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Have you ever heard a wise person say..... "Be careful what you pray for, because you might get it and regret it?" Prayer has been known to be a very powerful focus. The emotions attached to this act are of the deepest quality. When you pray, the energy around you and those for whom you pray can be altered to such a degree.... that what seemed virtually impossible will actually materialize.

In some circles, a prayer is always begun with the following words: "In the right and perfect way I ask- - - ." Here's an interesting case history to cite an example. Layla had an opportunity to purchase a business that would require the use of a van. She desperately wanted this to come to fruition. While praying, she asked for "a new van to come into my life." That very same day she was in a horrible car accident and totalled her auto.

When retelling her story, Layla recalled that she asked for a new van. She did not specify how she wanted to get it. The universe forced her to have no choice BUT to buy a new vehicle.... after getting out of the hospital. While discussing the concept of praying for the right and perfect thing or way, Layla tried the innovative revised thought pattern for the first time. Guess what finally happened? She called up on an ad for a van and landed the least expensive, lowest mileage, and most well-equipped van she had ever seen.

Is this just a coincidence? Could it be that when you put your full emotions into a prayer, it can be answered? For Layla, the evidence is quite clear. Her lesson could have cost her her life. The energies we put out in thought have great power! Please use them with care and controlled wisdom.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t ~ from The Arizona Networking News
Comment by Anon ~ That is so true. A friend of mine suggested I write down my thoughts of the perfect man for me and stressed that I needed to be specific. Well shortly after I did that I met my ex. I re-read what I asked for and sure enough I got just that. It was what I didn't ask for that was the key, and I could swear I conjured up a demon! :-)

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When was the last time you asked yourself if you are having enough fun in your life? Many people live and die working themselves into a boring rut routine. It’s like a horse wearing blinders to exist this way. They find their life dragging by day after day with no enthusiasm, joys, anticipation, or FUN! “Fun” is a seriously important component of your mental well-being. Your mental well-being is an integral component of your physical well-being. Of course, your mind and body are interconnected. They work in tandem to create good health. Did you think differently?

For some, fun is to visit a distant and exotic land and vacation. Others may consider playing ball or a board game with their grandchild, sheer happiness. Reading a fabulous book, having a professional massage, and meditation are other ways people tell me they enjoy life. One of my own personal favorites, and it costs nothing… is to look at stunning natural vistas. I can absorb the energy near a volcano or become one with a huge boulder at will. Anything that gives you a rich lasting smile, or is comforting and soothing, will also be fun.
Please take the time and thought to create more joy in your daily lives. It will enrich you… and all that you love.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t ~ from
The Arizona Networking News

Sunday, November 12, 2006



Not too long ago, my friends asked me to pray for a dying loved one. Their relative was suffering from stage five bone cancer. When I asked what they wanted me to pray for, they both emphatically said, "Please pray that this person will live and be completely healed."

We spoke for a long time thereafter about human quality of life, the many documented miraculous healings that can and do happen, and..... death. Apparently for these people in our Western society, the inevitable area of life was so difficult to conceive, it was shunted away. They would only deal with it because now there was no other choice. My friends were distraught at the idea of discussing her death, although it was breathing down the entire family's necks. With all due respect to whatever a person's belief system is, we will all eventually face our mortality.

After a bit more discussion I was able to help them see another, kinder way to pray. Instead of having me ask for their mother to live and be completely healed, they decided to respect her repeated wishes, and what she wanted. Their mom wanted out! Her surviving family rewrote our mutual prayer agreement to read, "Dear God, I ask YOU for the right and perfect outcome in YOUR Wise EYES for our cherished Mother."

Literally within hours of revamping their intense thoughts, the gravely ill woman passed in her sleep with a look of peace on her tortured face. She had been heavily medicated for the agony. With all the time that transpired in their mental and physical anguish, no one had been giving thought and prayer to letting go. Keeping a suffering person feeling guilty about crossing over while in a broken body.... and constantly begging them to live, makes their transition all the more difficult for everyone concerned.

A month went by and I received a poignant letter from my friends. The miracle of heartfelt prayer allowed them to give up on the choke-hold they held in their thoughts. Both of them agreed they were inadvertantly making her feel guilty about leaving them, and in effect, thwarting their mother's well-being. Dear Readers, tell me how you personally feel about this tender subject?
Reprinted with permission by author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t, from The Arizona Networking News
Lenny from Michigan said...
While reading your Miracle of Prayer article I wept. Yes Dr. Yanez, my family acted just like this with our father. We couldn't stand to be without him and begged a dying man to live in misery, just to have him around us longer. We would never do that again. Thank you for confirming what we learned the hard way.

Joy wrote: ~ Very well written. I have the same feelings, having seen some of my ancient relatives live until they were nothing but sacks of meat. I pray I go quickly without lingering in illness (a heart attack can be a blessing in old age.)

As a strong believer in reincarnation I don't see life as something you have to grasp in a strangle hold when your body is failing. Too many MD's force the body to live through science when the spirit wants to fly free.

Lady with no eyes
Take this death
Into your chrysalis belly,
The magic womb makes life
Come again,
In the rising
Spring morning.
~ Starr Goode

B. ~ wrote: I think we have to honor and respect the wishes of the person who is dying. This happened to me twice with loved ones who told me in advance they were dying and to let them go. I didn't think I could but then realized I was keeping them here for myself and taking away their last major decision which really was not mine to make.
Also, the night my mother died, I thought she had lapsed into speaking in gibberish. Her face was completely relaxed and she looked peaceful. As I leaned closer to her to listen to what she was saying, I realized she was speaking in a very soft, childish voice in Hungarian and that she was speaking to her mother. I thought it was nice that her beloved mother had come to help her cross over to be with her.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


AURA HEALING by Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t


Seeing auras can assist us in the practice of healing by allowing information contained in the aura to help with diagnosing dis-ease. Disease may affect the mind, body, or spirit. Or... it can be all inclusive. Contained in the ancient practice of auric healing is the belief that all disease manifests itself in the outer energy layers of a living organism before it shows up in the corporeal/physical body. For those practitioners who are gifted with this inner sight, little is left to the imagination. It is a valuable tool for anyone who cares to give aid to another. An American pioneer in this field is Dr. Dolores Krieger. As a professor of nursing, she was in a viable position at New York University to teach this subject to her scientifically oriented audiences. Her interest first became aroused by a famous Hungarian healer named Oscar Estebany. He was able to demonstrate raising the hemoglobin levels of sick people by smoothing and modulating their fields of energy. Later, Dr. Krieger studied with Dora Kunz, a reknowned clairvoyant. With practice, Krieger learned to use the human energy field for the purpose of healing. The general public was not ready for her kind of alternative ancient medicine yet. So she decided to name the exotic treatment “Therapeutic Touch” and not use words like aura or chakra manipulation. Instant success for Krieger’s master’s level coursework at New York University eventually brought the technique into worldwide hospital use. Many thousands of nurses can attest to the validity of its scope of medical benefits. One double-blind experiment done by Dr. Janet Quinn showed that “Therapeutic Touch” lowered the anxiety levels of heart patients by 17%. This happened in a mere five minutes after initiating treatment, while the control group had no improvement with the placebo (or dummy) technique. Her experiment became the fascinating lead story of the New York Times Science section on March 26, 1985.

The following accounts are my own personal journey into what is called “seeing auras.” This skill has gotten me into some pretty wonderful experiences. It has also shown me when people are lying, and what their intent really is. No, of course this is not 100% fool-proof! I use the word skill as well as gift because the natural sensitivity I had as a child has been schooled over a long period of years from a gift into a skill.

My own healing practice began as a youngster. I could feel when someone was hurting, literally in my mind and body like an empath. I did not see auras at that time. Yes, I could feel their pain and it made me very confused. In my young innocent mind it was already possible to periodically sense that a person or animal was ill. The sensitivity would also manifest itself in other ways. Sometimes I would just know that a person was sad, happy, angry, or even hungry. This could happen when we were physically together, or even if we were at a distance. I began saving animal’s lives at age seven or eight. Somehow, I could feel there was an injured bird or cat around the area. I would not halt the hunt even if it took me through a dangerous place. Sometimes I would come home bloody myself with a sick or injured animal. After finding it, my mom and I would do some homespun loving doctoring, feed it, and then put it out into the wild again. If it died, it died with our love and attention. Doing this was so much fun and such a compelling need in me, that it never dawned on me that I was behaving in a way that was different from most children.

As I got older, it became necessary to begin studying how to harness this sensitive gift. Many courses later I began to experience Therapeutic Touch, and then its other scientifically oriented offshoot, Healing Touch. In these two modalities you are asked to feel and manipulate the energy from the person you are working on. Eventually, at least for me, sparks of color with encoded information became attached to the output of their energies. The sense that certain areas are cooler, hotter, rougher, abnormally shaped, or even grey/black.... gives me clues to what is going on internally. I shall coin a personal phrase and label it "See/Feel" for lack of a better way to describe the experience. When we use See/Feel on a patient, I entrain with their essence and can frequently come up with a diagnosis that is later revealed by traditional medicine. Or, a person may want an alternative opinion because they already have the traditional diagnosis. Then, in conjunction with their medical advisors, they move forward with positive treatment.

When I raised my child, her aura always told me when to give medical care days in advance of it materializing into disease. This is still a frequent joke between us because I would almost always know before she got visibly sick that it was coming. I could see how it was manifesting and tell her to take care in advance. She’d ask me how I knew this information since she still felt well and normal, and I would reply that, “this is what some mothers can do.” Then she’d ask more questions and I would say something to the effect of, “I just feel it in my knowing, sweetheart.” The truth is I actually saw how she would be feverish, weak, naueseated, etc. and felt it in my own body. I did not quite understand just exactly how to explain the mysterious phenomenon to anyone at that time. The fact is that love can play very heavily in See/Feeling auras. Intentionality without an ego is a key ingredient in this realm of energy work.
I sincerely ask for perfect improvement for all those who I work with. Whenever possible, there is an interaction of communications to help the patient feel better. Even when someone is dying, working with the energy field can help them with pain reduction, and severe depression. I have participated in enough scientific experiments to know that this technique helps with wound/incision closure, headaches, swelling, and toxicity.

To give further evidence that seeing auras can help in the healing profession we call on a lady named Barbara Brennan. Barbara started out as an atmospherics physicist employed by NASA in the Goddard Space Flight Center. Obviously, her scientific credentials are impeccable, as well as extensive. Yet, she chose to leave this area of advanced technical sciences to become a psychic healer. Claiming to be able to see halos surrounding human heads, and to sense energy fields in a blindfolded state, she uses these gifts to help those seeking healing. An example of how she can diagnose with these sensitive skills is the following. According to The Holographic Universe, it states on p.10 that, “Brennen not only sees chakras, layers, and other fine structures of the human energy field with exceptional clarity, but can make startlingly accurate medical diagnoses based on what she sees. After looking at one woman’s energy field, Brennen told her there was something abnormal about her uterus.

The woman then told Brennan that her doctor had discovered the same problem, and it had already caused her to have one miscarriage. In fact, several physicians had recommended a hysterectomy and that was why she was seeking Brennan’s counsel. Brennan told her that if she took a month off and took care of herself, her problem would clear up. Brennan’s advice turned out to be correct, and a month later the woman’s physician confirmed that her uterus had returned to normal. A year later the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy.” (Lucky for that family, Brennan’s client chose not to go through with an irreversible hysterectomy).

Another health intuitive who can see auras is Los Angeles based Carol Dryer. She counts Tina Turner and Madonna as part of her highly esteemed client base. When she was a child, her ability to see the energy fields around people caused the Dryer family some very embarrassing moments. Carol would describe private details of her parents’ friends lives. These intimate facts were not consciously known to her.

Carol Dryer is capable of giving readings at a distance as well as in person, and it makes no difference if her eyes are opened or closed. Her gift is described as experiencing rips and textures, interspersed with holes in the etheric body. She does not see entire auras. The feeling of waves, and a kaleidascope effect tell Dryer very intricate details about a client’s health. The consensus of her scientifically oriented patients is that she is insightful and accurate. Unfortunately, there are medical doctors who are not always accurate or insightful.

And now, I would like to briefly explain a subject that so fascinates me that my entire Ph.D revolves around the phenomena. For much of my life I have had the valuable experience to be near people who were healers. What is so unique about this behavior is that multiple family members have been known to demonstrate the gift. When a child is growing up in a home where it is perfectly natural to do the laying on of hands, that child may assume the behavior and attitudes of their primary caretakers. If that youngster is taught to train their minds on a sick person at a distance, they learn that unique skill, too. As long as it treated as a normal everyday thing to do, the child follows suit and learns healing techniques from babyhood on. I have interviewed so many “multi-generational healer families” that I believe this is both part environmental, and part genetically encoded into their sensitivity patterning. The interviews have been done with people from all over the world. Depending on how well-intentioned they are, is very often how successful they seem to be. A deep belief in the power of miracles, and or healing can also be an asset. Perhaps all those halos we see painted around the heads of Christian saints are actually depicting their auras?

On the other hand, I’ve witnessed devout atheists do the work and bring about substantial relief for those who are suffering. There are many documented books about atheistic healers available. They are filled with information coming out of European countries such as Bulgaria and Russia. These are communist nations that essentially do not pursue religions, or a deity. The belief in a higher power does not have to be present to accomplish the alterations and manipulations of our energy fields. A sincere intention of wanting to bring about relief is necessary, though.

Anthropologists study what we term primitive peoples’ lifestyles. Some of the research done on healing, as a normal and accepted way of living, is truly inspiring. For example, in south Florida we see people of Afro-Caribbean descent practicing in person and distance healing on peoples’ auras. I can attest to some inexplicable and seemingly magical recoveries that we diligently researched. I myself had a miraculous healing at one of the Afro/Cuban rituals that was witnessed by many people. They all took it for granted as perfectly normal. After being on crutches and gravely ill for many months, the combination of sacred BATA drums, electro/magnetic energies raised, and the exquisite music took complete hold of me. I threw down my crutches and began to dance on a conga line and did not need the crutches anymore. Such was the spectacular healing energy there that miraculous day.
I expected nothing when I went to the ritual with my classmates and professor. It was purely an academic trip for me. So not having expectations was obviously unnecessary for my healing. The miracle happened.... and for the life of me I am forever grateful.

In conclusion, we wish to address those doctors who are afraid of traditional public opinion causing them to lose their patients and possible income. Many doctors in this country fear the scrutiny of their peers on the subject of using personal psychic skills in diagnosing disease. Haven’t you ever wondered about those super-special doctors who have an uncanny number of accuracies in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients? I have. In the many years of involvement with parapsychology, I have interviewed such physicians with in-depth discussions, and without exception, none of them would admit publicly that they were skilled in See/Feeling auras. Yet privately, all admitted that they were unusually sensitive to the output of peoples’ energies. Some of the doctors’ names would ring a bell in very famous international circles. They are those people who have a wealthy client base of patients. It is an agreed upon well kept secret by all involved, that the doctor is both a psychic and a scientist. No one spills the beans to get out of the closet of secrecy because of ignorance and fear of being ostracized by an uneducated or prejudiced community. What a backward and cowardly stance for the noble profession of healing! C'mon, wake up medicine. The key word here is: "HEALING!"

Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
"WOW! Some call it psychic healing. Some call it Healing Touch. Some call it GOD.
I call it "WONDERFUL! Thank you for writing such a fabulous article in lay persons' English, Dr. Yanez. Anyone can understand this." Reverend Mathers

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How would you like to feel and look younger through your own efforts? Guided imagery, hypnosis, and good old common sense can play
a vital positive role in bringing about an improvement and transformation for your youthfulness. This works for your mind and body.

The way it all got started for me was with Mr. and Mrs. Young coming in for some life-counseling sessions. One of the first things I ask my patients is: "What would you like to see accomplished by our meetings?" Both parties claimed they were really bored with life. I saw before me two wealthy, middle-aged people who had reached a point in their lives where very little seemed to interest them. Oh yes, they were bored.

At first we were not sure as to how to proceed. Then I tried using youthful anticipation thoughts in their guided imagery and hypnosis as if they were once again light-hearted unjaded children. One of the fun things that apparently got lost along the way to middle-age and their wealth was "ANTICIPATION." They had lived full lives, been there, done that, and even patented all the tee-shirts. Their zest for life had waned.

We began play-acting as if they were kids. Looking at life through the eyes of a child is a very enlightening experience for me. It was for them as well. Although their counseling sessions were rather similar in nature, each one came at separate times so they could evolve individually and not cramp each other's advancements. A substantial amount of laughter was incorporated into the therapy. One interesting thing I noticed was that after about three weeks, they both seemed to look younger in their appearance. Boredom takes a toll from your happiness, which can affect how you appear. Adding the enhanced aspect of child-like anticipation was a keynote in helping Mr. and Mrs. Young smile. Smiling helps people look younger and content. Tension leaves the face and the body stance when one sincerely smiles. Try it! See what I mean? This simple, creative tool, individually planned for each of them, brought a lovely improvement to their appearance. We've stayed in touch and around ten years later, they both went for cosmetic surgery. I really enjoyed these two characters.
Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, CH.t~from The Arizona Networking News

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