked up. I really try to live my life as peacefully as I can. I see my friends and family as often as I can and as long as my health is good, I am good.

Clara in Florida

Well, that's how we live Life. And survive! You can't make anybody love you, you just have to be you and the devil take the hindmost! Barb

Calypso is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Cat lovers will love this. You are and have been a wonderful mom. Happy Mother's Day RubyNorma!!! D.
Once again you made me feel deeply with your sensitive and simple writings. Raja in PA
Dr. Ruby,
You have touched my heart once again.
Blessings on you and your precious Fur Angels past and present and always. E. MD

God bless all the angel kitties!
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